Wholetones Healing Music Review

Product Name: Wholetones

Created By: Michael Tyrrell

Official Website: CLICK HERE
Wholetones Review

Isn’t music the most beautiful thing in the world? Without seeing or touching, you can fall in love with it. It can change your mood and make you a whole different person. It can heal you from the deadliest of diseases.

Have you ever wondered how of the people fall sick? They’re ill because they overthink. Most of the times it is all about how pure your soul is or how fresh your thoughts are.

The moment you’re stressed out about something, you become ill. Music is the only thing in the world that doesn’t cost much and is better than a chemically formulated medicine. With some thoughts like that, Michael Tyrrell presents Wholetones, a combination of 7 musical tracks that can heal, calm and transform you.

Let me tell you more about it…


Wholetones is a combination of 7 musical tracks that can reduce your depression by up to 25% and chronic pains up to 21% gradually. Michael Tyrrell, an author, musician and a speaker, has created Wholetones to heal people. Every music of Wholetones has a frequency that can directly heal a certain aspect of life.

Yes, that’s right. That’s how powerful music is. As soon as you listen to the Wholetones music, you will automatically heal yourself. Many users have reported that within the 22 minutes of listening, they feel calm and healed.

All the seven music tracks have different frequencies, and they are named too!

Let’s have a look at them:

  • Open door – 396 Hz
  • Desert Sojourn – 417 Hz
  • The Key of David – 444 Hz
  • Transformation – 528 Hz
  • The Bridge – 639 Hz
  • Great Awakening – 741 Hz
  • The Majestic – 852 Hz

As you see, when you read the names, the names are self-explanatory. The frequency keeps on increasing, and the music takes you to another world.

Wholetones Review


There are some fascinating facts about Wholetones that I, as a user, would like to share with you.

  • The ‘Open Door’ music should be heard to have a sound sleep. You can easily overcome insomnia. It gives you the best sleep by relieving you from any mental stress.
  • You can download the Wholetones music digitally through the app or by purchasing it.
  • Wholetones has 7 CDs, and each CD has one song. One song is 22 minutes and 22 seconds long. And trust me when I say this – “22 minutes are more than enough to heal and protect you.” This music has the divine power to cure anything.
  • Regardless of how you listen to it, it has an impact on your body. These frequencies are so strong that your body automatically benefits from it.
  • If you or someone is deaf or has a problem with hearing, can still be benefited by Wholetones. These frequencies spread the vibrations that directly affect your body. There is no need to be good at listening.


  • PLATINUM – You can download the songs digitally. You get a pack of 7 CDs with a handbook. Also, you get a Chroma DVD and Blu-Ray. This is all for just $149, and the shipping costs $9.95.
  • GOLD – This is the most popular package. You download digital music. You get a set of 7 CDs and a handbook. This costs $99, and the shipping costs $99.95.
  • SILVER – Through this, you can download digital music, get a 7-song MP3 album and a 142-page ebook. This costs $49, and the shipping costs $99.95.

The bonus is that there is a guarantee. You can try Wholetones for 365 days, and if you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund. Isn’t that great?

The customers love Wholetones. Want to see an example? Here it is.

“My family and I have personally benefited by playing this music and viewing the visual imagery.” -Jordan Rubin – Owner/CEO, Get Real Nutrition

Wholetones Review


that we can all be peaceful. At this price, it is the best product that I have ever used. I would recommend everyone to use it. Also, you don’t have to worry since a 365-day satisfaction guarantee protects your purchase. Great, isn’t it? Yes?

Let’s buy it!realiseWholetones is amazing therapy for me. It relaxes and soothes you. It clarifies your mind. It nearly erases your anxiety. It floods you with harmony and inner peace. It awakens your spirit and soul. What else can you want? This is something that everyone looks for.

Inner peace is so hard to have these days, but with the help of Wholetones, it is much easier too.

feelily set of 3 pencases video review

Feelily set of 3 Soft pencil pouches Video review

Feelily Set of 3 soft pencil pouches/pencil cases

If youve been following my reviews you would have seen Im quite into my art products after starting to draw and paint again after many years.

I now have an overflow of pens and pencils that Im just dont know what to do with. I have my best pencils in more expensive cases, but needed something for all my spares and a case that I wasnt going to worry about getting dirty ect.

Ive also reviewed several products from Feelily before.

See below for the video links.

So checkout my quick video review showing you round this cute affordable set from feelily.

Anchor This is going to be a shorter version of my reviews as I hope the video shows you everything to help you decide if these are for you.

Checkout my full video review of these 3 pencil cases to see them for yourselves.


The three cases come packaged together in a cellophane bag, the packaging is nothing special but it is what it is.

Inside you have 3 pencil cases each quite different.


These 3 cases are made of all the same black felt material, totally enviromentally friendly and very minimalistic.

These 3 are ideal if you have an overflow of your art products like me and do not want to spend alot of money on expensive cases. I have recently spent out on a set of FaberCastel and a set of Prismacolour pencils and am using my more expensive cases. In doing so I moved out all my extra pens and pencils to make room for them which are currently in poly bags, so Im excited to find them homes too. These 3 cases tidy all those up.

So let me run through the details of each case.

The first case is this standard shaped barrel case which holds approximately 25-30 pens depending on thickness. (Standard sized pens not  


These are my some of my new  

Prismacoloured pencils and I can get 25 pencils in comfortably.

However I kept going and managed to get 35 pencils in…very carefully, but seeing as they were  new and full length I found them a bit tight and had to get them in and out carefully. My Fabercastels are slightly smaller and managed 35 pencils easily.

The second case is a flatter design with an L-shaped zip allowing you to see everything inside more easier. It also comes with a gorgeous tan PU leather zip pul which is super soft to touch, love this.

It holds approx 20-25 pens/pencils of standard size.


In the flat  

case you cant get in as many pencils as the barrel design case; but you can see what your looking for quicker too. 

 I also found it ideal for all my inked up fountain pens all 6 fitted perfectly inside, the design of the case keeps the pens flat, without scraping on each other.

 Barrel case at the top and flat case at the bottom.

Image by Feelily

 See the size comparison with these pens inside of both cases

Image by Feelily

The third case is a single pen case, the fact its made of felt makes it perfect for those of us that have pens we dont want to scratch. I have my Lamy green blue which is made of aluminum and I can simply pop it in this case and in my handbag knowing its not going to catch my keys or anything else.

It measures 7.67″ length x1.8″ wide.

It is simply designed by sewing 2 pieces together and simply cutting a rectangle out for the pen hole forming a clever top overhang which means I can also protect my fountain pens with more ornate caps; like this Jinhao X450, usually these are on show with possibilty of catching my keys etc. it simply tucks up under the protective top.


This is a fab affordable set for your extra arty bits and pieces, the flatter of the cases is also perfect for chargers and cables, glasses etc and the felt material means its still going to have protection in your bags.

The felt also means its light and easy to launder. 

For those of you good at arts and crafts its ideal as a blank canvas to make it your own, by sewing fun patches or designs onto it, to make it yours.

My only niggle and Im being picky is that the

It is definitely a cheaper pencase set but sometimes we dont want to be spending alot of money and we need something economical.

I have to say both the zips are excellent quality and super smooth with no snagging or stopping; however I would have loved the lovely soft PU leather zip pull on the flatter pencase on the barrel design too, this would have married together the set perfectly.

Image by Feelily

But for ONLY £6.99 you just cant go wrong and you get 3 nice looking pencases to put anything you want in; with all out technology Im always on the lookout for charger and cable cases too and these are ideal for that.

But to checkout my video review to see these for yourself.

Check them out for yourself here on Amazon UK

If you enjoyed this review you may also enjoy more of my Video Reviews also from Feelily on Amazon UK.

All my thanks goes to feelily for kindly sending me these cases for a discounted price. All my views and opinions are mine and photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

lumintop td16 led tactical flashlight

LUMINTOP TD16 LED Tactical Flashlight With Strobe and the latest CREE XP-L Hi LED Review


LUMINTOP TD16 LED Tactical Flashlight With Strobe and super bright 920 lumens CREE XP-L Hi LED

You guys know I love my flashlights, we live rural and we are forever having power-cuts, so torches are essential for us. But Im on a mission to find the brightest, toughest and most long lasting one. 

Anchor I think Im addicted.

Especially a smaller flashlight as those are the hardest to find that are still rugged but really powerful. 

So when Lumintop kindly approached and asked if I would like to see their tactical flashlight with their LATEST CREE XP-L Hi LED, I just couldn’t wait to see it.

SoIve added a full video review… for those of you that prefer to watch rather than read my rambles. See after the jump…


is my full unboxing and 1st impressions, plus using it outside so you can makeup your own mind whether this is for you.


This deserves a mention so Im sorry to those of you that get fedup with me banging on about packaging…however…Lumintop are not only fast with their delivery, but it arrives so well packaged as you will see on the video unboxing. You get to see it as I do.

It arrived in a sturdy box with tape and Lumintop printed on it, then inside…your confronted with a really gorgeous eco-friendly, elegant cardboard box…as you can see above. 

Its minimalist with its bunny logo and name and extremely robust so you can store it in here if you wish and its certainly ideal as a gift.

 Opening the box you see the Lumintop in all its glory with its own case cushioned in a black foamy bed.

 No seriously one more look its really worth it; sleek elegant and super sexy.

In the

box you get your Lumintop tactical Flashlight.
Nylon braided case.
Wrist strap.
2 spare water seals and spare on/off button.


This tactical flashlight is made of high strength aerospace aluminum which has an anti scratching HAIII military grade hard anodized finish…phew that’s a mouthful but sums up this little guy, perfectly.

It measures a neat 6.1 x 1.9 inches and only weighs 1.4 pounds without the battery

It can use 2 types of battery either 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A , NEITHER which are included; but if your a flashlight connoisseur you will have quite a few rechargeable 18650’s lying around.

Here are just a few of our 18650 batteries, that in itself is worth an article as you have to choose a certain type.  Ill explain briefly for now.

We have a quite alot of these on charge all the time just incase for all our other tactical flashlights, so we know a little about the good and the bad.

Here is a fab explanation from Lumintop about their amazing design, I do love in particular that both ends have stainless steel bezels for impact, this petal-type design is well known for breaking windscreens or windows in an emergency (from a corner). Or use as protection if needed.

You can see it more closely above, the internal reflector gives 99% light transference because of its

double sided AR coating.
Perfect to reflect the already powerful CREE XP-L HI LED bulb.

Because of the powerful bulb its possible after being on high for a longer time the top end could get warm, but Lumintop have added heat dissipation fins, like a heat sink on a PC to draw away any heat quickly, I haven’t found it gets that hot to be honest but then I haven’t had it on high for longer than a few minutes at a time. I just cant help seeing how far this incredible beam goes against our other torches and size for size it’s definitely the best so far…AMAZING!

At the opposite end the stainless steel bezel has a small hole to tie on the wrist strap; I love the bright orange, it makes a change from black.

 Around the middle is a secured but removable metal clip to attach it to a shirt pocket or to a rucksack etc.

I have to say I’m really impressed with the nylon braided case that comes with it,  its pretty tight to slip it inside but wow its secure. The Velcro flap is super strong its not going anywhere. The back of the case has a belt loop and a plastic loop to attach a carabina clip for tents rucksacks etc.
You’ve no excuses to lose this flashlight unless you lose it turned off in the dark, lol!

I have to quickly mention the Velcro flap as its sewn perfectly…not a stitch out of place and of  

course the bunny logo in leather will always make me smile.

The whole balance of this flashlight is brilliant, it will stand up solidly on either end.

The Modes 

You can see these better in my video review above.

This tactical TD16 has 6 modes, all totally needed for separate jobs.

The actual flashlight has low, medium and high, but then if you hold down the mode button it then offers another 3 modes, these are flashy modes.

It starts with a strobe (not ideal for everyone), then a normal flash approx every second, then a slow flash…almost a blip or blink, this would save battery if you were waiting to be rescued.

Its also impact resistant to 1.5 meters…made me smile as I want to try it at 1.6 meters…no seriously its been tested to get its military grade. Plus this little guy is water resistant to 2 meters IPX-8.

Fantastic ergonomic design as its so comfy to use on a regular basis, it warms to your hand quite quickly and so it doesn’t make your hands cold like some other metal/alloy torches.




Im so pleased with this gorgeous flashlight, its super lightweight even with the battery inside due to the anodized aluminum. It has a 3/4 way rubber ring section which actually can be removed and fitted at the base allowing the torch to be stood pointing upwards genius Lumintop, with the ring fitted back in place it prevents it from rolling on a shiny surface giving it a slight grip.

The modes are absolutely amazing, the beam itself has a gorgeous crisp circle, some flashlights are more muted and blurred, this has a well defined circle.

The beam hits the tree tops over 400 feet away from our garden, I would expect that from one of my much larger torches not from something so small.

Even the medium and low level have a place. 

We often walk our dog at night and the lowest brightness is perfect to show the ground as we walk. I haven’t needed the flashes yet…phew; but I have no doubt about how good they are.

Plus Ive used it everyday for nearly 7 days and I haven’t had to change the battery yet…wow so impressed.



Its at a mid range price for a tactical flashlight but if you use one on a daily basis or for more important uses like your in the forces I highly recommend getting this little powerhouse. 

Its ergonomic, powerful and lightweight and an ideal ladies torch or someone short of space in their backpack while hiking. 

We have super duper large powerful torches but this can sit proudly next to those and its now my 1st choice of flashlight on a daily use. 



Im never without this its always in my handbag.

LUMINTOP TD16 LED Tactical Flashlight With Strobe and the latest CREE XP-L Hi LED
All my thanks

$65.00goes to Lumintop for kindly sending this to us for this review, all my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.
Thanks for popping by and I will see you all very soon.
Bye for now!

beaux bijou jewellery 1st impressions

Beaux Bijou Jewellery 1st Impressions and Video Review


Beaux Bijou Jewellery
By Gadget Revolution

Something a bit different to my normal gadgety products. For those of you that love unique and unusual jewellery like me may be interested in this post.

I was kindly sent 3 items of Beaux Bijou jewellery to share with you all from Gadget Revolution and I couldn’t be happier.



Im not a gold and diamond girl…I know strange huh…I prefer more edgy, unusual, unique items that stand out that make it personal to me.

I collect South western silver and I adore natural orientated jewellery. I dont seem to have a favorite style. I just like what I like and boy do I like these.

So hit the jump button and let me show you these 3 pieces in close-up. Ive added a video 1st impressions as its so much easier to see the jewellery that me ramble on about it.

But today I was lucky enough to receive 3 beautiful pieces that are fun but also inexpensive, so

A little about Gadget Revolution first, they are selling a unique brand of jewellery called Beaux Bijou, they offer some really fun pieces as well as stunningly pretty items. However if your a fan of certain TV program’s you may want to go check them out with unique pieces from Walking Dead or Game of Thrones or Pretty Little Liars and many more.Ill go through each piece briefly below but for close-ups please checkout my full video so you get to see them in real life so to speak.
So Im not going to waffle on too much this time as they really need to be seen.

I have added a full video so you can actually see these pieces to make up your own minds.

It could go badly wrong for you
I received all 3 really well packaged in Amazons standard packaging; then each item was separately packaged in its own plastic zip-lock bag, then….inside 2 of them a separate suede pouch for the bracelet and moon/galaxy necklace. But the nicest was the Dr Who Tardis which arrived in its own suede jewellery box, looking very luxurious and expensive.

though your other someone may be thinking gold and silver, or wait for it …an engagement ring…eeep! So please make sure you know that person really well first lol!

So let me show you each piece in turn as they are all totally different from each other.

First is this gorgeous bracelet
Tree of Life multilayer leather and wax braided bracelet with infinity symbol and swallow charms

The bracelet arrives in a plastic ziplock baggie, then in  plastic poly bag and with this you get also a beautiful black suede pouch to keep it in or give as a gift.

 On getting it out the bag you do just need to pull it into shape then your ready to wear it.

Its a 5 strand alloy, faux leather and wax rope multi-strand adjustable bracelet…phewey that’s a mouthful, but it is what it is lol!

Its 14cm in length but also adjustable too and Im sure it will fit most wrists.

I love multi-strand bracelets as they look great straight away, I love the look, its rustic and very natural and easy to wear. With this bracelet you get 2 beautiful swallow charms, a tree of life and and an infinity symbol so you can give this to a friend if you want it to mean so mean something too.
I love the 2 braided ones as they look already worn.

I have to say I have really skinny wrists and its fits me perfectly, the extender chain makes it wearable for most people and the lobster claw clasp means its secure whatever your doing in your day. Even with skinny wrists I wear this on its smallest link and it wont fall off, the 2 connector bars hold the leather strands securely there’s no way they are coming loose. Im really impressed with the quality and have been wearing this every time Ive gone out since it arrived; I love it.

You can buy it directly from
 Amazon Uk HERE

Again do checkout my video as you can see it on my wrist and how gorgeous it looks.

Next is the Crescent Moon Pendant with Galactic Glass Stone Necklace



Now this blew me away with just how beautiful it is; PLUS the Galactic glass or cabochon is identical to my website background I love it already.
I adore astronomical jewellery they always have special meanings too. 

You can choose out of 3 different solar system cabochons, ar’nt they just gorgeous!

I love my pink and blue its Gadget Girl afterall.

Again you get a lovely black suede pouch to keep it in, especially if  your giving it away as a gift.

The  filligree Moon itself is made out of high resistant alloy and has a rounded curve to it so its sits against your chest perfectly. Its 5cm high and the cabochon sits inside it which is 2cm in diameter, you receive a 17.7cm silver colored curb chain, this is because you get a good size safety chain added to the length. This also allows you to clip the lobster claw clasp to make it any length you wish.

You can choose yours from
 Amazon UK HERE
Again do checkout my video as you can see how gorgeous it looks.

Lastly is the Blue toned Dr Who Tardis Necklace with gift Box
Im a huge Dr Who fan and fell in love with my little Tardis, on first holding this you will feel how good quality this is. At 4.4cm high including the little green gemstone it has a good substantial weight; as I think its is solid silver alloy which has been painted with blue enamel to give it the characteristic Tardis police box colour.

It comes with a 25cm chain again because it has a safety chain with lobster-claw clasp to clip it to any length.

A really clever addition is this beautiful green gemstone right where the Tardis should have its blinking light, it really adds a cute femininity to it.

With  this you get a gorgeous velvet touch jewellery box to keep it in; making an all in one pressie for someone.

 This is a great quality gift for any Dr Who fan, you can wear it or have it sitting on your desk like me. It looks super cool and very cute. A subtle piece of geekiness!
You can buy yours on Amazon UK HERE
Again do checkout my video as you can see it on my wrist and how gorgeous it looks.

Im so happy with all 3 Beaux Bijou pieces, each one has a totally different look and feel for different times, they are great quality and all 3 are conversation starters.

Plus go checkout Beaux Bijou’s other products on Gadget Revolution to see many other unique fun pieces of jewellery from Walking Dead, game of Thrones to Sherlock Holmes and Pretty Little Liars plus many more.
 They add a little bit of fun and personality to your look.
But dont take my word for it, take a look and see for yourself
Let your Jewellery make a statement about you.

All my thanks goes to Gadget Revolution for kindly sending me these beautiful Beaux Bijou pieces for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

essence of arcadia luxury gem set heart

Essence of Arcadia Luxury Gem-set Heart Aromapendant Video Review


  Essence of Arcadia luxury Gem-set Heart Aromapendant 

Im so pleased to be able to share with you all this stunning luxury aromatherapy pendant from Essence of ArcadiaIf you have never heard of these they are beautifully shaped lockets that you can fill with your
.favorite essential oil; either for health or relaxation.

You may have seen some previous reviews of when I last collaborated with EoA with their stunning



Essence of Arcadia Aromatherapy Oils selection and the gorgeous Dragon egg..er..sorry..the Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Diffuser

EoA are now stocking a beautiful range of aroma-pendants and I was very lucky to be given a choice of designs that they offer. I chose the heart as it looked so unique and I felt many of you would want to see this for real.

I have added a video unboxing so you get to see this locket in full and how to add the oils etc.

Anchor I have always loved aromatherapy and I originally qualified as an aromaptherapist back in the 1990’s, so the idea of being able to wear my favorite aromatherapy mix of oils to help with a health issue or just for pure relaxation is something I find just genius and simply couldn’t wait to try it for myself.

Arrives in transparent plastic sleeve.


It arrives in Essence of Arcadia’s beautiful trade mark black cardboard packaging with gold writing, its elegant and makes a gorgeous gift to receive.

Inside the bag you have a prestigious black and gold jewellery box and black firm envelope



Im a true believer that if a company supplies well executed packaging
that the object that is carried within, will be of excellent quality.
Checkout the wording, it is quite thought provoking!

“Aromatherapy Made beautiful!”

 In the box you get this stunning locket Ill go through it in a minute and in the black envelope you have 10 felt hearts to match the inside of the locket; these are to add your aromatherapy oils too. They will hold the scent for hours.


 Okay you so need to see this AMAZING design, this locket is made of hypo-allergenic surgical grade stainless steel, for durability with…and wait for it… an 18 or 24 inch chain!

You have 37 cubic bright zirconias which surround the whole outside of the heart, in the middle is a Celtic style type of flower which is just beautiful.


You really need to just checkout my video to see it for real…its stunning!

The locket measures – approximately 3cm width x 3cm high not including the clasp.

The back of the locket is a beautiful brushed steel effect and could be so easily engraved for someone special.

I love the thickness of this locket which is approximately 7mm in depth and you can also see the  indent to open up the locket itself.

It opens easily using your nail, but its held closed securely by 4 magnets and believe me these are really strong  its not going to open by accident…you will see this in my video.

You can see how flush the magnets are in the locket its so well made. The little felt insert is also fitted flush this is what you are going to add your drops of aromatherapy oil onto. I also have to point out the few drops of oil that you will need wont ever leak out onto your clothes, if its going to leak you’ve added way too much and will probably be overpowering everyone around you and choking yourself at the sametime.
Only a few drops guys……!!!

The black and gold envelope that comes with this locket has another 9 of these heart shape felts in 3 different colours.

This allows you to swap your aromatherapy scents around if you wish. The colours also change the look of your locket too; please see my video. My

favorite is the black insert this is also good with the aromatherapy oils that stain, that’s when the white felt heart may not be ideal not that I think it will show through the heart.

You also get a

24 inch curb chain with a 2 inch safety chain so no worries if your a bit clumsy with chains you have a double protection.
I received an 18 inch chain with mine but the details do say 24 inch chain. 
The lobster claw clasp is solid and extremely tight, I have totally trust in this connector. It also helps that I can choose the length I want to wear it.


So does it work yes of course it does, you have complete choice in what scents you want to drop onto your felt pads, you could even use your favorite perfume if you wished.

This is perfect for those of you that are allergic to wearing perfumes, you can spray or add a few drops to the felt pad and its not against your skin, but you can still smell it and other people will just assume your wearing it on your neck or wrist, no one will know its from your pendant.

I have done this too as I have eczema and very allergic to some of my perfumes and I can now wear them without anyone suspecting its actually from my pendant…not that it matters if they do I think its a fantastic idea.

My other half came up with another fab idea; if you get bitten by mozzies like we do during the Summer months you can add citronella to your pads and actually have a pretty, elegant and fashionable mosquito repellent.

For me I absolutely adore lavender so I have been wearing a few drops of lavender to help me relax when Im feeling a bit stressed. Again if your doing something stressful you can add a relaxing aromatherapy recipe and wear it for a driving lesson, or an exam etc. A presentation at work or simply if your feeling overwhelmed.

You will know its there so it will help you relax and stay calm.

This makes the most perfect gift for someone who is unwell, sick or under the weather; or simply someone who needs cheering up, the heart in itself makes a wonderful gift as you can also use it as a keepsake locket, so if you dont want to wear aromatherapy oils inside you can add precious small objects that mean alot to you. A picture, Dried flowers, baby’s hair, crystals or you can buy memory charms for small lockets and those will fit inside too. Its a perfect memory keeper.

I cannot express just how luxurious this locket is; its elegant and looks very expensive and when it catches the light its just stunning….it has to be seen…so definitely take a moment and checkout my video.

I now wont be without my little heart it looks incredible and has such such a variety of uses to enjoy the scent emanating from it throughout the day.

So with Christmas creeping up on us, think about shortening your pressie list and get a few of these, I do not know one woman who wouldn’t want to receive one of these.
Big brownie points to you.
Or better still just go treat yourself.

at £16.99 you simply cannot go wrong.
Amazon Uk

All my thanks goes to Essence of Arcadia for kindly sending me this stunning heart locket to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own and all my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

Plus are you bored with standard looking diffusers, I absolutely love my dragon egg
If you liked this review go take a peek at my other EoA products, do you need to top up your essential oil collection; or are you a beginner looking to start your collection, then you need to check these 2 beautiful sets out, they are affordable and are 100% pure.
Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Diffuser….



Essence of Arcadia Aromatherapy Oils selection