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Survival is something every living being in this world does to exist and every day we tend to face a lot of things that we need to survive, overcome and withstand a lot of situation during the course of time that we are alive. Most of the happenings and situations that we are put into are unpredictable out of which natural and man-made calamities are the most unpredictable ones. The major problem with facing these calamities is that we don’t really know when they would approach us and cause the damage and since we aren’t aware of their arrival sometimes we are not able to protect ourselves from the disasters that they cause.

But what if knew in beforehand when there is going to be a calamity or destruction? Won’t we be prepared to face it? Or at least be prepared with the remedies that are needed to be followed after the disaster had hit us? Here there is a book called Alive After The Fall that talks about the greatest apocalypse that America was about to face by 2017 and what are the safety measures and relief measures to be done to survive the situation and overcome the disaster. This book created a huge storm at the time and until now it has been an unforgettable book that talks about apocalypse after so many years. Read this review throughout to know what all were there inside this book.

Alive After The Fall – Everything You Need To Know:

  • Alive After The Fall is a book written by Alexander Cain that talks about an apocalypse that will attack America in the year of 2017. This book was written way before the year 2017 and Alexander Cain was certainly sure that the apocalypse will happen before the end of 1st of January 2017.
  • He made a prediction that Russia will be the main one to attack the US and with an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) bomb that will detonate 20 miles above the air and that its effect will be disastrous.
  • This book unfolds the fact that America will be plunged into a state of destruction and darkness which has been foretold by four prominent prophets in the bible. This destruction will be done on anything that runs on electricity and since everything in America runs on electricity there will be a huge level of destruction.
  • When such downfall happens the entire state will be under a great sense of hopelessness as everything is ruined. There won’t be any food for people, severe property damage and also no jobs will be there for anyone. This is when Alive After The Fall comes with many survival ideas and solutions to save yourself from such disasters.

How Does It Work?

  • The post-apocalyptical period is really important as it is the phase where survive the toughness and come out from it steadily. This book comes as a survival package for those people who are going through a tough time after the apocalypse.
  • In this book, Alexander warns the people about being in a situation with no electricity, no hospitals as it will not function without the electricity and tips with which you can save yourself as well as your family from such unimaginable situations.
  • It teaches you how you can cook and preserve without any source of power and also since you will facing aftermath your place would be a disaster and a complete mess. This book teaches you ways by which you can identify clean edible products from the contaminated ones.
  • Finding water is another great difficulty during these situations and this book teaches you how to dig water even in the driest areas that can cover you and your family for months.
  • The next major thing that this book has got is a tip about the 7 crucial medical supplies that you would need during the apocalypse and also ways to preserve heat sensitive medicines. There also comes some safest measures to protect yourself from radiations and other physical attacks.

What’s There Inside The Book?

  • This book suggests you ways on how to survive a nuclear attack and how to recover from a tragical nuclear attack and overcome it effectively.
  • The nest would be a chemical attack and how to keep yourself safe from any possible chemical attack and what needs to be done when you facing one.
  • Then comes how to preserve food and also cook food without electricity or any power source and how to collect food from the place of disaster and make them edible.
  • There is also information about the myths around a nuclear attack and also tips about protecting yourself from harmful radiations.


There are two two chart reports that come as a bonus package one is called Fall Out which is a digital report explaining the 5 myths about a nuclear attack and also how to treat any radiation sickness. It even tells you how to turn your home into an atomic shelter. The second report is about the Chemical Survival Attack that lists out 7 medical essentials that you would need for treating chemical attacks and how to survive a chemical attack just with a few simple materials at home.


  • It explains some of the incidents and events that are already mentioned by the prophets in the Bible.
  • Useful tips and safety measures to survive any kind of dark attacks. 
  • In case you are not satisfied with the product, there is a money back guarantee that you can use. 
  • Tips on how to create chemical and EMP protective gear using a few materials at home. 
  • Tips on how to preserve food, find water and how to cook food without electricity.


  • You can purchase this digital book only on its official website and nowhere else. 
  • This book mainly focuses on things that are said in the Bible and doesn’t concentrate much on other religions.


Facing an apocalypse is the last thing that you would want to do and surviving such a big disaster is a huge task to even think about. But this book called Alive After The Fall has made that simple by giving you essential tips and safety measures to survive all the disastrous events and save yourself and your loved ones from it. This gives you many new survival ideas that you didn’t know so far which makes the book a complete superstar. Get this book as soon as possible and be ready and equipped to face any kind of collapse.

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