Animoto Review

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Animoto Review

Technology usage is increasing day-by-day. Video making becomes part of everyday life from personal to business. Videos play a vital role in developing memories. Likewise, it makes us market the business rapidly. Nearly, 60% of the individual suffer from hiring a professional photographer. Nine out of ten business firms use videos for marketing and engage the customers wisely.

Every site may open has a short video displayed. It attracts the browsers and brightest mind of clients. If you want to make interactive and eye-catching videos, then Animoto is the best video maker app that suitable for people both personal and business purposes. Take a look at this review to know more about Animoto and enjoy video making experience.

My personal experience in video making:

Hey dude! Here, I’m going to share my personal experience in online video making. Previously, i have used many apps for video making. I haven’t found any professional video maker. Every time i get frustrated with the poor quality videos. I have no knowledge or experience in creating an explainer video. As a business individual or photographer, it is always essential to handle demanding customers. I really get upset not to make any good videos.

I have been searching for a professional video-making app, My friend recommended this Animoto, and she also told me amazing videos. After using Animoto, you will love the videos. I’m so happy about making good quality videos. Best of all, you can able to create high demand video. Thankful to all-in-one video editing application.

About Animoto:

Animoto is an online subscription-based application that helps people to create short videos easily. You can use this snappy video to grab the attention of your family numbers or potential client. This application also used to build non-marketing related videos. It will be suitable for the personal slide shows, and slide shows for existing clients. This application allows you to create video from your previous library material like a professional photographer. It helps you to optimise the videos for all the peculiar social channels. It also allows you to publish them everywhere you need them. It works based on the patented cinematic artificial intelligence technology to make highly shareable slide-shows for social media.

It does not require any complex video-editing software, and licensed music. You no longer have to bother about export settings and video file formats. It aids individuals and small scale business to produce and share videos. It comes with amazing features such as storyboard themes, easy media library, customisation, reseller license, reviewing tools, export and share. It comes to the latest customisation and stores the preferences and settings.

Moreover, you don’t worry about the royalty fees and music rights. You can adjust the length of videos and control the song volume. You will get great control over the products. You will get the great opportunity to work with the professionals in the animation, designing, and creativity.

Animoto Review

Learn How to use Animoto?

  • Step One: Add Photos And Video Clips: Initially, you have to choose the storyboard template from Animoto. Here, you need to drag and drop video clips and photos in your project.
  • Step Two: Personalize Your Video: And, then you have to adjust fonts, colours, music to customise your video. Here, you need to match your style or brand with the simple.
  • Step Three: Share And Impress: Finally, you can produce and share your video within a few moments. You can easily wow your family and friends. It improves your business engagement and sales.

Features of Animoto:

  • Watermark: Animoto helps you to include the logo to your video corner. It maintains your brand top of the customer mind.
  • Stock Library: You can select from more than a million Getty images of video clips and stock photos.
  • Video Templates: It helps you to make a video with best practices and pre-built storyboard templates.
  • Customisation: You can choose text, colours, styles, ratio, aspect, and much more within a few clicks.
  • Music Library: It allows you to find the correct song for your project in the music library features. It comes with the thousands of commercially licensed tracks.
  • HD Downloads: You can download the high definition videos with 1080p. You can upload to the social. And display your video on the HD screens.
  • Social Sharing: It allows you to share your video on social media within a few moments. It helps you to embed or email your project without any hard effort.
  • Voice Overs: This one-click voice-over tool helps you to make your video appropriately.

Who will choose Animoto?

  • Family: Animoto transforms your video clips and photos into the professional videos. It helps you to make a lifetime memory. In the official site, you can see the sample videos of events such as New baby, wedding reception, birthday, and vacation.
  • Business: It is simple to create marketing videos. And it also popularises your brand. It is suitable for newbies and expert. It drives more traffic and sales simultaneously. You can engage your audience with more tags, views, and comments.
  • Photographers: It helps you to sell more and build share-worthy experience for your customers with the videos. Photographer will book more clients and increase their sales. It makes their profession easy and good forever.
  • Education: Animoto helps you to create school marketing videos. It makes you connect with your school environment and develop enrollment. It is suitable for the administrator, teachers, and students.
  • Real Estate: It shows you how to make real estate videos easily. It makes your property visible and engages your clients impressed. You will get the engaging listing videos, content, and in-depth virtual tours.


  • Easy drag-and-drop interface: It comes with the pre-built templates to build share-worthy videos. It does not require any video editing or making skills or experience.
  • Beautiful Versatile Video Templates: The professionally developed templates gives you unrivalled flexibility. It customises videos to fit any occasion or brand easily.
  • Access to over a million stock assets: It has a tie-up with the Getty images. You will get amazing access to more than one million videos and stock photos with professional and business plans.
  • Help Center: Here, you will get ideas, tips, feedback, and inspiration on your videos. It allows you to build your incredible videos.


  • Animoto is not a free online video maker. But it is available at an affordable price. With this app, you can make professional looking videos easily.
  • This application does not support you to duplicate your previous video projects to use as the template for future videos.

Animoto Review


Animoto is an outstanding software application for people who want to make top-quality videos in few seconds. You can make memories, advertise your expertise, promote your services, and develop your business. It helps you to build videos on any devices such as iPhone, Android, desktop, and tablets. It can be accessed from any device whenever and wherever you want. This app helps you to make your video stand first from the competitor.

And one more thing…

You will have a great chance to make use of the free trial pack of Animoto. After the free package ends, you can decide to use this app or not. Moreover, subscription payment is not refundable. So, make use of this free trial and subscriber this Animoto.

Go ahead and try this Animoto application. Happy to make attention-grabbing videos.

Animoto Review

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