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If you are a parent of a teenager, I don’t have to tell you about the difficulty that you will be facing. Teenagers are always rebellious and when we are against something that they do, they won’t stop doing it they will start to do it without our knowledge. As a parent, you must be in constant fear of your children and their activities. You cannot always do the sneaking inside their room operation to find out what they are up to. And that is not the right way to do it either. What else to do then? How else to keep an eye on your notorious teenager kids or the employee you think should be watched carefully? 

Introducing the Spyfone app that comes with all the necessary facilities that can make your monitoring job easy in all possible ways. You can monitor your children or your employees no matter where they are and always have an eye on their activities. It’s finally time for you to take a deep breath, sit back, and relax as this app has got everything under control. It’s literally like watching your children in person from wherever they are. Know more about how this product works by reading this review throughout the end. 

🤔 What is Spyfone?

Spyfone is a software that allows you to monitor your children or a co-worker or whomever it may be, closely through their smartphones. You can instantly get access to their smartphones and see what they have in their message and call logs and know what they are up to. This app helps you to be tension free around your children as now they will always be seen to you no matter where they are. Even when they are really far away, through this app you can accurately find the place where they are. 

Teenagers are difficult to handle and it is even more difficult to find out about their daily activities and routine. As smartphone has become smarter the fear that the kids shouldn’t involve in any wrong activities has increased.  To put an end to all your fears, Skyfone has come up with all possible technological ideas to monitor your children keenly. This app can be used from both android as well as apple and you can view their location in real time. But there is always a delete option, isn’t it? What if the messages are deleted? Not to worry. Spyfone also has an option to recover the deleted messages.

How Does It Work?

This simple and useful application is very easy to access as well as use. This works on these following steps:

  • Purchase – In its website click on the buy option to purchase this application instantly. 
  • Install – After purchasing a registration code will be sent to your email id along with the installation procedure. You can take a look at it and install your app within minutes. 
  • Configure – Once you are done with the installation, enter the license code and select the applications that you wish to monitor on the device. 
  • Check The Activities – Even when the phone is turned off, right after it is turned on again, the monitoring work can again be started and all the activities are logged into your online portal.  

Some of the notable features:

  • Messages Monitoring – Monitor what messages have been sent as well as received. This even lets you access MMS. 
  • Call Monitoring – Get every bit of information on calls like call time, call duration, call location and so on. 
  • Web&Soial Media Marketing – Facebook, Whatsapp Twitter, Instagram and what not! It shows you the messages and the conversations that have happened. While this is happening you can, on the other hand, check even the browser history and find out what your kids have been doing and what they are seeing.
  • GPS Monitoring – This option is used to monitor the places that are visited and also access the current location of the person. 
  • Photo and Video Monitoring – It gives you the control of the person’s gallery where you can see all possible pictures and videos through the phone monitoring system. 
  • Gmail Monitoring – Get to see all the sent mail as well as the emails received and also the inbound and outbound emails. 
  • Message Log – Get to know about the messages sent and received in iMessages, Facebooks, Whatsapp and so on. 
  • Contacts and Notes Monitoring – Starting from the name, to the phone, to email, to whom they are contacting and also the contacts and saved notes you will be getting access using this. 

Why is Spyfone A Must-Have?

  • Right from monitoring your children’s phone and every application it has to blocking some of the unwanted programs everything can be done with this app. 
  • This is literally like a live control panel where you can control what your children are doing no matter how far they are. 
  • With this app, you can monitor not just one but five devices at the same time by selecting the applications that you would want to keep an eye on. 
  • You cannot always keep looking at your children and especially when they are out late at night you are the one who’s going to worry more. This app can put an end to that constant fear of yours. 



  • Compatible with both android and apple. 
  • End to end customer service. 
  • You can monitor everything right from calls, messages, internet, location and so on. 
  • Works in phones, tablets, iPhones as we all iPads.
  • Easy to use and clearly understandable. 
  • Know every step that your kid is taking and be a stress-free parent. 


  • Since this is a software application you need to have an internet connection to get access to this program. 
  •  This doesn’t have a one-time payment option which makes you pay every month. 

spyfone review

Do I recommend it?

Spyfone is one of a kind software application that benefits you in the most unique way. As a parent of a teenager, no words can describe the fear that you have about their everyday activity, whom they are talking to, whether they are on the right track or not and so on. This app lets you have a close look at your children’s mobile phone or whatever gadget that they have and monitor closely each of their communication apps and also track their live location whenever they are far away from home.

This reduces your stress to a great extent. Also, this is your opportunity to keenly notice every move of your employees and co-workers to know what they are up to.

Get access to this super cool app now!  


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