Pimsleur Review


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Pimsleur Review

Languages are vast and we all know that. We all on a daily basis speak fluently on our mouth tongue and love and respect the language of our country. But is that enough? What if you fly across from France to Spain and stuck at a place where they only speak and understand Spanish? Don’t you want to expand the knowledge that you have in languages and learn more languages than what you know? How exciting and stunning it is to be able to speak four or five different languages fluently? 

Pimsleur is your ultimate place for language learning that can help you expand your language skills and make you learn new languages in very less time than you thought. This can break the stigma that learning a new language is a tedious task and one may never succeed learning it real soon.  You can now learn how to speak and understand your favourite language and turn that as a plus point about you. To know more about how this language learning program works, read this review until the end. 

Pimsleur – All That You Need To Know:

Pimsleur is an audio-based language learning program that lets you learn your favourite language from scratch and reach an intermediate level in just 30 days. Most language program just makes you study a new language like its some science theory. But the thing with languages is that you don’t study or memorize a new language. You should learn to speak a new language fluently without any struggle. For that, you need to have a strong foundation of the language that you are learning and a proper method that can make you grasp the language quickly. 

This can be done efficiently by the Pimsleur language learning program. Learning a language doesn’t come through a fixed syllabus as that is not how learnt to speak your native language as a child. You listened, you communicated, you mimicked, you answered to questions, you raised questions and that’s exactly the way you will be leaning a new language through this program. This program doesn’t teach you any grammar or the vocabulary of the particular language that you are opting to learn. It teaches you a new language like how your family taught you your native language. This teaches you how you can understand easily and respond back naturally without any struggle.  


How Does It Work?

Remember that this program is not like the foreign language classes that you attended on your efforts of learning a new language. This program is entirely different and more effective than those. Those language classes that you attended must have made you do nothing more than look at pictures and read huge paragraphs and constantly correct your grammar and vocabulary putting the entire pressure of learning on you. Pimsleur follows none of these traditional methods.

The main aim of Pimsleur is not to make you study a language but to make you speak a language. You will not be taught grammar or vocabulary here you will only be taught how to speak and respond in a new language like how you speak your own language. There are these four secrets of Dr Pimsleur to speak a new language fluently. 

  • Anticipation

When asked a question your brain will be thinking of all possible answers and coming up with new guesses every time. This way of anticipating the answers to every question, your brain will be learning and developing new neural connections. 

  • Graduate Interval Recall

This is a scientifically-sequenced and proven method that can move things from your short-term memory to your long-term memory and make you remember things strongly. 

  • Organic Learning

Organic learning is the way you learnt your first language which is by just communicating and listening and that is the same thing you will be doing here. Making conversations, raising questions, interpreting answers, listen to responses will be your primary way of learning a language. 

  • Core Vocabulary

Neither does it teach you every possible grammatical word nor does it leave you hanging without teaching anything. It teaches you the most common words that are used and a few important grammatical structures so that what you speak makes sense. 

Why Do You Need Pimsleur?

  • Unlike other language learning programs, this one doesn’t stuff any irrelevant vocabulary, boring conjunctions, unwanted phrases or repetition of words. 
  • Dr Pimsleur uses the idea that if there is a regular communication of the words, there is a huge chance that it directly gets stored on your long-term memory. 
  • In the audios, whenever a new phrase or a word is introduced there comes a pause after that for the listener to grasp the phrase and repeat it once within themselves. 
  • A program that breaks all the stereotypes of traditional language learning by letting you learn a new language like a newborn child trying to speak in its native language.



  • There are these three golden rules that you should follow in this program to learn quickly. 1. No paper; no notes; just listen 2. one 30 minute lesson per day 3. whatever you read, read aloud and not in your head. 
  • This program follows the main idea of teaching a new language by just organic methods which are mainly communicative responses. 
  • Everything you learn through this organic learning will directly reach your long-term memory and stay there. 
  • You will never feel the pressure of learning something new as this program has a separate native speaker to train you throughout the program. 
  • As you listen to the audios you will notice that each word and phrase is broken down to make you understand better.  
  • This program uses the spaced repetition method which is revisiting the previous word every time a new word is added and giving enough time for the repetition of the previous word and the new word. 


  • This program might not work for everyone especially for those who believe in the traditional method of learning. 
  • You will be taught grammar and vocabulary only in needed amounts.
  • This program can only be accessed online and so you need an internet connection to get this program. 



Knowing different languages other than our native language and speaking them fluently is an art which is easy to learn. With the help of Pimsleur, you can now excess in learning a new language and speak it fluently in just 30 days.

All you need to do is spend 30 minutes from each day and get the lessons regularly. This program breaks all the traditional way of learning and teaching a language and incorporate a new and easy method that stays in your mind for a long period of time.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity. Get access to this easiest language learning program now. 

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