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Owing a MacBook is a different kind of happiness, isn’t it? It cannot be explained just in words. Your very own MacBook in your hands gives you a feeling that you have achieved something in life to have owned it. Having it makes you feel more special and it makes you feel more powerful as well as responsible. It’s just an unexplainable bond that only you and your MacBook understands. Having a gadget for yourself just enough to make you happy and that too what if it’s a MacBook!

Now, are you getting the urge of buying it already? Well, go ahead and get it then. But every gadget that you get lives as long as you maintain them well. You need to make sure that it has good software that can clean it up frequently and make sure that it is free of any danger or viruses. There is a software that is specially designed for running on the MacBook and maintaining it well. Read this review until the end to know what makes this software useful, unique and beneficial. 

What is Mackeeper?

Mackeeper is a software that is made especially for the MacBooks to check them periodically and see if there are any problems or difficulties with it. Generally, when you have a gadget you tend to get a few problems over the months or years. Like having less space and not knowing what to delete, not being able to find a file, to find duplicates, keeping away the viruses and so on. You cannot always rectify the problem by yourself. And even if you do, you cannot multitask. Only suitable software can do these things more efficiently as the main advantage of them is that they can multitask.

Mackeeper is such a software that can identify the problems that your MacBook has and rectify them real soon. It can do all essential functions like erase unwanted files, prepare backups from time to time, keep your MacBook away from viruses and so on. No one like to wait right! especially with gadgets when they run really slow and keep us waiting. How patience-testing is it? But now with the help of Mackeeper, you can free up your Mac’s space and optimize during the time of need. It also keeps all of your apps up to date. 

How To Launch The Mackeeper?

Mackeeper can be launched by downloading it from a reliable website. Once you have got its pkg file the instructions will appear on the screen and you can follow them to launch it. Mackeeper is one of the trusted software that can help you with maintaining your MacBook. For example, if you are looking to clear up space, you first need to delete things that are unwanted. When a file has been saved twice or if there are duplicates they should be the first ones to get deleted.

You can very well find them on your own but it will take time and in the end, you get confused as to what you have selected. This job can be simplified by using the Mackeeper. It finds the unwanted files and duplicates that are to be deleted and deletes them within a few seconds. Like this, it can help you with all the things that you need to maintain your MacBook. 


It’s Features:

  • Memory Cleaner 

This tool of Mackeeper can delete things that are unwanted and free up your memory space within seconds. You might not know how much of trash your system has got until it’s been cleaned. You can get all the space that you need just be deleting what’s not necessary. 

  • Duplicate Finder

The duplicate finder tool finds out the duplicates that are to be deleted. You might have renamed and saved a file twice or make a copy by mistake. This tool finds them out and after finding you can decide whether to delete it or transfer it to an external storage device. Either way, you can clean up your disc space through this. 

  • Smart Uninstaller 

Duplicate files and unwanted files alone doesn’t take up our disc space, unwanted applications too. This tool displays the list of apps that you want to uninstall and you can choose what to uninstall from them. 

  • File Recovery 

This tool can recover files from your hard drive. All you need to do is run it through a quick scan. It takes a while to do a thorough scanning and then recovers files from the hard drive.

  • Data Encryptor 

This tool is for those who share their MacBook with other users. If you wish to hide your files and keep them private,  you can set up a password first and then log in to the data encryptor to see your hidden files.

Why Have The Mackeeper?

  • What could be more irritating than your favourite websites and movies loading all day long and making you wait? Say goodbye to waiting as Mackeeper knows how to keep your space intact and protect your Mac from running slowly. 
  • Protecting your system from threats could take forever as nothing works in getting rid of them permanently as they keep coming back. There is built in antivirus protection in Mackeeper that protects your MacBook from viruses and if you need more security you can use the Adware Cleaner to clear up things that can cause damage to your Mac. 
  • Another coolest feature that you get to enjoy with your Mackeeper is that you can control you MacBook no matter where it is. If your MacBook is ever stolen, all you need to do is use the Track my Mac feature that tracks down your Mac’s location and takes a snapshot of the suspect. You can very well lock your MacBook from wherever you are. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Safe and reliable. 
  • Keeps your MacBook safe from viruses. 
  • It does all jobs to help you maintain your MacBook well. 
  • Installation and launching are very simple. 
  • No manual selecting and deleting as Mackeeper detects the files to be deleted and automatically deletes them and clears up space. 


  • Some people who have used this have complained saying that they were not able to delete it.  
  • For launching this program, you need a strong internet connection. 



Maintaining a MacBook is an important part of owning it. And if you are thinking of new software to do all the work for you then none can do it better than the Mackeeper. It does all it takes to keep your MacBook just as new even from inside.

It cleans every knock and corner of it and makes sure that no virus enters into it. This program is one the whole a complete protector for your MacBook and the one that you can always rely on for your Mac’s safety and performance.

With Mackeeper, your MacBook is always in safe hands. Get the software now. 

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