Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp Review

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Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp Review

Have you used any best desk companion of a lamp which makes you feel comfortable to read and write or doing other projects? Are you feeling uneasy about charging your mobile phone or tablet while doing any important projects using mobile phones?

Nowadays most of the people are not showing their interest in using a desk lamp because they feel that; it is not so convenient on fixing and adjusting it on the table. They thought that it would take more space and not portable for everyone. But recently a research team has created an ultimate product which looks like a survival household electrical appliance. Of course; it seems like that. Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp is the ultimate LED Desk Lamp charging station which is more effective and comfortable to use in your regular life.

About Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp:

This Lumicharge LED desk lamp offers dimmable lighting with a sophisticated design that can use in all the workplaces, office or bedroom with highly durable functionality. It finely included the universal phone battery charger and two extra USB ports that are ideal for people who want to charge their home and various devices.

With the help of using the modern features, this innovative LED desk lamp supports the everyday tasks of the night reading, studying and lighting pleasure. It has a completely adjustable neck that you can use it for moving it in an optimal direction of lighting. It is stylish as well as the best desk sitting gadget for having theĀ best results.

Features Of Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp:

  • It has complete Universal Cell Phone charger which is suitable for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Note, Google Nexus, Type C, LG, HTC, Huawei.
  • It has 2 USB Ports to keep charging any additional devices.
  • It has three different Color Modes with adjustable brightness.
  • It provides Date, Time, Calendar with Temperature Display for your convenient.
  • It is built-in Motion Sensor light and perfectly suite for Night Lamp or Reading Desk Lamp for homework.
  • It is elegantly with home or office decor.

Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp Review

What Will You Get By Using This Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp?

  • LED Lighting System: Lumicharge is the perfect solution for people who want to spend their time on homework or reading on the bed. Actually, this led light has three unique colours and ten levels of brightness based on users expectation.
  • Motion Sensor: It is honestly built-in motion sensors, so you do not have to worry about running anything in the dark. When you enter the room, Lumicharge will show the key to switch on the light.
  • Smart LED Display: Lumicharge has a large display that will show the time, date, the day of the week, and temperature. So you can get up to speed and get the most out of it.
  • Functional LED Desk Lamp: When you choose this dimmable light; it will provide the desired brightness levels which are suitable for all the area lighting, reading and homework. It is very easy to access and ideal for kids.
  • Universal Phone Charger: It included a USB charging station which is suitable for multiple devices.
  • Smart Desk Lamp With Digital Clock: It is well supportive of showing right time, date, day and temperature. It offers amazing functionality fit for any area with alluring efficiency.
  • Modern Desk Lamp Design: This modern lamp comes with the adjustable neck perfectly suit for any desk setting. Its function as a reading desk lamp, night lamp, general area lamp, or whatever it may be. It is also available in black, white and silver.


  • Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp comes with helpful guidelines to understand the steps of using this device.
  • It is easy to fit at any desk and perfect for reading.
  • The given USB port are the added advantage to keep charging your mobile phone or another device.
  • It has a great deal of light with different charging connections.
  • It is risk-free to use and affordable for everyone.
  • It comes with the money refund policy based on your satisfaction.


  • If you do not have an internet connection; sure you will not be able to get this product.
  • Before accessing this product, you should read the instructions properly and then start using it.

Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp Review

Our Conclusion:

People who want to add as decor item or survival kit or home care device sure this Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp will be suitable for your expectations and more comfortable to fix it on any desk to make use of it for having a better result.

Already many people from the country were started to purchase this product, and they strongly recommended to their friends and relatives for knowing the best result of using this device in regular life. It also offers the best customer service to clear your queries.

So do not miss this opportunity. Grab it before the offer ends.

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