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Pretty Litter review

Give Your Cats The Best Of All Litters 

Having a pet at home as enjoyable as it is, also is one of the challenging things that every pet parents need to handle each day. Make sure they eat and poop properly, make sure that they are healthy and out of any disease or infection are some of the things every pet parents do at all times. These tasks are pretty easy to carry out with dogs but when it comes to cats, knowing if they are comfortable or not with what you give them is a little difficult because cats are way more notorious than dogs and they are good at hiding illnesses. Not having a proper cat litter can lead to many infections for your cat and there are of course other problems like having the odour fill up your room whenever they pee or poop.

You cannot blame your cat and all that you have to blame is the litter box that you got your cat. If you are one of those cat owners who is facing these issues then its high time you change your cat litter.  Make your job easy as well as provide the best for your fluffy kitty. PrettyLitter is the one that you need to choose if you are looking to have both the benefits that I just mentioned. Keep reading this review and you will find out the ways in which this product will benefit you.

PrettyLitter – The Best Of All Cat Litters:

PrettyLitter is one of the best and also the must-have cat litters that can be hugely beneficial for both you as well as your cat. The Clumping litter that you have been using all these days does nothing that you want it to do. It’s like even after spending your money on it, it goes waste without benefiting neither you nor your cat. With PrettyLitter, you will never have any of the complaints that you had with your previous litter. It absorbs the waste and eliminates the moisture immediately and so you don’t have to keep replacing the litter once in a while.

A pack of PrettyLitter will last you for a month for one cat. And the surprising fact is that PrettyLitter’s one month supply pack looks smaller than the usual clumping litter or clay litter packs. You now don’t have to keep running to the store now and then to get your cat litter as PrettyLitter comes and delivers it to you on your doorstep whenever you need it. All you need to do is choose the number of cats that you have and inform them when you need the supplies.

Pretty Litter reviews

You May Need To Know

There are a lot more amazing benefits that PrettyLitter offers you. As I said earlier, cats are very good at hiding their illnesses and you won’t be able to find it out unless they fall sick. Many cat owners have even lost their cats because they couldn’t predict what their cat was going through. PrettyLitter comes with a solution for that. Any problem with their health can be identified with the change in colour of their wastes and this is incorporated in PrettyLitter. Certain disorders like urinary tract infections, stone formation or bladder crystal can be identified when it turns into light blue to blue.

Problems like bladder inflammation can be identified when it turns red and metabolic acidosis can be identified with a yellow colour. Another benefit of this is that it is odourless and scentless and so you will not be experiencing the bad odour whenever your cat does its business. This one is not made of the usual clay litter and so even if your cat licks its paw right after it gets out of the litter box, no clay enters their body and so their digestive system remains safe of any diseases. 

Why Choose PrettyLitter?

  • This one is odourless and scentless and so it controls the odour to a great extent. No more need to tolerate those smells all over your room. 
  • A box of PrettyLitter lasts for a month for a cat and so you don’t have to keep running to the store and stock up every time.
  • It indicates you if your cat is ill or having other problems by changing colour. You can now diagnose easily and cure your cats without having to let them suffer in silence.
  • PrettyLitter is a great absorber as it immediately absorbs the moisture, traps the odour and expels the urine. Due to this, it becomes light whenever you are about to dispose it.

Pretty Litter for cat


  • Safe and hygienic for your cats to use. 
  • Made of non-clumping crystals that are safe for your cats to even breathe and ingest. 
  • A pack of the litter lasts for a month for a cat which is more economical. 
  • Absorbs moisture and traps the odour. 
  • Delivered to your doorstep. 
  • You can diagnose easily if your cat is ill. 
  • No added fragrances. 
  • More economical and wallet-friendly than other leading brands. 
  • Free shipping.


  • This is only available online. 
  • The litter gets saturated with urine after about 2 weeks. 
  • Sometimes the pack doesn’t have enough litter that could last for a month. 


  • One bag, one cat, one month – $22. 
  • Two bags, two cats, one month – $40. 
  • Three bags and a free bag, four cats, one month – $69. 

Pretty Litter reviews


Choosing a cat litter may sound very small and simple but this is where the heath of your cute little kitty lies. PrettyLitter has got all the things that can keep your cats free from any possible disease or infection.

No more tolerating smells as it is odourless absorbs the moisture and so it feels light when you get rid of it, can help you with knowing at the early stages if your cat has got any disease or infection, lasts enough for a month and so on.

Be a tension-free pet parent and take good care of your cute little kittens with the help of PrettyLitter. 


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