Skylight Frame Review

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Skylight Frame Review

Photos represent how beautiful our memories are. And with the development of technology, we have slideshows too. I love the idea of watching a slideshow and refreshing the memories that are the closest to my heart. In this life full of stress and workload, a little refreshment is a much-needed thing.

Remember the times when we had photo frames? How cute they were! Skylight with its new technology presents a touch-screen photo frame which can be updated from anywhere through email.

What is Skylight Frame?

Skylight Frame is an excellent gift to give to anyone or yourself. With just a one-time payment, you can enjoy the photograph slideshow every day. With just one email, you can update or delete pictures.

In this digital era, Skylight presents a digital photo frame that can be the unique thing to gift your grandparents, friends, mother, father, or even yourself. Rather than operating a device and going all the way through your gallery, you can watch the slideshow on the Skylight frame.

Skylight frames work through the internet, so you must have an internet connection, and it needs to be plugged into an electric circuit. It doesn’t run on a battery but WiFi. This digital photo frame is shipped internationally and can be gifted internationally.

Skylight Frame Review

Skylight frame is innovative, and people love it. It has an 8GB storage just for storage. Its screen size is 10” diagonal and accepts JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF. This digital frame is a touch-screen device through which you can tap and delete the unwanted pictures.

You can add pictures on your Skylight frame by sending an email. You can send an email to the Skylight, and your frame will get updated immediately. Skylight protects your pictures and privacy. When the memory gets full, Skylight will automatically delete the old pictures.

If you love a picture and want to keep it, you can tap on it, and the slideshow will stop. You can send and receive pictures of your loved ones. You can also let the sender know that you liked the photo by tapping on the heart sign.


Skylight frame is straightforward to use. It takes hardly one minute to set-up the digital frame. You have to ensure that you have an internet connection, plug into an electric circuit and select the photos you want to display as a slideshow.

You can say thank you to the sender for the pictures by simply tapping on the heart button. The touch-screen is so easy to use and understand that even the people who are not tech-savvy can use it.


The customers are going crazy about this simple yet so unique device. It is so pretty to have something in your house that constantly reminds you of the happy times during the highs and lows in your life. Let’s see how happy Skylight’s customers are.

“I ordered Skylight thinking it’d be a good gift for my grandma who is largely homebound. I never anticipated the amount of joy Skylight would bring her. During my wedding abroad, we sent her photos throughout the trip. She loved it! It made her feel like she was right there with us!” – Marianna S.

“It’s so easy to use! This is the very best part. I gave it to my mom for Christmas, asked my aunts who live all over the US to send pictures, and when it was revealed on Christmas Day it made her cry!” – Kelly Ann R.


One Skylight Frame costs $159. That’s the only price you have to pay and then its free. There is no monthly subscription cost. The makers are so confident about the product that they say that you will love it. At the same time, they understand how difficult it can be for people to trust online sellers. Hence they offer a 30-day replacement or return guarantee. In case you don’t like Skylight Frame, you can ask for a replacement or a refund with 30 days of purchase. Isn’t that great?

The customers have loved the Frame from the moment they received it. They keep gifting their friends and relatives. I would give Skylight Frames 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is only available online and the delivery time takes around 4-7 days, or it depends on where you stay.Skylight Frame ReviewOverall:

I would say that it is worth to invest in something that reminds us of our happy days when we’re low. It makes our happier days the happiest by reminding us of how beautiful our lives have been.

With such a great price and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is a worth-to-buy product. 

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