feelily set of 3 pencases video review

Feelily set of 3 Soft pencil pouches Video review

Feelily Set of 3 soft pencil pouches/pencil cases

If youve been following my reviews you would have seen Im quite into my art products after starting to draw and paint again after many years.

I now have an overflow of pens and pencils that Im just dont know what to do with. I have my best pencils in more expensive cases, but needed something for all my spares and a case that I wasnt going to worry about getting dirty ect.

Ive also reviewed several products from Feelily before.

See below for the video links.

So checkout my quick video review showing you round this cute affordable set from feelily.

Anchor This is going to be a shorter version of my reviews as I hope the video shows you everything to help you decide if these are for you.

Checkout my full video review of these 3 pencil cases to see them for yourselves.


The three cases come packaged together in a cellophane bag, the packaging is nothing special but it is what it is.

Inside you have 3 pencil cases each quite different.


These 3 cases are made of all the same black felt material, totally enviromentally friendly and very minimalistic.

These 3 are ideal if you have an overflow of your art products like me and do not want to spend alot of money on expensive cases. I have recently spent out on a set of FaberCastel and a set of Prismacolour pencils and am using my more expensive cases. In doing so I moved out all my extra pens and pencils to make room for them which are currently in poly bags, so Im excited to find them homes too. These 3 cases tidy all those up.

So let me run through the details of each case.

The first case is this standard shaped barrel case which holds approximately 25-30 pens depending on thickness. (Standard sized pens not  


These are my some of my new  

Prismacoloured pencils and I can get 25 pencils in comfortably.

However I kept going and managed to get 35 pencils in…very carefully, but seeing as they were  new and full length I found them a bit tight and had to get them in and out carefully. My Fabercastels are slightly smaller and managed 35 pencils easily.

The second case is a flatter design with an L-shaped zip allowing you to see everything inside more easier. It also comes with a gorgeous tan PU leather zip pul which is super soft to touch, love this.

It holds approx 20-25 pens/pencils of standard size.


In the flat  

case you cant get in as many pencils as the barrel design case; but you can see what your looking for quicker too. 

 I also found it ideal for all my inked up fountain pens all 6 fitted perfectly inside, the design of the case keeps the pens flat, without scraping on each other.

 Barrel case at the top and flat case at the bottom.

Image by Feelily

 See the size comparison with these pens inside of both cases

Image by Feelily

The third case is a single pen case, the fact its made of felt makes it perfect for those of us that have pens we dont want to scratch. I have my Lamy green blue which is made of aluminum and I can simply pop it in this case and in my handbag knowing its not going to catch my keys or anything else.

It measures 7.67″ length x1.8″ wide.

It is simply designed by sewing 2 pieces together and simply cutting a rectangle out for the pen hole forming a clever top overhang which means I can also protect my fountain pens with more ornate caps; like this Jinhao X450, usually these are on show with possibilty of catching my keys etc. it simply tucks up under the protective top.


This is a fab affordable set for your extra arty bits and pieces, the flatter of the cases is also perfect for chargers and cables, glasses etc and the felt material means its still going to have protection in your bags.

The felt also means its light and easy to launder. 

For those of you good at arts and crafts its ideal as a blank canvas to make it your own, by sewing fun patches or designs onto it, to make it yours.

My only niggle and Im being picky is that the

It is definitely a cheaper pencase set but sometimes we dont want to be spending alot of money and we need something economical.

I have to say both the zips are excellent quality and super smooth with no snagging or stopping; however I would have loved the lovely soft PU leather zip pull on the flatter pencase on the barrel design too, this would have married together the set perfectly.

Image by Feelily

But for ONLY £6.99 you just cant go wrong and you get 3 nice looking pencases to put anything you want in; with all out technology Im always on the lookout for charger and cable cases too and these are ideal for that.

But to checkout my video review to see these for yourself.

Check them out for yourself here on Amazon UK

If you enjoyed this review you may also enjoy more of my Video Reviews also from Feelily on Amazon UK.

All my thanks goes to feelily for kindly sending me these cases for a discounted price. All my views and opinions are mine and photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

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