lumintop td16 led tactical flashlight

LUMINTOP TD16 LED Tactical Flashlight With Strobe and the latest CREE XP-L Hi LED Review


LUMINTOP TD16 LED Tactical Flashlight With Strobe and super bright 920 lumens CREE XP-L Hi LED

You guys know I love my flashlights, we live rural and we are forever having power-cuts, so torches are essential for us. But Im on a mission to find the brightest, toughest and most long lasting one. 

Anchor I think Im addicted.

Especially a smaller flashlight as those are the hardest to find that are still rugged but really powerful. 

So when Lumintop kindly approached and asked if I would like to see their tactical flashlight with their LATEST CREE XP-L Hi LED, I just couldn’t wait to see it.

SoIve added a full video review… for those of you that prefer to watch rather than read my rambles. See after the jump…


is my full unboxing and 1st impressions, plus using it outside so you can makeup your own mind whether this is for you.


This deserves a mention so Im sorry to those of you that get fedup with me banging on about packaging…however…Lumintop are not only fast with their delivery, but it arrives so well packaged as you will see on the video unboxing. You get to see it as I do.

It arrived in a sturdy box with tape and Lumintop printed on it, then inside…your confronted with a really gorgeous eco-friendly, elegant cardboard box…as you can see above. 

Its minimalist with its bunny logo and name and extremely robust so you can store it in here if you wish and its certainly ideal as a gift.

 Opening the box you see the Lumintop in all its glory with its own case cushioned in a black foamy bed.

 No seriously one more look its really worth it; sleek elegant and super sexy.

In the

box you get your Lumintop tactical Flashlight.
Nylon braided case.
Wrist strap.
2 spare water seals and spare on/off button.


This tactical flashlight is made of high strength aerospace aluminum which has an anti scratching HAIII military grade hard anodized finish…phew that’s a mouthful but sums up this little guy, perfectly.

It measures a neat 6.1 x 1.9 inches and only weighs 1.4 pounds without the battery

It can use 2 types of battery either 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A , NEITHER which are included; but if your a flashlight connoisseur you will have quite a few rechargeable 18650’s lying around.

Here are just a few of our 18650 batteries, that in itself is worth an article as you have to choose a certain type.  Ill explain briefly for now.

We have a quite alot of these on charge all the time just incase for all our other tactical flashlights, so we know a little about the good and the bad.

Here is a fab explanation from Lumintop about their amazing design, I do love in particular that both ends have stainless steel bezels for impact, this petal-type design is well known for breaking windscreens or windows in an emergency (from a corner). Or use as protection if needed.

You can see it more closely above, the internal reflector gives 99% light transference because of its

double sided AR coating.
Perfect to reflect the already powerful CREE XP-L HI LED bulb.

Because of the powerful bulb its possible after being on high for a longer time the top end could get warm, but Lumintop have added heat dissipation fins, like a heat sink on a PC to draw away any heat quickly, I haven’t found it gets that hot to be honest but then I haven’t had it on high for longer than a few minutes at a time. I just cant help seeing how far this incredible beam goes against our other torches and size for size it’s definitely the best so far…AMAZING!

At the opposite end the stainless steel bezel has a small hole to tie on the wrist strap; I love the bright orange, it makes a change from black.

 Around the middle is a secured but removable metal clip to attach it to a shirt pocket or to a rucksack etc.

I have to say I’m really impressed with the nylon braided case that comes with it,  its pretty tight to slip it inside but wow its secure. The Velcro flap is super strong its not going anywhere. The back of the case has a belt loop and a plastic loop to attach a carabina clip for tents rucksacks etc.
You’ve no excuses to lose this flashlight unless you lose it turned off in the dark, lol!

I have to quickly mention the Velcro flap as its sewn perfectly…not a stitch out of place and of  

course the bunny logo in leather will always make me smile.

The whole balance of this flashlight is brilliant, it will stand up solidly on either end.

The Modes 

You can see these better in my video review above.

This tactical TD16 has 6 modes, all totally needed for separate jobs.

The actual flashlight has low, medium and high, but then if you hold down the mode button it then offers another 3 modes, these are flashy modes.

It starts with a strobe (not ideal for everyone), then a normal flash approx every second, then a slow flash…almost a blip or blink, this would save battery if you were waiting to be rescued.

Its also impact resistant to 1.5 meters…made me smile as I want to try it at 1.6 meters…no seriously its been tested to get its military grade. Plus this little guy is water resistant to 2 meters IPX-8.

Fantastic ergonomic design as its so comfy to use on a regular basis, it warms to your hand quite quickly and so it doesn’t make your hands cold like some other metal/alloy torches.




Im so pleased with this gorgeous flashlight, its super lightweight even with the battery inside due to the anodized aluminum. It has a 3/4 way rubber ring section which actually can be removed and fitted at the base allowing the torch to be stood pointing upwards genius Lumintop, with the ring fitted back in place it prevents it from rolling on a shiny surface giving it a slight grip.

The modes are absolutely amazing, the beam itself has a gorgeous crisp circle, some flashlights are more muted and blurred, this has a well defined circle.

The beam hits the tree tops over 400 feet away from our garden, I would expect that from one of my much larger torches not from something so small.

Even the medium and low level have a place. 

We often walk our dog at night and the lowest brightness is perfect to show the ground as we walk. I haven’t needed the flashes yet…phew; but I have no doubt about how good they are.

Plus Ive used it everyday for nearly 7 days and I haven’t had to change the battery yet…wow so impressed.



Its at a mid range price for a tactical flashlight but if you use one on a daily basis or for more important uses like your in the forces I highly recommend getting this little powerhouse. 

Its ergonomic, powerful and lightweight and an ideal ladies torch or someone short of space in their backpack while hiking. 

We have super duper large powerful torches but this can sit proudly next to those and its now my 1st choice of flashlight on a daily use. 



Im never without this its always in my handbag.

LUMINTOP TD16 LED Tactical Flashlight With Strobe and the latest CREE XP-L Hi LED
All my thanks

$65.00goes to Lumintop for kindly sending this to us for this review, all my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.
Thanks for popping by and I will see you all very soon.
Bye for now!

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