beaux bijou jewellery 1st impressions

Beaux Bijou Jewellery 1st Impressions and Video Review


Beaux Bijou Jewellery
By Gadget Revolution

Something a bit different to my normal gadgety products. For those of you that love unique and unusual jewellery like me may be interested in this post.

I was kindly sent 3 items of Beaux Bijou jewellery to share with you all from Gadget Revolution and I couldn’t be happier.



Im not a gold and diamond girl…I know strange huh…I prefer more edgy, unusual, unique items that stand out that make it personal to me.

I collect South western silver and I adore natural orientated jewellery. I dont seem to have a favorite style. I just like what I like and boy do I like these.

So hit the jump button and let me show you these 3 pieces in close-up. Ive added a video 1st impressions as its so much easier to see the jewellery that me ramble on about it.

But today I was lucky enough to receive 3 beautiful pieces that are fun but also inexpensive, so

A little about Gadget Revolution first, they are selling a unique brand of jewellery called Beaux Bijou, they offer some really fun pieces as well as stunningly pretty items. However if your a fan of certain TV program’s you may want to go check them out with unique pieces from Walking Dead or Game of Thrones or Pretty Little Liars and many more.Ill go through each piece briefly below but for close-ups please checkout my full video so you get to see them in real life so to speak.
So Im not going to waffle on too much this time as they really need to be seen.

I have added a full video so you can actually see these pieces to make up your own minds.

It could go badly wrong for you
I received all 3 really well packaged in Amazons standard packaging; then each item was separately packaged in its own plastic zip-lock bag, then….inside 2 of them a separate suede pouch for the bracelet and moon/galaxy necklace. But the nicest was the Dr Who Tardis which arrived in its own suede jewellery box, looking very luxurious and expensive.

though your other someone may be thinking gold and silver, or wait for it …an engagement ring…eeep! So please make sure you know that person really well first lol!

So let me show you each piece in turn as they are all totally different from each other.

First is this gorgeous bracelet
Tree of Life multilayer leather and wax braided bracelet with infinity symbol and swallow charms

The bracelet arrives in a plastic ziplock baggie, then in  plastic poly bag and with this you get also a beautiful black suede pouch to keep it in or give as a gift.

 On getting it out the bag you do just need to pull it into shape then your ready to wear it.

Its a 5 strand alloy, faux leather and wax rope multi-strand adjustable bracelet…phewey that’s a mouthful, but it is what it is lol!

Its 14cm in length but also adjustable too and Im sure it will fit most wrists.

I love multi-strand bracelets as they look great straight away, I love the look, its rustic and very natural and easy to wear. With this bracelet you get 2 beautiful swallow charms, a tree of life and and an infinity symbol so you can give this to a friend if you want it to mean so mean something too.
I love the 2 braided ones as they look already worn.

I have to say I have really skinny wrists and its fits me perfectly, the extender chain makes it wearable for most people and the lobster claw clasp means its secure whatever your doing in your day. Even with skinny wrists I wear this on its smallest link and it wont fall off, the 2 connector bars hold the leather strands securely there’s no way they are coming loose. Im really impressed with the quality and have been wearing this every time Ive gone out since it arrived; I love it.

You can buy it directly from
 Amazon Uk HERE

Again do checkout my video as you can see it on my wrist and how gorgeous it looks.

Next is the Crescent Moon Pendant with Galactic Glass Stone Necklace



Now this blew me away with just how beautiful it is; PLUS the Galactic glass or cabochon is identical to my website background I love it already.
I adore astronomical jewellery they always have special meanings too. 

You can choose out of 3 different solar system cabochons, ar’nt they just gorgeous!

I love my pink and blue its Gadget Girl afterall.

Again you get a lovely black suede pouch to keep it in, especially if  your giving it away as a gift.

The  filligree Moon itself is made out of high resistant alloy and has a rounded curve to it so its sits against your chest perfectly. Its 5cm high and the cabochon sits inside it which is 2cm in diameter, you receive a 17.7cm silver colored curb chain, this is because you get a good size safety chain added to the length. This also allows you to clip the lobster claw clasp to make it any length you wish.

You can choose yours from
 Amazon UK HERE
Again do checkout my video as you can see how gorgeous it looks.

Lastly is the Blue toned Dr Who Tardis Necklace with gift Box
Im a huge Dr Who fan and fell in love with my little Tardis, on first holding this you will feel how good quality this is. At 4.4cm high including the little green gemstone it has a good substantial weight; as I think its is solid silver alloy which has been painted with blue enamel to give it the characteristic Tardis police box colour.

It comes with a 25cm chain again because it has a safety chain with lobster-claw clasp to clip it to any length.

A really clever addition is this beautiful green gemstone right where the Tardis should have its blinking light, it really adds a cute femininity to it.

With  this you get a gorgeous velvet touch jewellery box to keep it in; making an all in one pressie for someone.

 This is a great quality gift for any Dr Who fan, you can wear it or have it sitting on your desk like me. It looks super cool and very cute. A subtle piece of geekiness!
You can buy yours on Amazon UK HERE
Again do checkout my video as you can see it on my wrist and how gorgeous it looks.

Im so happy with all 3 Beaux Bijou pieces, each one has a totally different look and feel for different times, they are great quality and all 3 are conversation starters.

Plus go checkout Beaux Bijou’s other products on Gadget Revolution to see many other unique fun pieces of jewellery from Walking Dead, game of Thrones to Sherlock Holmes and Pretty Little Liars plus many more.
 They add a little bit of fun and personality to your look.
But dont take my word for it, take a look and see for yourself
Let your Jewellery make a statement about you.

All my thanks goes to Gadget Revolution for kindly sending me these beautiful Beaux Bijou pieces for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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