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Essence of Arcadia Luxury Gem-set Heart Aromapendant Video Review


  Essence of Arcadia luxury Gem-set Heart Aromapendant 

Im so pleased to be able to share with you all this stunning luxury aromatherapy pendant from Essence of ArcadiaIf you have never heard of these they are beautifully shaped lockets that you can fill with your
.favorite essential oil; either for health or relaxation.

You may have seen some previous reviews of when I last collaborated with EoA with their stunning



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EoA are now stocking a beautiful range of aroma-pendants and I was very lucky to be given a choice of designs that they offer. I chose the heart as it looked so unique and I felt many of you would want to see this for real.

I have added a video unboxing so you get to see this locket in full and how to add the oils etc.

Anchor I have always loved aromatherapy and I originally qualified as an aromaptherapist back in the 1990’s, so the idea of being able to wear my favorite aromatherapy mix of oils to help with a health issue or just for pure relaxation is something I find just genius and simply couldn’t wait to try it for myself.

Arrives in transparent plastic sleeve.


It arrives in Essence of Arcadia’s beautiful trade mark black cardboard packaging with gold writing, its elegant and makes a gorgeous gift to receive.

Inside the bag you have a prestigious black and gold jewellery box and black firm envelope



Im a true believer that if a company supplies well executed packaging
that the object that is carried within, will be of excellent quality.
Checkout the wording, it is quite thought provoking!

“Aromatherapy Made beautiful!”

 In the box you get this stunning locket Ill go through it in a minute and in the black envelope you have 10 felt hearts to match the inside of the locket; these are to add your aromatherapy oils too. They will hold the scent for hours.


 Okay you so need to see this AMAZING design, this locket is made of hypo-allergenic surgical grade stainless steel, for durability with…and wait for it… an 18 or 24 inch chain!

You have 37 cubic bright zirconias which surround the whole outside of the heart, in the middle is a Celtic style type of flower which is just beautiful.


You really need to just checkout my video to see it for real…its stunning!

The locket measures – approximately 3cm width x 3cm high not including the clasp.

The back of the locket is a beautiful brushed steel effect and could be so easily engraved for someone special.

I love the thickness of this locket which is approximately 7mm in depth and you can also see the  indent to open up the locket itself.

It opens easily using your nail, but its held closed securely by 4 magnets and believe me these are really strong  its not going to open by accident…you will see this in my video.

You can see how flush the magnets are in the locket its so well made. The little felt insert is also fitted flush this is what you are going to add your drops of aromatherapy oil onto. I also have to point out the few drops of oil that you will need wont ever leak out onto your clothes, if its going to leak you’ve added way too much and will probably be overpowering everyone around you and choking yourself at the sametime.
Only a few drops guys……!!!

The black and gold envelope that comes with this locket has another 9 of these heart shape felts in 3 different colours.

This allows you to swap your aromatherapy scents around if you wish. The colours also change the look of your locket too; please see my video. My

favorite is the black insert this is also good with the aromatherapy oils that stain, that’s when the white felt heart may not be ideal not that I think it will show through the heart.

You also get a

24 inch curb chain with a 2 inch safety chain so no worries if your a bit clumsy with chains you have a double protection.
I received an 18 inch chain with mine but the details do say 24 inch chain. 
The lobster claw clasp is solid and extremely tight, I have totally trust in this connector. It also helps that I can choose the length I want to wear it.


So does it work yes of course it does, you have complete choice in what scents you want to drop onto your felt pads, you could even use your favorite perfume if you wished.

This is perfect for those of you that are allergic to wearing perfumes, you can spray or add a few drops to the felt pad and its not against your skin, but you can still smell it and other people will just assume your wearing it on your neck or wrist, no one will know its from your pendant.

I have done this too as I have eczema and very allergic to some of my perfumes and I can now wear them without anyone suspecting its actually from my pendant…not that it matters if they do I think its a fantastic idea.

My other half came up with another fab idea; if you get bitten by mozzies like we do during the Summer months you can add citronella to your pads and actually have a pretty, elegant and fashionable mosquito repellent.

For me I absolutely adore lavender so I have been wearing a few drops of lavender to help me relax when Im feeling a bit stressed. Again if your doing something stressful you can add a relaxing aromatherapy recipe and wear it for a driving lesson, or an exam etc. A presentation at work or simply if your feeling overwhelmed.

You will know its there so it will help you relax and stay calm.

This makes the most perfect gift for someone who is unwell, sick or under the weather; or simply someone who needs cheering up, the heart in itself makes a wonderful gift as you can also use it as a keepsake locket, so if you dont want to wear aromatherapy oils inside you can add precious small objects that mean alot to you. A picture, Dried flowers, baby’s hair, crystals or you can buy memory charms for small lockets and those will fit inside too. Its a perfect memory keeper.

I cannot express just how luxurious this locket is; its elegant and looks very expensive and when it catches the light its just stunning….it has to be seen…so definitely take a moment and checkout my video.

I now wont be without my little heart it looks incredible and has such such a variety of uses to enjoy the scent emanating from it throughout the day.

So with Christmas creeping up on us, think about shortening your pressie list and get a few of these, I do not know one woman who wouldn’t want to receive one of these.
Big brownie points to you.
Or better still just go treat yourself.

at £16.99 you simply cannot go wrong.
Amazon Uk

All my thanks goes to Essence of Arcadia for kindly sending me this stunning heart locket to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own and all my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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