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Edifier MP211 Bluetooth & NFC Portable Speaker Review

Ive reviewed a wide variety of products in the last few months and Im excited to be sharing a gorgeous, elegant speaker with you today. 

Its a hot English Summer day and we are making the most of this glorious weather, but those Summer days can be made better with some sounds, whether its for your barbecues, days out in the park at the beach or in the comfort of your own home. 

Anchor So grab a coffee and snack and
So when I was kindly offered this portable Bluetooth speaker from Edifier, I just couldn’t resist those sleek elegant curves.checkout my video unboxing, 1st impressions and full review below.

I cannot resist small portable speakers Im on a mission to find the smallest with the best Bass, as Im a bit of a rock chick and I do love my Bass.

So here is my full unboxing, 1st Impressions and you get hear the actual sound quality to help make up your own mind.
NOTE: I recorded this video on my new Canon Powershot SX720 HD at the highest quality so I feel you are hearing what I was hearing.

It arrived well packed directly from Edifier and inside was a
Packaging well designed box with inner window to see the whole of your speaker; with enough tease details to make you want to get it out the box fast.

Inside the box you get your gorgeous elegant speaker with USB charging cable and an auxiliary cable so you can use it with other devices that are not so modern.
Plus I love that you get a wrist strap too.

My only slight niggle is the fact that both cables and wrist strap are grey/white; I feel for such an elegant speaker it should be black…but  Im being picky here and its not a really worry to me.


This excellent quality Edifier speaker has 2 x 2 watts of power with the speakers either side of the Edifier logo. It has Bluetooth 4.0 but is also backwards compatible with 3.0 and 2.0.

The frequency for those that want to know is 200Hz-20KHz .

Its powered by a 950mAh battery so will hopefully last up to 10 hours they claim.

It also has Near Field technology for those of you that have your music files on your devices.  It gives you a variety of options to play your music however you may have it stored.


This beautifully compact little speaker is only 5.2cm long and 3.3cm wide making it perfect to pop in your bag or glovebox. Just checkout how small it is in your hand, you can see this more clearly in my video review…if you haven’t seen it yet.

 The top of the slim speaker has 6 light grey rubberized buttons and these are a large size too for easy access. Plus if you wish to use your speaker in the dark you can easily feel what the buttons are.

  • Answer  call button.
  • Rewind/previous track.
  • Play or pause.
  • Fast forward or next track.
  • Minus volume.
  • Plus volume.

On the other side you have 4 ports.

  • DC in for charging cable.
  • On/Off switch and/or mode/source switch.
  • Auxiliary cable port 3.5 jack.
  • Micro SD slot. (they even show you a little image).

I have to mention the on/off source switch as it does a few different things, obviously the on and off, but once switched on you get a bing bong…love this.

Then you simply switch it right to scroll through 3 different options and on the other side you will see a mall LED showing you 3 different colours depending in which option your wanting to use.

  • Blue for Bluetooth…obviously..hi 5 Edifier for this.
  • Red LED for which your using your Micro SD Card.
  • Green when you wish to use your Auxiliary cable.

This I think is a really neat way of using this speaker..very simplified.

Underneath you have 2 half moon rubber feet which span the width of the speaker giving fabulous grip,  its not sliding anywhere. I have to say this speaker is really stable despite being so slim.
You also have some of the basic user instructions here too so you don’t have to worry about losing your user guide or leaving it in the box at home. Its always with you.

Connecting your speaker to your devices

You may have your music stored on 1 device like me or across variety of devices, this speaker caters for them all. You have the option of using Bluetooth or NFC we’ve already mentioned. But you also have an auxiliary cable for older devices with no Bluetooth.

Charging your speaker

I charged the speaker over night but they suggest only needing 4-6 hours. You get a red LED just under the USB cable to let you know its charging, this turns to green once charged. The cable itself is plenty long enough as you can see here at 83cm long.



In my video I show you pairing this little Edifier via Bluetooth to my phone for the very 1st time and it finds it in seconds…amazing! I can wander round our cottage and outside with no breaking up but this of course will depend on your own homes as wifi and thick concrete walls can sometimes interfere with Bluetooth connections. Ive had no problems whatsoever.

Receiving calls

One of the fun things apart from playing music is the fact that when your playing music via your phone you never have to miss a call again, no need to turn it off. The speaker has its own cool ringtone and will turn your music off then play its own ringtone.

 Image by Edifier

You then simply press the little telephone button on the top to answer your call hands-free; where you then talk normally into the speakers own microphone…like it was a phone handset.

Then once your caller or you has hung-up, the music continues exactly where it stopped. This is fantastic for those of you that work from home, or in the middle of cooking, feeding baby etc.

NOTE: I show you this in the video!


I absolutely love this gorgeous looking speaker, it not only looks good in any setting being made of this lovely piano glossy black (or whatever color you’ve chosen). But you would think a smaller speaker wouldn’t have the quality sound…but guys it really does…please just checkout my video so you can hear the music for yourself.

The recorded sound is coming back through my little Canon Powershot SX720 but this does have  NOTE:great sound so I think its as perfect as you hear it. 

Its just adorable and looks

It not only looks good it has incredible sound for such a small footprint. Plus you have the versatility of connecting devices via Bluetooth, NFC, Micro SD card or Aux input…oh and dont forget you can answer calls on this too via its inbuilt microphone.alot more expensive than it its, the build is such excellent quality it feels extra special and would make a great gift.

This is so versatile and an all-round winner with such fantastic quality sound…but dont just take my word for it go listen to my video and make up your own mind.

I found it paired in lightening speed and now connects instantly that I click Bluetooth. The sound is crisp, clear and well balanced. I had it at FULL volume with no distortion or crackles whatsoever despite only being 2 watts each.

Im super happy with the Bass as I just cannot listen to music that sounds tinny, and this is gorgeous with no crackles or clicks.

Yes, but I bet the battery is only lasting a few hours…I hear you yell..nopethe battery reached just over 10 hours before needing to be charged which says a lot about the quality of the components that make up this mini powerhouse.

It really is a cute, compact, portable speaker with fabulous sound; ideal for handbag, rucksack or even your pocket.

What else can I say; if you’ve any questions please send me a mail?


Go checkout these beautiful colours; which one would you choose?

But right now Tescos Direct have this for

All my thanks goes to Edifier for kindly sending us this beautiful speaker to share with you all for this review.

All my images are mine unless otherwise stated.


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Tricks and Tips 

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