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VicTsing Mini Home Touchscreen Dehumidifier Video Review

 VicTsing Mini Home Dehumidifier

No its not a evil demon bunny for Easter that will scare all the kids, its VicTsing’s Home dehumidifier.

We often have damp in our homes at some point even if its in the garage or sheds, but some of us have much older cottages which struggle especially during the cold weather. 

So we almost bit VicTsings hand off when they offered this cute little guy to review. I have added a full video review as well as photoloaded post so you get the choice which to look at below…..


 The little dehumidifier arrived quickly and in a surprisingly large box; which had no specifications whatsoever on the outside. I personally prefer to read the basics about a product before opening the box; you can see my full box opening in my video.

 In the box you get your VicTsing Home Dehumidifier…wow what a long name. Electric mains cable(mine came with a UK 3 pin plug), power box and manual.

The manual itself is mainly in Chinese writing but you get the basic details in English at the back…again see my video.

This mini household appliance is a “touchscreen???” dehumidifier for your home, if you have any damp, mildew or mold this will remove the moisture from the air, making it a healthier place to live in. If you suffer from Asthma and allergies like me its an essential piece of kit.
We live in a beautiful 400 year old cottage and it naturally has a little bit of damp which we have kept ontop of with quite a large cronky 25 years old dehumidifier that we nicknamed, Humi . So we were really very pleased to have this chance to show you guys a new updated version.

This little guy measures 20 x 5.9 x 11.8 inches and I was quite surprised at how big this was, you can see my genuine surprise in the video.


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  • It absorbs water up to 14oz a day, eliminating excess moisture which causes mildew and mold in small spaces such as wardrobes, study, bathroom, kitchen, car, basement, storage room etc.
  • It has a water tank of 900 mls.
  • Built in semiconductor technology which works quietly with a sleep setting to enjoy dry, comfortable air.
  • Auto shut off when full.
  • Activated carbon filter in both of the 2 outlets, which can absorb odors and purify the air.
  • ABS material so its corrosion proof and wear-proof.
  • Washable removable air outlets and water tray.


  • Colour: white.
  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz.
  • Output: DC12V.
  • Power: 40W.
  • Tank volume: 900mls.
  • Dehumification capacity: 14oz/day.

 This dehumidifier will have Humi’s name passed down as Humi had to him and new “humi” has a fantastic cutey looking design, it actually looks like a cartoon rabbit of some sorts…or is that just me?
The ABS plastic is white and shiny making it easy to clean, its a good size for most homes as many units are way too small to do any good whatsoever; this is ideal for small spaces and middle sized rooms.

 The humi sucks the air through the holes at the bottom and back of the unit….

Where its filtered and odour’s and moisture are then removed by the carbon filters in the “spouts” of the humi.

 Then clean, dry air is fanned back out into the room from both spouts.

The excess water is then stored in the removable tray at the base.

Touchscreen buttons

 What makes this unit really great to use is the fact of its touchscreen*, you barely need to touch it and it responds. 

*I have to say its NOT a screen its simply ABS plastic which works in the same way as a touchscreen. I would call it touch sensitive.

It has 2 main buttons, the first on the left is the on/off button, the second is the mode changer.

Press mode button once for sleep mode ideal for the bedroom.

Press it once more for normal mode.

Then once again for 3rd mode which is the strongest and you can really hear the fans crank up to full and turns this little humi into evil bunny mode with its red eyes.

 Here are all 3 modes in the dark, super cool eh! You can faintly distinguish between 1st and 2nd mode; the blue led is much brighter on normal mode.

Watching, Waiting to steal your carrots.

This is what we were seeing every time we came into the dining room at night, sort of fun and creepy too; definitely evil bunny mode.

 First of all I have to say if you have any mold or mildew in your home you need to get onto the actual problem of the mold, leaky roof, unsealed windows, get it checked out as it could effect your health as well as your home.
In the mean time if its a seasonal problem like us its sensible to get your hands on a dehumidifier which will electronically remove the excess water from the air.

 Once you have removed the bottom tray to empty the water, you can see the two water tank cut-off switches. 

 You also get to see the ice frozen onto the fins before melting into the tray below.

 Checkout my chatty video unboxing and review.

Well for my full results do checkout my video as you get to see this in action and the amount of water that it took out of the air….wow!

I was planning to use this in my wardrobe as its an open space under a roof’s eave which can get a bit of mildew. However for this review I started it in our dinning room and boy was I surprised at the amount this little guy sucks out. It was full within 4 days…yep 4 days and thats alot of moisture to take out of the air (900mls), plus any air borne particles that can make you ill.

Ive shown him in shadow on my windowsill; as you can see the buttons lit up better.

This thing guzzles the water from the air; it really works and we have both noticed how much dryer the air has been in the room; yet this is meant for small spaces. So its staying where it is for now then we will move it around the cottage throughout the year.

My only niggle is that the cable drops out as soon as you move it; but luckily for me I dont move it that often. 

The tray is easy to remove and empty plus easy to clean along with the spouts too. Its easy to use with the touch screen buttons, its whisper quiet and it guzzles the water from the air, its one thirsty evil bunny!


  • Carbon filters to remove odours as well as moisture from the air.
  • Wipeable.
  • Removes a good amount of water a day.
  • Turns off when full.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Touch sensitive buttons….not really touchscreen.
  • Fashionably cute.


  • Cable not very secure when moved…but you generally dont move it alot.

You can purchase yours from


Since receiving this dehumidifier Amazon have stopped stocking it in the UK so here is another UK stockist.

  Dehumidifier review


 Thanks to VicTsing for kindly sending me this product to review; all my views and opinions are honest and my own. 

All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.

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