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Travelers notebook inserts from Travelers Times chatty unboxing and 1st impressions.


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As you guys will know if you’ve been following me, I have gone a bit planner review crazy…it must be the weather 😉

AnchorAnchor It started with my MAMBI Happy Planner, then my Websters Colour Crush personal planner, then lastly my GORGEOUS fauxdori’s from Lyra & Co.

I have now fallen head over heels in love with my Fauxdori’s and the travelers style notebooks. They feel more me to use for journaling.

I was looking for different planner inserts for my new Fauxdori travelers notebooks which led me straight to Travelers Times on Etsy.


Where I discovered some beautiful handmade extra inserts; so I thought Id share with you guys incase your looking for inserts for your notebooks too. 

Im not going to make this a long review as my video review shows everything you need to know.

You can see my video and 1st impressions below.



You will see on my video my genuine surprise to find such gorgeous packaging inside a super padded envelope. This is why I love Etsy companies as they often go that extra mile in packaging which as you know means alot to me.

I believe if the packaging is good then the work has gone into the product inside will be excellent.

Wrapped carefully in white opaque tissue paper.

Sealed with their logo of a gorgeous old camera sticker. Its as if they know me as I collect old cameras like this…drool.

Then inside jute string is neatly tied around the whole order.

 I love the attention to detail, it makes a simple notebook feel extra special.

I love the matching label of their logo of the old camera on the matching paper, as an old camera collector

myself I really appreciate this.

So now you can carry on reading my quick overview and photos or grab a coffee and


bikky and listen to my chatty video review.


I ordered three booklet inserts which are handmade by Keeley herself; 90grms paper with 30 pages in each with a final cover of “craft paper”; I think this is what its called and it feels super old fashioned almost like this has been handmade too.



Unless otherwise stated, all photography is my own.

NOTE: I purchased these notebooks myself with my own money. The views and opinions are my own and I have not been sponsored to write this post.


£2.25 Each

 Books to Read

(Available in all different sizes)


 The Midori, notebook Regular sized refills

So if  Keely’s site below. your after a leather Fauxdori or any refills or inserts do checkout

They are super affordable, made up by hand, posted quickly and of course look fantastic in your Fauxdori.

I will definitely be ordering from Travelers Times again.

So have I reached planner peace yet…well almost…

Three refills fill up my Lyradori beautifully and they actually have a lovely weighty feel to them in your hand.Im so happy with these and very comfortable with the feel and look of the travelers notebook and it feels perfect writing in them with my new Fishers Spacepen (review coming soon) and my fpuntain pens. The paper feels amazing…but I now have a lusting for a real leather Fauxdori next as they do look amazing and I love
“The old worlde charm” leather Fauxdori’s seems to have….sigh its never ending!

 The plain crafty cover makes a lovely base for paint, pen or washi tape to design on it.

All 3 notebooks feel excellent quality and have a lovely weight in your hands. 

You have a choice of all the same or a combination of lined, dotted or blank and as Im journaling I chose lined.  (Image by Travelers Times)

The other 2 notebook inserts are lined.

I could have hand drawn this out onto paper and hole punched it into my Websters planner (as this is the one  Im using for Gadget Girl stuff); but its not the same is it. These refills are absolutely perfect for what I need.

Inside you have the columns which are exactly what I need for my book reviews so when I saw this book I just had to have it and the bright white paper has a lovely smoothness and gorgeous quality to it.

…as I also now have a purpose for my beautiful teal “Foxidori”…yay she has a purpose not just to look pretty and make me feel guilty for buying two Fauxdori covers just because I loved the fabric designs lol.

I have over 100 books on my Books to read list; which is spread across my desk on different bits of paper. As you know I review books too so when I saw this book I had to have it….may  

 What brought me to Travelers Times was the “Books to Read” notebook insert.

notebooks and accessories. Each and every one of our Leather Travelers Notebooks is cut using the finest Grade A leather. Travelers Times are makers of leather travelers

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