woodback snap cases by coverup review

Woodback Snap cases by Coverup Review

Woodback cases by Coverup

If you know me you’ll know Im as passionate about my tech as I am about nature. So when a new company called CoverUpI chose 2 completely different
 contacted me and asked if I would like to see their NEW Woodback cases, I jumped at the chance as I adore the beauty of wood and love anything handmade or crafted; so to be able to have it combined with my tech is a perfect combination for me.woods that Id never heard of and arnt they just beautiful.


“Made by hand designed by nature”specialize in designing, creating and supplying custom made accessories for tablets, phones and e-readers.

See my fully photo-loaded review of these gorgeous cases after the jump.

I cannot stress to you how much it means to have nature literally in my hand; I also love supporting new companies who hand finish their products to such a high standard.

 Click them to go fullsize for the woody macro detail!


I knew I was going to love the cases but I was even more surprised at the green packaging which was biodegradable…even down to the boxes they are thinking of the planet.

Both my cases arrived extremely well packaged in a really firm envelope, so you can get these sent as gifts no worries.

The back of each box has a basic explanation of what wood you have chosen and how they are crafted from real wood…no plastic laminate fakes here. 

 Inside each box is your case and a card explaining about the wood and how its made, these would make awesome gifts.

Carpathian Elm and Black Limba


I chose Carpathian Elm and Black Limba cases for my Samsung S4 as its so beautiful to show complete opposites of the real beauty of the wood.

How are they made – The manufacturing process!

Ill set it out briefly but you so need to appreciate the work that goes into making them.

  1. The wood is originally bought in from their sustainably approved supplier in large sheets.
  2. They then apply special adhesive backing and cut the wood to the exact size with their laser.
  3. Before they sand and finish it by hand.
  4. They apply a few coats of the finish which has to be allowed to dry completely in between before they can be packed too. (This can take a few days).
  5. They then manually set the wood panel into the polycarbonate shell and package the finished cases in a cardboard sleeve; which is also laser cut in-house.

The work they put into finishing the  wood  means that you should rarely ever need to clean or wipe your case. The wood is fully protected from dirt and watermarks. My first concern was how would I clean them so no worries here!

The Carpathian Elm Woodback snap case

I did some digging “pun intended” to find out where these trees originally come from and what they are best used for.

 comes from the Carpathian Mountains in France so The Carpathian Elmyour getting something special but the name reminded me of the boat Carpathia who picked the survivors up from the Titanic.

I really loved the intricate knots holes and I adored the coloration of this wood. The knot holes are called burls and are highly prized for veneer production and are typically used in high quality wood working, automobile interiors and high class furniture.

Now its protecting my phones isn’t it just gorgeous!

Just look at its incredible detail and EVERY case will be different, this is REAL wood so you will get unique, natural real knots and swirls  on no other cases.

The second case I received was Black Limba a paler wood

 Black Limba Snap Case

Black Limba is an exotic hardwood wood…say that 10 times after a drink or 2. The most famous use was when it was used by Gibson in producing their now famous and highly sought after Flying V and Explorer guitars in 1958.

Also commonly used for table tennis bats because of its flexibility and it was thought to enhance top spin play.

Build and fit

I have to say these cases fit beautifully, I have a complete collection of snap cases for my phone…it maybe a slight addiction. My S4 has its own wardrobe…am I going crazy…maybe but my phone looks good lol.

The inner part that touches your phone is made of polycarbonate, its smooth and flexible, but certainly not too bendy; its just enough flex to completely encapsulate your phone safely.

 Both ends of my phone are exposed to easily charge or add earphones.

Here you can see how neatly the volume, on/off button holes have been cutout.

They are all super smooth with no rough edges.

Im really impressed with the protection around my camera and speaker holes. Im sure you know my rant about the camera sitting proud on the “back” of my phone…really Samsung…you should know better.

This hole is now fully protecting my camera and flash when I want to lay it flat on a table or uneven surface.

The camera, flash and speaker hole has a depth of over 4mm.


All I can do now is show you just how stunning both cases look on my phone; they completely sell themselves.

Click them to go  fullsize for the woody macro detail and the quality of the finish and stunning natural beauty of the wood.

 I know I got carried away taking photos…oops.


I think you know Im absolutely in love with these cases; if you love nature and appreciate the beauty and the uniqueness of wood; you will love these cases.

They are unisex as anyone would be proud to own one of these, they fit well, add substantial protection as Ive actually knocked my phone twice on our stone floor since I was testing these out and it was fine….phewey!

My camera lens now has adequate protection with the 4mm edging around lens and flash preventing any scratches and damage when lying on a surface.

They are light and smooth but not too smooth they keep slipping from your hand, they feel substantial but still have a slightly more than a “barely there” feel. I personally like to have my phone enclosed to feel confident its protected.

Cover-up here. Im gutted I dont have an ipad at the moment as that would look just stunning! offer an incredible variety of gorgeous woods for most popular makes of device check them out 

Different shades, textures and patterns all produced in the factory of nature and you will be the only one to have that design in the world; what an affordable special gift!

Checkout the whole range of Woodback cases


from £16.95 to £19.95

Skins are also available if you prefer the barely there feel, they simply stick onto the back of your phone using the latest 3M (sticky) technology.

These range from

£12.95 to £14.95

All my thanks  goes to lovely girls at Cover-Up for kindly sending me these samples to show you.

All my views and opinions are my own.

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