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“See in the dark” with Seek Thermal’s NEW Award Winning smartphone accessory!

Here at Gadget Girl Reviews we see alot of new gadgets but some really stand out and this is one of them.

You’ve probably only ever seen Thermal Imaging on TV News where the emergency services find people in collapsed buildings.

Well now you too can have your very own thermal imaging device right there on your own smartphone using a FREE app.
To buy a thermal imager would normally cost you something from £3000+ but now Seek Thermal’s award winning accessory has just launched in Europe for everyday consumers like you and I.!!!

This neat compact device plugs directly into the charging port of your phone for iOS or Android.

But why would I need a thermal imaging camera?here you yelling at me…well…Im glad you asked.

Lets start with the most important thing; missing people or animals lost in the dark; anyone or anything injured or sick could have a higher chance of being found with this. Perfect for wildlife rehabilitaters too.

  • Boaters to detect harmful objects in the water.
  • Wildlife photographers and videographers.
  • Scientists studying wildlife.
  • Campers to scan around for dangerous animals/people.
  • Detects intruders at a distance in the dark; they think they are invisible.

Next we have saving money….

  • Point it at walls doors, under eaves and see where your precious heat is escaping from. It will show clearly in the image. Allowing you to then block it up or get a builder in to fix it.
  • Track leaky windows and missing insulation.
  • Plumbers will find it a godsend to find water leaks without ripping down walls or ripping up your floor…saving money and time. 
  • Electricians to find electrical shorts and loose wiring quickly.

Look at the quality of the resolution and colours produced by this device.

  1. The grill, 
  2.  The coffee pot, 
  3. Fun in a jacuzzi.
  4. Just  checkout the plane in the sky isn’t this just incredible.


Seek Thermal for iOS and Android

This true imaging camera detects infrared light that all objects emit and creates a visible image of 32,000 thermal pixels on your phone.

There are 2 versions that look the same but the insides are slightly different.
The Seek Thermal XR (Xtra range) sees objects twice as far away than the original Seek Thermal; but still with the same clarity and resolution and can focus on objects as near as 8 inches for precise close up macro imaging. It can also detect intruders from nearly 1, 800 feet away.
  This version is more for the professionals eg; police, firemen etc, boaters and engineers or those of us that appreciate amazing technology.

Seek Thermal                   Seek Thermal XR

Nip onto Seek Thermals website for lots more information and HERE

So are you as excited as I am to have the chance of this amazing technology in your own hands. Let me know what you think and what you would use a Seek Thermal for?
Get yours here from Amazon UKcheckout all the videos and examples of this clever little device.

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