beldray handheld portable water spray

Beldray Handheld Portable Water Spray Fan Review

 Beldray Handheld Portable Water Spray Fan

Are you one of those people like me that have to wear basball caps, or big floppy hats to keep cool in the middle of Summer because you will end up over-heating….yes even in the UK I can overheat I seem to be allergic to Summer!

This year the UK has experienced a heat wave; its hottest EVER weather in history so as much as I was excited to have a heatwave I wasnt looking forward to having to spend time indoors.

Until my wonderful other half came home with one of the best ever pressies.

Drumroll……The Beldray Spray fan!

No its not the latest smartphone or tablet. No its not rings or diamonds….its the key to spending the Summer outside…YAY!!

It may not sound much but it meant alot to me.

Click after the jump to read my review or just scroll down and watch my video review.


This 11.75inch high fan hasn’t left my side in 3 weeks of this hot weather starting; its been amazing.

Made of transparent ABS plastic you not only have a cooling fan with powerful safe blades; but a cooling and refreshing water spray mist too.

The fan itself is actually quite small using only 2 blades which are a teeny 7cm across. So I didnt expect it to be able to give out much oompff…but it does.

The soft blades are shielded by a hood of plastic built into the main fan itself. 

Ive been seeing alot of electric fans built with this design so it was a surprise to finally see a handheld version.

Just below the main fan is the spray hole.

Just below that is larger  1.25 inch long trigger which has grip lines on.

 The back has a plastic on/off button at perfect finger height while holding this fan.

Battery compartment taking 2 x AA batteries.

Ergonomic grip around the middle of the bottle making it comfortable to spray yourself.

The base unscrews so you can fill it with cold water or ice. It even has a flat base so you can sit it on a table in front of you so you don’t even have to hold it. You can have it on while relaxing on the beach or in the garden without having to keep hold of it; read, eat, drink, be handsfree.

 This image just doesn’t do this fan justice, its a luxury fine mist will cool you down even faster with the fan. 

See my video!

For best results keep the fan in the fridge and add a few drops of lavender or your favorite essential oils to the water. The spray gives you a fine mist across your face and neck and then the strong fan cools the skin so much faster than it would by itself as it has a really good output of air. 

When to use this fan?

  • Keep the kids cool while on the beach or at a picnic.
  • Stay cool at night.
  • Perfect for indoors and out.
  • Ideal for traveling especially in cars and coaches with no air con.
  • Ideal for activities outside where you need to cool down quickly.

I cannot recommend this spray fan high enough, I realize it

maybe big and bulky for some of you; but those of you like me who get over heated quickly this is just the best summer gift you can have. It holds approximately a mug of water and it really lasts ages as the water mist is so fine.
I have to say too the fan motor is really strong it really kicks out some air. Perfectly safe for kids too as the plastic blades are soft to touch and for this review I actually stuck my fingers in and I still have 5 fingers on one hand you’ll be pleased to know;
So yes kiddie fingers will be safe!!! Gadget Girl tested…tick!

Beldray have even got their fans safety tested so I was really impressed.

My other half found these at the local B&M store nearby; similar to a Lidles or Aldies but Ive discovered them on Amazon Uk for you guys too.

If you cant find them at your local cheapy shop 

TRY Here

Approximately under a fiver to enjoy the Summer what more can you ask.

Go on enjoy that amazing Summer everyone.

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