wavestream bluetooth soundbar speaker

WAVEstream Bluetooth Soundbar speaker by Rebelite Review

WAVEstream Bluetooth Soundbar speaker

Hiya I have something for you music-aholics today I was kindly sent some gadgets to show you from the lovely guys at Rebelite

Rebelite are one of the largest distributors of cellular phone/tablet accessories in the US. Their state of the art product line is rigorously tested for the best possible performance.

See after the break for more details on this gorgeous Bluetooth speaker.
With an unboxing and review video too.

You may recognize the name Rebelite from the amazing Watershow speakers 
and the Fashion stylus pen reviews I posted earlier this year.


The WAVEstream arrived in a solid box well protected and with fab clean designs to show it off. the underneath clearly showing the parts of this adorable speaker.

Inside well packaged so no worries if like me your speaker is coming across the pond.

In the box you get your Soundbar, charging USB to micro USB cable and an auxillary cable for those who do not have Bluetooth on their device they wish to use; just wire it, but its great to get the choice.


Ive reviewed alot of speakers with Gadget Girl over the years and so many are designed as a square or rectangle (which is absolutely fine of course, afterall its the insides that count); but its so nice to see something slightly different and I love the super sexy curve of this soundbar. 

Dont you think its sexy…?

So on with the design your WAVEstream is made of pink ABS plastic which has a slightly soft touch to it…slightly rubberized. This gorgeous almost neon pink is bright, fun and adds a fun colour blast to any room. 

It comes in 4 colours; black, red, blue and of course my pink.

The front part of the speaker has a jet black aluminum grill protecting the two 1.5W stereo speakers. 

Speaker unit is 40mm x 2 at 4 ohms.

Frequency Response 150Hz-20KHz.

 On top of the speaker is the Xtreme logo and indented 3 plastic black buttons to operate your speaker.

First button is to play and pause, the larger central rocker button fast forwards or rewinds, and the third button answers or ends calls. You can also see 3 LED holes which flash blue, green and red depending what the speaker is doing. Above them is the Xtreme patented logo.
These 3 buttons sit slightly in an indented dip making it quite touchy feely to use them…nice design touch.

 The back gently curves backwards so it angles the speaker forwards…if that makes sense..well you can see the design in my video.

At the back you have your on/off slider button, charging port and auxillary port.

Underneath is your battery compartment and 4 rubber feet.

I love that the feet lift the speaker a good 2mm clear from the surface and had amazing grip on shiny surfaces. It stuck so well to my kitchen worktop.

The battery compartment slot comes completely off which could get lost, its sometimes best to have it hinged.

You have a li-ion replaceable battery which you put in yourself. It has a clear plastic tag to help you remove it as its a tight fit inside. Speakers with built in batteries have to be thrown away if the battery dies…what a waste of money and waste of great technology; but not with the WAVEstream you simply buy another rechargeable battery. 
 Although this is more specialized to replace unlike normal batteries.supplied  


Approx 22cm in length, 5cm high and 7cm wide at its widest due to the curve and taper.

 USB to micro USB Charging cable


 The Xtreme WAVEstream Bluetooth soundbar…is such a long name…is rechargeable via the supplied USB cable from your PC or plug USB port.

The red LED comes on while charging; I found my speaker was more than half charged and was ready within an hour to use; great for those impatient like me and dying to use it.

 Usually it takes approx 4 hours to fully charge from flat.

Pairing with Bluetooth

Next I paired the WAVEstream with my S4, this was so easy, simply turn on your speaker and you will see a blue LED flashing by the buttons, this means its looking for Bluetooth. To connect to your device simply open up your Bluetooth settings and click scan.

My Samsung S4 found it in seconds as you will see on my video.
This speaker also has audible beeps letting you know when it has found Bluetooth or lost it; it also has low battery beeps too….what a clever WAVEStream!

I have recorded a quick video to show you how fast it pairs and what great sound it has.

I also found it has an easy 33ft Bluetooth range although its easily dropped if going from room to room. Or a tree is in the way between the speaker and device. I had my phone outside and walked easily 34 ft from the speaker without dropping connection, but indoors was slightly different as we do have foot thick cottage walls.

Its perfect for listening indoors in the same room or outside during a barbeque etc.

You do not have to have Bluetooth on your device to use this speaker as it comes supplied with auxillary 3.5 jack cable. This is perfect for my Laptop as its a bit ancient and has crappy speakers so I can simply plug this in while gaming or listening to YouTube videos and listen at a comfortable volume, clearly and easily.an


Unboxing, pairing and sound samples

Sound Quality

I can sit here till the cows come home saying how good it is, so I have uploaded a quick video so you can hear for yourself. 

The sound range has a really good balance of treble and bass but what surprised me most was how loud it was. 

Something I do with all my speakers for testing is crank it up to full carefully and it surprised me by only distorting slightly at full volume; so I just brought mine down a fraction and it was fine. I found it bleeps when you hit the maximum showing it has a limiter; so you can never blow the speaker…hopefully.

It went up and down the volume quickly and easily and the same with moving from track to track.

Phone Calls and conference calling

As for phone calls I was planning to test this when a real call came through while I was using the speaker, it actually has a loud ring tone which is fab, I could hear my caller clearly and loudly perfect for conference calling.

The caller comes through on the speaker slightly muffled but loud enough to hear; a bonus for quick conference calls. It actually has a built in microphone and my other half said I could be heard clearly.
The speaker when playing music cuts out almost instantly by a loud ring tone (seen on the video) which is quite cool. The music then carries on where it left off when the caller hangs up; its so very responsive to the Bluetooth.

Small and portable enough to fit easily into my handbag to take out. Looks like a glasses case to anyone else…so keeps hands off!

 Looks fab wherever you want to use it don’t you think?

Looks great with any fashion or designer handbag…girls!


This gorgeous speaker not only looks good with a great sexy shape and curve, but the smooth texture feels gorgeous and has a lovely range of colours to suit almost anyone. Its audio controls are simple and easy to use and the buttons are super responsive.
Just remind you that this speaker works seamlessly with or without Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth pairs quickly and easily and making and receiving calls is a cinch.

The sound quality is well balanced and has reasonable Bass for a Bass baby like me. If you want full on mega Bass then you need to choose something over a hundred dollars; but for this price $24…yes I said $24 you simply cannot go wrong.

All my thanks Rebelite for kindly sending me this speaker for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.goes to the lovely guys at 

You can buy your
 WAVEsteam Xtreme Bluetooth Soundbar
ONLY $23.99

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anything from Rebelite entire catalogue using
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  • No pouch to keep speaker and cables in; but then it would be more expensive.


  • Great sexy curvy design.
  • Bluetooth pairs quickly and easily.
  • Lovely choice of colours.
  • Loud if wanted.
  • Great balance between treble and bass.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Replaceable battery not speaker.
  • Easy to use audio controls.


I love it!

This is ideal for a student bedroom or dorm or camping with no worries about taking your super expensive speaker with you. Plus wouldnt look out of place as a main PC speaker infront of your monitor.
Your getting a great fun affordable little speaker which is modern and elegant in its design with a fun blast of colour that has a place in every home. 

Its small enough and light enough to pop into most handbags or rucksacks to take camping or to a barbeques or picnics.

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