omega 3 supreme fish-oil 1400mg for

Omega 3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400mg for brain and heart (odourless & Burpless) 180 softgels Review

Omega 3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400mg for brain and heart softgels

 (odourless & Burpless)

Something a bit different from my normal gadgety reviews…but hey we all have to think of our health don’t we.

I was contacted by Life & Food Pro asking if I would like to try these and of course I jumped at the chance; anything that helps improve brain activity and concentration is plus a with me lol.

So why would I want to take Omega 3 Supreme’s?

As an  ex-nurse I know how vital it is to top-up our bodies with extra supplements to give it a boost.

Omega 3 fish oil benefits;

  • All healthy people.
  • Those with heart disease.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Helps improve joint health.
  • Maintains and supports healthy vision.
  • Slows the build up of plaque in the arteries (no its not the same plaque as your teeth lol), that can cause strokes etc.
  • Reduces the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack…because of the above.
  • Helps concentration.
  • Helps rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Alzheimer’s and other thinking disorders.
  • Depression.

Omega 3 is also used for but is inconclusive of actual test results;

  • Diabetes.
  • Asthma.
  • Developmental coordination disorders.
  • Dyslexia.
  • Obesity.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Diseases that have some pain and swelling such as Psoriasis.

I do have a few heath problems so I’m really looking forward to finding out if these will help mine.

You wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in your car, you look after what you put into it to get it to run well. Your body is the same.


The supplements arrived within a few days and I was surprised to receive such a large pot of softgels, 180 in one large pot. I have to say I really loved the large darkened plastic pill bottle as both the cardboard box it came in and the bottle itself has plenty of information about why you need to choose the Omega-3 for everyone to understand on it.

 Facts straight from the box.

The Science Bit

The concentrated fish oil is pharmaceutical grade and contains over 75% Omega 3’s (1050mg Omega-3). Other brands tend to offer only 70% or lower.

This contains ABOVE the daily minimum requirement of 1.000mg and has 644EPA/336 DHA per serving.

It is sourced from wild Alaskan Pollock under MSC regulations.

Made and manufactured in Life & Food branded products. world class certifies facilities in the US. Quality and safety are primary focus for all 

Easy to swallow gelatin capsules (bovine gelatin) so I apologize to vegetarians but these are to help maximise fatty-acid absorption and prevent fish burps that tends to happen when taking fish oil supplements.

I also want to make a point for those of you that are vegetarian you  Note;cant just bite the end and suck the oil out…as my other half tried this and ended up with not only awful fishy taste, but with fish burps too.

The gelatin has other important jobs in that it also helps to block the stomach acid from breaking them down too early in the digestion process; allowing maximum health benefits from the essential acids.

The Fish Oil concentrate is made from IFOS 5 star certified fish…what clever fishies…lol!

Molecularly distilled fish oil has been cleaned, refined and fully tested to make sure it contains the lowest PCB, toxin, peroxide and p-anisdine levels on the market.

The distillation removes the heavy metals PCB’s and other toxins to below detectable limits for human consumption….PHEWEY…did you get all that…to sum up, its as safe as your going to get any fish Omega 3 supplement.

Contains No sugar, egg, additives, soy, milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast or shellfish.


 I absolutely love these Omega supplements, I feel in this day and age of stressful working conditions; we all need a bit of help with brain and concentration and these Omega 3’s are known to help directly with these.

 The bottle is safely sealed with a thick plastic peel off lid.

Inside I was actually pleasantly surprised at how small the softgels were; normal supplements even with softgels are still double the size of these. They are approximately 1.6cm long and not at all scary  like I was expecting.

Im used to taking tablets with my health problems etc, but I tend to stay away from alot of supplements as;
1) They are way too big and uncomfortable for me to swallow and I endup feeling them sliding down my gullet slowly and uncomfortably for the next hour…okay it feels like an hour. 

2) They usually smell and taste foul… so before I received these I was having a few doubts whether I was going to be able to take these happily.

But I needn’t have worried as you can see they are a good size to take 2 a day with food. Not too big or small just ideal to feel you are getting enough fish oil for your body without paying the earth.

The idea of the outer casing is to make sure it isn’t dissolved too fast through the stomach and to prevent sicky fish burps…so honestly just swallow them whole. I found they go down easily with no after burps or after-taste. I had no side effects whatsoever and cant wait to feel some improvement from the many health benefits.

I haven’t been taking these long enough to tell you about any improvements; but I will update you as soon as I know or feel anything.
 Just to let you know Gadget Girls brain is not bluetoothed to a brain test machine (they may not find anything anyway lol) to tell you if its giving me more concentration…but I feel a little more alert I think so as Im not taking anything else so I put it down to these.

Whether your a student studying for exams right now or someone in charge of an office you still need to keep alert. So if you find yourself struggling with concentration, memory etc give these supplements a go. They been so successful with many other reviewers and I hope I will be another one.

Plus of course anyone needing to improve on their health, I would highly recommend these supplements, they are affordable and extremely well tested to the highest standards.

Get your

Omega 3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400mg for brain and heart softgels 


Or those in the US you can get yours directly from 

Life & Food

All my thanks goes to the lovely girls from Life & Food for kindly sending me this sample for this review.

My views and opinions are my own.

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