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Wireless Phone chargers NEW site NEW products!

One stop shop for all your charging needs!

Hi guys and girls I’m sure you remember me raving about some amazing phone and device chargers I reviewed last year. If you’ve forgotten then the pik above should remind you.

You can see 2 power banks and 2 QI chargers all from the same company.

Cast in order of appearance is; 

 QI Wireless Car Charger and Cradle

 Aqua Trek USB Waterproof 7800mAh Charger

 Premium Ultra Thin QI Wireless Phone Charging Pad

  Traveler dual USB solar charger 6000mAh

and a USB LED bendy light.

I can honestly say I’m STILL using each of these products and so often they’ve actually saved the day; as both my phone and tablet have the worst battery life.

Plus we often get power-cuts too and we need the combination of power banks and Qi wireless Chargers.

But now Mobile Solar Chargers have an amazing NEW site purely devoted to QI Wireless chargers and Im so excited about this as since using these QI chargers I haven’t looked back, its not only Hi-tech its so convenient and easy, no cables just pop your device onto the charging pad and go grab a coffee.

All of us have so many devices which need charging, the bog standard chargers have trouble keeping up with the ever growing technology.

But Im so excited to see that Wireless Phone Chargers have managed to find you guys some state of the art NEW Qi Wireless Charging Technology for your devices.

Here are just a few of their NEW products.

QI wireless charger and Powerbank

This is fantastic new technology and if you like to keep up with the hi-tech Joneses; then go grab yourself one of these, as you not only get a 7000mAh powerbank but its a QI charger as well…!

Yes I said…QI charger too…a wireless powerbank!!!

 It works as a standard premium wireless pad when connected to a PC or mains usb power supply. When disconnected the battery retains a further 2 + portable wireless phone charges or 3+ if using usb charging.

You wont see many of these around at the moment! 

3 coil Qi Charger stand

Another new product; isn’t this beautiful; so elegant and sleek.

Remember with Qi technology you can lay your phone in any position and still view videos due to the 3 coils inside which will find your phones receiver card. No phone cables getting in the way. (Receiver cards also sold separately).

Ive seen cheaper versions sold elsewhere which only have 2 coils but these don’t often charge properly.

3coil Folding Qi wireless charger

Another gorgeous sleek design plus this stand actually folds back at any angle you wish; even to flat.

So this is just a taster of some of the brand new Qi Wireless Chargers that I haven’t seen anywhere else and so affordable too.

 Go check out their new site and be one of the first people to have some new technology to show off to your family and friends.

If you are going to the Gadget Show Live on the 8th and 12th of April then go and check them out personally and see these gorgeous gadgets in action.

 Bye for now

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