stick with kitkat lolipop sucks

Stick with Kitkat, Lolipop sucks!

Rockem Sockem Androids!
KitKat vs Lollipop!

Hey everyone do you get a sense of excitement when you know we are all getting the latest Google update. I know I do, hoping for new neat, fun changes to make our lives even easier.

So far we’ve had all these brand new yummy updates BUT how often are our hopes dashed as we start to find things that are wrong.

This was the case with Lollipop aargh! 

 Nexus 10 and Samsung S4.

All on charge both with their Lollipop problems!

My Nexus 10 finally got the new update. I really loved the new look central drop down panel combined with the settings….although I had some problems opening it; but just assumed that I was swiping wrong..doh…as if!
Next I couldn’t get online at all as my wifi was playing up. I simply assumed again it was me; as we do occasionally have problems in middle of nowhere with our wifi so wasn’t unduly worried…at first. But after rebooting, re-putting in my password etc, changing hz settings I thought no way is this is all me.

But I now haven’t been able to get online for over a week and most my apps are useless as they are online based….grrr!

So luckily I have my phone which I downloaded the latest Lollipop update a few days ago; so I can use that cant I…?

Next step is checking the forums for what to do next and

But I still have no wifi on my Nexus 10 and serious battery problems with my S4..argh!

Phew…however so relieved it’s not me doing something blonde…!
So next; onto my main PC thank God I have another internet means. Where I discovered hundreds of you having major problems with your Android devices through this 5.0 Lollipop update. 

A few nervous minutes as I checked my phone over…yes I was online…with wifi no problems..woohoo…result….er…yes…but I spoke too soon and after a few days I had noticed that my battery power was bad. Lasting less than 12 hours and even less if playing games and watching Utube….#/*@

there’s so many amazing people offering great advice thank you.
I’ve rebooted, turned wifi on off, re-put in passwords, changed hz settings, cleared out all useless apps made more space, cleared cache you name it I’ve done it…except factory reset. But then some of you have warned us of major problems after doing this. I also discovered the wifi problems have hit the 2012 version Nexus 10 the worst…guess what version mine is…sigh!

Many people on the forums have had success by rolling-back to KitKat 4.4.4; 
so I’m now off to email Google themselves for advice to see if I should roll back to Kitkat or if I should I sit tight until Google have Lollipop 5.0.1?

So for now my poorly Nexus 10 is an expensive paperweight and my S4 is drinking power like no tomorrow.

 I have my S4 permanently on my Qi wireless charger (review here)The battery problem is
 so its trickle charging constantly; its perfect for this right now!dealable as at least I can still use it; unlike my Nexus 10!
When tech goes wrong you turn to the tech which always goes right; thank you Mobile solar chargers!

Google help please get 5.0.1 out ASAP!!!

I’ll keep you all updated for the next update which is said to be coming soon as 5.0.1 so fingers crossed I get my Nexus 10 working again or

So has anyone else had problems with Lollipop or any advice of what’s worked for you or what have you tried; I’d love to know…..Anyone for a game of  Frisbee?

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