gadget girls 2014 look back and

Gadget Girl Reviews 2014 Look back and favorites!

2014 Gadgety Memories

Above are just some of the product reviews I brought to you this year.

Its been an exciting year for gadgets and gizmos and Ive had such a great opportunity to review and share many products with you all; but some have really stood out for me personally and I want to let you know which of these products are my firm favorites of 2014.

For a product to become a firm favorite with us it has to not just do what it is intended for, it has to be well made, well designed and for me/us to be still using it; not shoved into a drawer never to see light of day again. The above products are just some of those Im still using.

Not often however does a product have a massive impact on my life….

The gadget which has had the biggest impact on my life this year has to be the massive change from my Samsung Galaxy S4 (checkout my full review I did back in May this year)…wow what a difference its made; not just with its incredible technology but the amazing amount of apps that are making a difference to my life and making certain things easier. (Ill be doing a post on apps to change your life early January).iphone 3G to my 

Plus with the inbuilt camera I am now addicted to Instagram with a vengeance…better late than never eh! 



For me its a one stop shop no need to go anywhere else for your charger gadgets!

With the latest tech comes Mobile Solar Chargers came to my rescue this year and offered me a few of their incredible products to share with you all and wow did these make life easier.lack of battery power and 

With a brilliant selection of products you will never have a flat battery ever again; each one is ideal for most needs.

 QI Wireless Car Charger and Cradle for your car, perfect for those that work from their car, this amazing fast QI charger works wirelessly on the go. Those who love camping or festivals really NEED the Aqua Trek USB waterproof charger…plus it has a torch too.

  Traveller dual USB solar charger and the bright USB flexi light will fit any USB power like the the Traveller and the Aqua trek; ideal for summer reading outside, power cuts or anything.

Finally by no means least is the incredible elegant Premium Ultra Thin QI Wireless Phone Charging Pad and

Samsung Galaxy wireless reciever card. for the home; just pop your phone on the sleek thin pad in any position and it will charge your phone wirelessly. I charge my phone when I grab a coffee or watch TV it keeps it regularly topped up and looks cool too.

Mini portable Speakers

Its been a year for mini speakers this year and there has been an explosion of wired and Bluetooth mini portable speakers and Gadget Girl has been fortunate enough to bring you quite a variety.

On the top line you can see my top 3 favorites;

Kitsound Cadet because of its amazing sound as well as ruggedness, its perfect attached to my camera rucksack.

 The Kitsound Hive Modern, classic look with great sound and bass.

OXA NFC Bluetooth Natural Wood Design wireless stereo speaker This is fab quality and tech with its Bluetooth or wired connection; incredible sound and radio too; its the only speaker I had this year with a radio which was a lovely bonus.

The next line  are a fun selection still with great sound quality.

 Deadmau5Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker/  The Kitsound/My Doodles wireless Kids speaker dock

Which was your  favorite from my reviews or do you have another that you love let me know..?


2014 was also the year of the Action camera; everyone went mad for the GoPro’s but we have many other products just as good. Ive always used video on my S4 and my Panasonic Lumix TZ30, plus my main Canon 7D; but it was exciting to have the opportunity to bring you some fun, new alternatives.

In came The Mecam this genius new rechargeable action cam from the US which you wear as a badge, perfect for you James/Jane Bond wanabe’s. Capture footage and be hands free at parties, barbeques, don’t miss a moment; plus it comes with an SD card; ready to use. I forgot I was wearing mine and being so discreet its ideal for people who are nervous of cameras in their face.

One of my The Kitvision Splash Im in love with this product, its waterproof, adorable, portable, rechargeable and the perfect alternative to the more expensive ones, it comes with everything you need already in the box; checkout my photo-loaded review and video HERE.favorites to review this year was the 

  Little Acorn 12 mega pixels Trail Camera

I actually got my dream product to review this year something this little Acorn to review and is one of my favorites for this year as Im still using it now. It has time-lapse, motion detection and so much more; this brilliant cam is perfect for the outdoors giving you that excitement to see whats living in and around your garden or used as a security camera; either way a brilliant high end cam.Ive wanted for years and being passionate about wildlife and a Spring-watch fan; Ive always wanted to see whats in our garden or surrounding woodland. I got my chance when I was so kindly sent 

Checkout my videos here

Soon I will be showing you my NEW Pivot head high end spy glasses, for pictures and video.

UNIQUE and the genius IDEAS

I also got the opportunity to share with you some really unique products too and some of my favorites were.

The ZBand

A vibrating alarm clock that wont wake anyone else but YOU up in the morning; looks elegant, modern and most if all Fun, isnt that what gadgets are all about…brilliant!

The Gerp

Im still using this unique and genius way to support my devices its secure, stylish and a great conversation starter and looks damn cool too!

Venostech Sidecars

I cannot stress how excited I was to get the opportunity to show you guys this unique way to have 3 screens using your own devices. I already use 3 monitors but to have the chance to view 3 HERE!screen when outside or in another room is genius; how many times will this help you guys with your work or studies and it works, such a brilliant simple design…see my full review 

Photojojo iPhone and Android lens series

As a  photographer I love anything which allows me to take great images and have fun doing so. Being so new to mobile photography I was super excited to try the Photojojo 3 lens selection. 

This really made a huge difference to my mobile photography and makes it fun too. HERE!Checkout the images I captured using these clever excellent quality lenses 


It wasn’t just sound and vision reviews this year; Ozeri really pulled the stops out and sent some really amazing products to review; all the above we are still using almost Ozeri Stone Earth Frying Pan and an  Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder Review until we started using them. Now we cant cook without them.daily . We didn’t know we needed a 

The Ozeri 4X3 digital Motion Pedometer Review is one of the best/first ones with tri-axis movement and is so responsive. Its fascinating to see what you can walk in a day and try to beat it regularly.


I also had the opportunity to review some fun ideas that make you smile too.

From the top;

Adam the Doodles man and Rover the Doodles dog.

 Shoeps super Laces

 The Squishables

 Trendz 10 inch Ladybird Character case & USB Bee

I have so many other products I have loved this year like my Nexus 10, and cant mention them all in one post; so these are just a selection that I really love and are still using regularly.

 Thanks to everyone who has visited GGR over the year and a huge thank you to the many companies who have kindly sent their products for review.

So go main page of gadgets reviews and see if there is something that catches your eye; let me know what you like Id love to hear your favorites too?checkout my 

It doesn’t stop here I have many reviews coming up in 2015 and a big give-away coming too, so keep a watchout and I will see you all very soon.

Coming Soon on Gadget Girl reviews

Chippex Car paint kit
You will be seeing me fix some chips on my own car using the latest video glasses from Pivothead, so you will be seeing what Im seeing; the best point of view to see all the action.

Kudu Pivothead glasses and air sync unit.

Plus some more fun new products coming up in 2015
Do any of these products catch your eye; do you have any of these, let me know what you think?

Oregon Scientific Prysma projection clock with indoor/outdoor temp

Something for the girls!
My new charm Pandora bracelet and charms.

Bluetooth Selfie monopod

1Byone Safety driveway alarm.
1Byone USB Smart charger

Selection of Griffin and Survivor cases for the S4
+ Give away!

Selection of Friendly Swede Paraband survival bracelets and cords.

 Garrett EuroAce Metal Detector
Black Ada Invader 2 Metal detecting trowel.
 Garrett Pinpoint probe

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