exciting reviews coming up soon

Exciting Reviews coming up soon

Reviews Coming Soon
Do you see something you like?

Today Im just going to let you know what exciting new products I have coming up soon on Gadget Girl reviews!

Wow only a month till Christmas its crept up fast this year, plus I have just had my Birthday…eeep and feeling alot older….sigh!

Christmas ideas or just treats for yourself; you know you can treat yourself too you know….!

November is the start of my NEW updated Utube channel
Gadget Girl TV; as I have just got a pair of amazing Pivothead Video glasses for my Birthday this month. 
Kindly bought as a Birthday pressie by my lovely other half.
Thankies huny XxX

 Pivothead Recon Video glasses.
*Kudu pivotheads formally known as Recon Pivotheads.
Im going to be using these fab glases to video all my future review videos for gadget Girl TV. The camera is centralized between my eyes so you will be seeing the product as Im seeing it, as you would see it…does…that…make sense!
Definitely one of my favorite gadgets of the year for me.

Coming very soon
The amazing MeCam

Wearable tech is so big this year and the brilliant MeCam is no exception; this fun affordable piece of kit will find a use in every home. Whether wanting to record a trip to the park with the kids, a barbeque, or Christmas party coming up. You can simply pin on MeCam press play and forget your wearing it; then capture a few still piks for fun along the way too.

Bluetooth Selfie monopod
Everyone has seen the selfie pole BUT have you seen the “Bluetooth” shutter button version from GMYLE ; how easy is this to use now. No more Bluetooth remotes controls to carry around too.
You just need phone and pole…..Simples……!


Kitsound BoomBar2
Another amazing speaker from Kitsound, much improved and updated I cant wait to show you. Boombar2 with its sleek sharp lines and upgraded sound.

 Kitvision Splash
Im so excited to have the opportunity to bring you the latest Action camera from Kitvision; The Splash.
With GoPros all the rage this year and this very similar in styling I predict this is going to be a very popular buy for Xmas. I cant wait to play with this and show you what it can do.

More phone case reviews with a wonderful selection of Griffin and Survivor cases; plus an give-away for three of you to win one for yourself.


You know how I love my survival prepping products well these are right up my street despite a little late Friendly Swede Parabands; which are a lovely selection of Friendly Swede Paraband survival bracelets. I have 5 different types to show you. reviewing; but will make fantastic stocking fillers the 

Be prepared at all times; you never know when you may need the super strong cord, fishing lines, fire lighters etc!


USB LED Flexible light
This amazing Flexi-light from Mobile solar chargers works via USB on power banks like these.  Perfect for camping, hiking or during powercuts, anywhere bright light is needed quickly.

 Garrett EuroAce Metal Detector
 Garrett Pinpoint Probe and coil cover.

Black Ada Invader 2 Metal detecting trowel.
The Garrett Euro Ace metal detector and some accessories needed to make this hobby so much more fun! 


1Byone Safety driveway alarm.
This is something so affordable for personal security of your home and work, a 30m range so you will always have a warning bleep when anyone is in your driveway or comes to the front door. Infact place it anywhere you need a quick warning system.
We live in the middle of nowhere so security is paramount to us and I look forward to trying this as its something we will be using 24 hours a day.

1Byone USB Smart charger

This smart charger will save you room from spaghetti wiring on your desk; with 4 normal USB’s and the last 3 can charge anything even when your PC is off.

Oregon Scientific Prysma projection clock with indoor/outdoor temp

Oregon Scientific’s brand NEW clock with sensors to show outside and inside weather. A perfect gift for those who need to know the time and what its doing outside without having to be outside. Will you need those thermals or not?
Plus isn’t it gorgeous to look at!

The NEW Expert Shield a screen protector for my Nexus 10
Good protectors are so hard to find for larger tablets like mine.

I have the
Plus something for the kids big and little ones for Xmas. The My Doodles speaker dock which comes in a monkey or girly cute winking owl design. here. 

A camera lens mug and lid (Birthday pressie) to hold my choccy bikkies…he knows me so well lol!

monkey to show you all.
(Doncha just love these animated exploded views; its so interesting)
Read more about them 

My new watch, I love this steampunk

urbany look with the added butterfly charm.

Plus another selection of Samsung S4 phone cases Ill try and squeeze in for you. 
Geek to chic S4 phone cases.cant help collecting phone-cases for my S4. Im torn between my blingy girly cases and the unusual geeky styles. Above is the Dr Who open-door Tardis…incase you didn’t know and a Nail polish bottle and 2 different colour aluminum battery covers; I just couldn’t decide between pink and turquoise so got both as sooo cheap.

Bye for now gadget-
Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Coming very soon.
So these are just a few of the fun gadgets and products I have coming up for you guys. I hope it helps with some Xmas ideas or treats for yourself but don’t forget to pop back soon for the full photo-loaded and video reviews of all the above.aholics!

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