caseflex stars and stripes retro s4 usa

Caseflex Stars and stripes Retro S4 USA flag case Review

Caseflex Stars and stripes Retro S4 USA flag case

Since getting my Samsung S4 I just love changing my cases around and always looking for unique cases.

One of my Strawberry Red Bling case which I reviewed during the Summer so I know already the quality is good.all time favorite cases was from Mobile Madness the 

So when I was offered another case to review I couldn’t wait.

I couldn’t resist choosing the stars and stripes case….sorry Britain.

Checkout my photo-loaded review after the jump.

Anchor I adore the colour red and always on the look out for a case that is colorful, blingy or tough as old boots; but with phone cases you cant get all 3 in 1 case so I enjoy using different cases depending on my mood or what handbag Im using at the time or where I’m going.


My case arrived the very next day; their service is brilliant. Mine arrived in a padded envelope and then packaged in 2 plastic sleeves. The first the Caseflex own bag and once inside another clear poly bag.


This gorgeous Stars and stripes Samsung Galaxy S4 case is made of lightweight polycarbonate shell; to protect your phone from any knocks and scratches.The design itself is a beautiful image of the US flag; I absolutely loved the antiquey, distressed shabby chic styling.

Turn the case over and the inside is white with the correct holes cutout for the camera, flash and speaker.

Plus the correct cutouts for the volume and power buttons; the top and bottom areas are kept clear.


The case clips onto the phone easily; the fit is excellent and a few quick presses around the edges and it gently snaps into place.

The apertures for the camera and flash are perfectly cutout and even a separate aperture for lens and flash which I really like. You can see from this 3D image the case gives a good 3mm thickness protection so I can lay my phone on a harder rough surface without worrying about my camera and lens.

Don’t get me started on this stupid design idea from Samsung…who decided to have a beautiful camera lens flat level with the back of the phone to get scratched everytime I put it down…sigh!

Anyway this case protrudes 3mm adding extra protection.

Many cases are simply 1 hole for the flash but Caseflex have taken the time to design them separately.


 The speaker aperture is cut perfectly to size and doesn’t obstruct the speaker at all.

 The cutouts for the volume and power button are also perfect; again giving the 3mm protection.

 The case surround extends 1-2mm proud from the screen protecting it when laying flat in a surface. It looks great from the front as well as the back. I love how it gives my black phone a real lift and pop of colour…love it!


I cannot express just how much I love this case; its now giving my Strawberry bling case a run for its money. Its a much thicker case than I expected so is really giving my phone some protection from scratches and knocks. It doesn’t have any rubber edges so I could still do some damage if I drop the phone. But the idea of clip-on cases is so you can change the colour and design of your phone often to match your bag or outfit; or just for fun.

If your careful and your phone is sitting in your bag or pocket this protection is more than enough to protect your phone and you can enjoy the stunning variety of clip cases like this. If your working in harsher environments and need to use your phone UAG phones from Mobile Madhouse.alot you may need to choose a tougher more rugged but beautiful  

My retro US flag looks with it…now Im being a total girl I know, but when it comes to my phones I enjoy being a bit girly.
My S4 has its own wardrobe and is catching up to me with its own jacket collection. 😉favorite bag at this time is my snakeskin red patent LYDC bag and I’m blown away with just how gorgeous this 

Yes I highly recommend this case its strong, easy to fit and very light; it gives the phone the barely there feel but you know its thick enough to offer adequate protection when needed from everyday spills, knocks and scratches. Its also unisex; ideal for both guys and girls as gifts.

A perfect gift for those who love the US or those of you living in the UK and home is the US; what better way to let someone know your thinking of them.



  • Vintage retro design.
  • Tough.
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate shell.
  • Full access to all ports.
  • Super easy to fit.
  • The shabby-chic distressed look will allow you to get the odd scratch without noticing it. Wear the scratches on your USA flag with pride!


  • None – except addicted to collecting more designs…sigh!

Available for all the latest phones.Mobile Madhouseyours


Or choose from 15 other flags

Here is the British Union Jack and the Australian flag more fab alternatives.

Plus France and Canada and many more here

All my thanks goes to Mobile Madhouse for sending me this case in return for an honest review.

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