indian hill 4 from ashes by mark tufo

Indian Hill 4: From the Ashes by Mark Tufo Book Review

Indian Hill 4: From the Ashes by Mark Tufo


Anchor It has been three years since the Progerians left their mark of devastation upon Earth. The remaining humans are in a desperate race against time as they do their best to reverse engineer the alien technology they captured, in an effort to bolster their beleaguered  defenses against the oncoming onslaught of Progerians hell-bent on revenge. Revenge against the humans that thwarted their take-over and revenge against the subordinate Genogerians that helped.
Michael Talbot once again finds himself at the forefront to protect all that is sacred to him. He will receive help from some unexpected allies but will it be enough? 

Anchor  Okay before I start…have you read Zombie Fallout or Indian Hill 1-3…then STOP and go and click buy now; you know your gonna love the adventures of Mike Talbot without reading what I think…go on…off you go! 😉


Anchor Mark does it again and I’m sure you are all sick of me raving about his books; I simply cant help it they really are that good. I absolutely loved book 4 in the series and I’m falling in love with Dee almost as much as Mike. The one liners are just genius and Im laughing outloud like a crazy person…lol.

Anchor Marks character developments are effortless and I was so excited to find another well loved character introduced to the storyline…woohoo we all love BT and their amazing banter…I suddenly feel Im home again.

Anchor This book is 3 years after book 3 and earth is yet again in trouble from the Progerians and I loved how Mike and Tracey this time get to fight together; she really has a huge part in this book and gets to kick some serious alien butt and proving herself to be as bad ass as her hubby. They are a model military couple but they have a new unexpected danger. Beth is becoming more and more jealous and cruel as time goes on; who seems to be successfully turning life-long friend Paul against them.

Were right behind Mike as he tries to integrate the freed Genogerians into our human world ready to fight together against the Progerians; but its never going to be easy is it with Mike.

Anchor I seriously cannot wait for Book 5 with another fantastic nail biting ending when all seems lost for planet earth; talk about unexpected alies!

AnchorAnchor As Ive said so many times before with every other book from Mark Tufo you could read this as a stand alone book; but if you start from Book 1 and read through to here you will enjoy it so much more. 
If you’ve never read a Tufo book go grab book 1 and let me know what you think; I’m sure you will be as hooked as I was.



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Anchor Mark Tufo was born in Boston Massachusetts. He attended UMASS Amherst where he obtained a BA and later joined the US Marine Corp. He was stationed in Parris Island SC, Twenty Nine Palms CA and Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. After his tour he went into the Human Resources field with a worldwide financial institution and has gone back to college at CTU to complete his masters. He has written the Indian Hill trilogy with the first Indian Hill – Encounters being published for the Amazon Kindle in July 2009. He lives in Colorado with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs. Visit him at or for news on his next two installments of the Indian Hill trilogy.


Please see the Goodreads book list of all of Mark Tufo’s books available Here


All my thanks goes to Mark for sending me a copy for this review.

All my views and opinions are my own.

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