mini nibnibs snacks review and give away

Mini NibNibs Snacks Review and Give-Away

Ive something for everyone today; as most of us love our snacks and nibbles no matter where we are and what we are doing. I am terrible for nibbling snacky foods while Im writing or editing images…I need brain energy and that’s my excuse….do I need an excuse…Im sure you guys are all the same…arnt you… ūüėČ

So when NibNibs offered to send us a selection of their goodies to try how could I say no?

NibNibs are a new brand of snack food handmade by Susan and Darren baked in their craft bakery in Ripon in North Yorkshire.

“We create exceptionally delicious snacks using oodles of quality British ingredients”

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Anchor These premium baked nibbles are handmade by artisan bakers and have a locally produced story behind them; I always love companies that source and support local sellers. This maintains traditional ways and keeps ingredients first class.

We received 4 different Mini NibsNibs snacks to try;

These Mini NibNibs come in 65g resealable mini tubs, (Jumbo peanuts 75g) highly colourful and you

cant wait to get inside to try them…or is that just me…!
I have to mention this gorgeous packaging as its so traditional and has a homely feel to it. The base has “From Yorkshire with love” and this friendly touch makes it all the more memorable.

 For those that need or want to know the full nutritional values in each tub; it shows it clearly on the back in detail.

I have to say all the ingredients are nice and simple, they don’t contain any E-numbers or unusual additives. Its plain and simple.

Eg; Wheat flour from Yorkshire Mills, British Butter, Mature British Cheddar, Yorkshire water.

Taste Test

With a gadget I can explain what a button feels like or take an image of flashing LED’s but its different with food. Our opinions however are going to be purely personal with food reviews as everyone has their own preferences of flavours etc. But we will try our best to explain them to you from our point of view.

As soon as we got these out the box, I broke all my reviewers rules in photographing my packaging first. We both simply had to try them and each tub was quickly opened and nibbled at…..oh Im in my cheesy element here!

 The fact that they are cooked in butter pastry tells you how traditional these are
The first 3 snacks we tried were the mini straws and if you have had cheese straws before you will have a rough idea of what they will taste like as well as the texture..They are identical to cheese straws but chopped into approx 3cm sections; bite sized easy to nibble portions…just brilliant.

 You can see each straw has a very slight texture or colour difference according to their taste.

In order above, Cheddar cheese, Cheddar cheese and chili and the Cheddar cheese and onion. In the chilli version (middle) you can clearly see the extra redness from the paprika and chilli powder.

I found them lighter than traditional cheese straws which can be too salty, stale  and tasteless.These also have the crunchiness and that baked crispiness I adore in my snackiness.
Plus no crumbs over the keyboard…..yesss!

So on with what we thought……


Exceptional Cheddar Cheese Straws.65g

The¬† Exceptional Cheddar cheese really is just that with mature British cheddar you know ¬†its going to be super cheesy. I have tried many cheesy straws over the years and mostly they can be bland with just a hint of cheese…NOT these, these straws take you to cheesy heaven!


 : Wheat flour from Yorkshire Mills, Mature British Cheddar (milk)(21%), British Butter (milk) (19%), Yorkshire Water, Baking Power Р(Raising agents: maize starch, disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate), Sea Salt.

 Exceptional Cheddar and spicy Chilli Straws 65g 

The Cheddar Cheese and Chilli has a sweeter chilli ¬†flavor and you certainly know you’ve eaten them. For the first few seconds you taste the lovely sweet chilli but its not until a few minutes later that we both said how hot they get the more you eat. But then we are both wooses with spicey foods lol!

I would say a mild chilli by most standards but not too hot that you need to plunge your mouth into a glass of cold milk; again its just right and I really enjoyed this flavor.


 : Wheat flour from Yorkshire mills, Mature British Cheddar (milk) (21%) British Butter (milk) (18%), Yorkshire Water, baking powder Р(raising agents: maize starch, disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate), sea salt, sugar, chilli powder, paprika.

 Exceptional Cheddar and Cheeky Onion Straws. 65g

¬†The Cheddar Cheese and Onion was really good but could have been more oniony for me…as I do like it very strong and that’s not for everyone. For those that don’t like strong onion and just want a hint its just right.


 : Wheat flour from Yorkshire Mills, Mature British Cheddar (milk) (21%), British Butter (milk) (19%), Yorkshire Water, baking powder Р(raising agents: maize starch, disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate), sea salt, onion powder.

But for us by far the TOP ¬†favorite of the four…drumroll… is the

 Roasted Salt and Pepper Jumbo Peanuts.

 Roasted Salt and Pepper Jumbo Peanuts 70g

These were just super gorgeous as these are the best peanuts we’ve both ever tasted!

These come foil sealed for extra freshness and to keep the special seasoning in.

You can see here just how well  flavored they are; each and every peanut is extremely well coated and even leave a coat on your fingers..mmm yum!




Roasted peanuts (97%), Salt & Pepper Seasoning (Salt dextrose, Black pepper, Onion powder, Potato Starch, natural flavoring, Yeast extract powder, Citric Acid).
Will contain nuts…Duh!

TIP; All flavors we received are suitable for vegetarians.


All 4 snacks really are super moreish….and…er…you cant have just one…its impossible! We had friends around and they didn’t last the evening, we all thoroughly enjoyed these really tasty snacks, they all had lots of flavour, I loved the baked, crispy texture of the straws and the perfect bite sized pieces make them so easy to nibble.

The Salt and pepper jumbo peanuts were the best Ive ever tasted, the salt and pepper seasoning is just amazing…sooo much flavour it really kicks in those taste buds.

The large resealable tub keeps these snacks fresh for longer and  perfect to keep at your desk, in your bag or by the sofa watching your favorite movie. Ideal pre-dinner nibble, perfect for hampers, sharing parties and with dips, or to nibble at anytime. Plus you get to keep these really handy tubs for nick-nacks.

We would both highly recommend all 4 snacks and would definitely be buying these when we see them.

“My favorite place to nibble mine is relaxing in the garden.”

Where will you nibble yours…let me know?


  • Quality Ingredients.
  • Incredible taste.
  • Handmade by Artisan Bakers.
  • Excellent shelf life.
  • Locally sourced and healthy ingredients.
  • Healthy ingredients.
  • British made.
  • Bite sized nibbles.
  • Excellent with dips.

Win Win Win

Win a selection of NibNibs to try for your family or keep them for yourself as they are so yummy!!


All my thanks goes to NibNibs for sending us these to try for you all.

All our views and opinions are our own.

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