august coming soon on gadget girl

August Coming soon on Gadget Girl Reviews

Meet Mr Werewolfy the Squishable.

Im never surprised at what arrives at my door anymore lol!

Hiya my gadget-aholics I just wanted to catchup with everyone today. 

I have alot of exciting photo-loaded reviews coming up I cant wait to share with you all. But I really wish there was 2 of me as Im writing and taking photos like a thing processed…maybe I am…who knows…?

Sure I could whizz out the reviews if I made them half the size, but that’s not me is it…. you know how I really enjoy getting stuck into every review I do and that includes taking days to plan and take good lifestyle photos and edit them. Try the product for several weeks to check it works and finally I write the review…PHEWEY!

GGR is my full-time passion to bring you all the latest gadgets to make life easier. I never review anything that Im not interested in myself so every review you see is something I like and recommend to you; although I may have suggestions of improvements occasionally.

Several of my recent reviews however has taken alot longer than planned and has put me behind a bit and I just wanted to let you all know there’s alot coming up here very soon!

Plus I want to thank all the companies below for their patience that have kindly sent these products to show you all!


So here’s whats coming up…

A wonderful selection of Power banks and chargers from the lovely guys at Mobile Solar Chargers

I have already reviewed a few of there amazing products; but I have more of these gorgeous looking powerbanks to show you.

Next Up is the Banksy 7800mAh portable charger

MSC Executive Solar Charger plus 

The Aquatech charger.

Ozeri Elite Chef black ceramic knife set

Next up I have a selection of portable speakers, Im a sucker for these little guys and cant wait to blast some bass!

OXA NFC Bluetooth Natural Wood Design Wireless Stereo Speaker (Black) 

KitSounds NEW Cadet portable speaker

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable speaker

Werewolf Squishable

Something oh so different for me….but doesn’t everyone love a cuddly especially a Squishable cuddly!
This magic toadstool brought Werewolfy to life..! 

The Friendly Swede Paraband survival bracelets and cords.

Next is something I have a real addiction for…a real “end of the world” zombie apocalypse…fascination for. The lovely people of the Friendly Swede kindly sent me a selection of their parabands products containing all sorts of survival bits and pieces; pocket knives, firestarters etc…I cant wait to try these out.


You know how I love these amazing little gadgets; this is something so discreet and compact no-one would know you were wearing a video camera. Its fun and whimsical and captures everything around you by simply wearing the Mecam as a badge or on neck cord.

Plus not alot of you know this but we have a shared hobby of metal detecting…now I’m really showing my geekness

We’ve recently bought the new

Garrett EuroAce Metal detector for review.

Plus we have some Garrett accessories too like the Garrett Probe and the The Black Ada detecting trowel.

Those of you that love metal detecting too give me a quick email, which one do you have, what have you found…we’d love to hear your stories and I can add them to the review?

Well this are just a few of whats coming up real soon, is there anything here that you really like the look of or do you have them already…do you like them… let me know?

Plus I have a pile of book reviews that I will be posting soon too, Ive been a complete book worm at night from some amazing authors out there….who needs sleep?

Im in Gadget world by day and zombie apocalyse by night…now that’s fun!

Yep I have some more zombie apocalyptic reads and some continuations books from some of my favorite authors like

Mark Tufo and Brett Battles

So bye for now thanks for popping by and see you all soon.

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