silicon man by william massa book review

Silicon Man By William Massa Book review

Silicon Man By William Massa


Anchor WOW This was another amazing read from the Massa library, I really loved this read even better than the last 2 and I loved those too. You have science fiction, action after action, super chases, with a dash of romance what more could you want. If you love Robocop, AI and Terminator-

A global pandemic has cut the human population in half. An android workforce fills the void left by the devastation. But some of the AIs have grown tired of being slaves. Some want freedom. An underground movement of runaways has sprung up and wages a shadow war with a simple objective — equal rights for artificial people. Enter Commander Cole Marsalis, head of the AI-TAC first response team trained to deal with the rogue robots. Now he has been tasked with the ultimate undercover mission – infiltrate the android underground. But to do so, he will have to become that which he hates the most… A machine!esque style storylines you’ll love this its sort of combines them and much much more.

Some robots advance and start to have real feelings of resentment and end up rebelling? Mr Massa presents his characters so you really want to associate with them, feel for them and understand them; your standing right there with them.


Cole Marsalis head of AI-TAC first response team is trained to deal with rogue robots who he hates with a passion; as he believed one had killed his wife and kids; because of this he had become the ultimate rogue robot killer and top of his job.

His bosses offers him the ultimate undercover job to have all his memories uploaded into an identical robot like himself…what could possibly go wrong with this scenario…..?
I found I didn’t like Cole in the beginning as your sympathies are with the roguerobots; but I grew to like him bit by bit as he is gradually broken down and begins to realize more about the other side of robot life and is a really thought provoking book too on so many levels.

I thought I had the ending nailed and I was sooo wrong! What a fantastic twist at the end which Im not going to spoil, you really need to read this one. I didn’t see this one coming at all!
This has to become a blockbuster film and I can so see this as a brilliant Sci-fi series. Soany producers out there you need to read this.

This book is just genius.

This is William Massa’s best book to date.

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William Massa is a screenwriter (Return to House on Haunted Hill) and script consultant. He has lived in New York, Florida, Europe and now calls Los Angeles his home.William writes action/adventure with a horror, dark fantasy or science fiction flavor.

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All my thanks  goes to William for forwarding me a copy of this book for this review.

All my views and opinions are my own.

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