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Crossing the Darkness by William Massa Book review

Crossing the Darkness by William Massa

Faith Cadena hopes to make a new life for herself on a new world far from Earth. After doing hard time for a crime committed in her youth, all she wants now is a chance at a fresh start.

Booking passage on an interstellar colony barge, Faith expects an uneventful three-year voyage spent in cryogenic stasis. But her dream of a better life becomes a nightmare when she is prematurely awakened halfway through her journey and finds herself trapped aboard a ship of horrors: the vessel is adrift in the far reaches of space, its crew brutally murdered and a ruthless killer in command.

With the nearest outpost millions of miles away, it’s up to Faith to face an inhuman adversary with terrifying plans for the ship’s 4000 sleeping passengers.

After the last three books by William Massa’s I jumped at the chance to read his forth. They have just got better and better and I was slightly worried this wouldn’t live up to his last….I needn’t have worried at all!!!

Its 6.32 am andIve just finished another fantastic rollercoaster of a read by William Massa. Most authors stick to similar genres but with Mr Massa you never quite know what subject your going to be reading from Dracula to Gargoyles coming to life to rogue robots and now this…!

Crossing the Darkness is his best novel yet!

Set in the future Faith Cadina is a tough young woman who has suffered a hard life in a penal colony and now grabs her opportunity to start a new life. She is on a

I have to start by saying whatever Mr Massa writes he brings to life, every character and monster; right down to the surroundings which you can even smell in your head, feel the dust or water on your skin; his descriptive writing is just brilliant.5 year journey frozen in cryogenic stasis on the way to a mining colony where no one will know her. When she is awoken suddenly to find most of the crew dead and dying and is thrown into a life and death struggle for survival. Little does she know this working space colony isn’t all what it seems.
This story reminds me of an Alien,Terminator style story with an onboard ship chase with twist…of course its a twist…its a William Massa book…der!

Ex con Faith joins ex cop Harker as the only 2 survivors as they fight to save the thousands of workers still frozen in chryostasis. I related to both main characters which are so likable and believable. Faith is a born survivor who refuses to give up and die and you find yourself rooting for her from page 1. The 2 of them fight to stay alive from an unstoppable killer stalker in the shadows who is being controlled by something else far more deadly. Horrific in places will please those of you that love your gore and its a truly terrifying nightmare.

The only downside for me was it was slightly too short as I didn’t want the novel to end and I was so involved with the storyline. This is yet another brilliant read from the fascinating world of William Massa; what on earth or space will he produce for us next. 

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 William Massa is a screenwriter (Return to House on Haunted Hill) and script consultant. He has lived in New York, Florida, Europe and now calls Los Angeles his home.William writes action/adventure with a horror, dark fantasy or science fiction flavor

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All my thanks  goes to William for forwarding me a copy of this book for this review. 

All my views and opinions are my own.

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