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Wayvebands Review – Jewellery for any occasion.


Recently I’ve grown to love personalized gifts as they are really special and something everyone loves to receive and own. So when I had the amazing opportunity to try a Wayveband I couldn’t wait.


Wayveband’s are a company setup by Sue Mum, entrepreneur of 2 teenage boys who discovered a niche in the market after having to pay over £40 for 1 personal silicone momento wristband for her son for his inline hockey match. It didn’t last long and after months of research she found a supplier of recycled leather and developed a printer that could accurately reproduce designs onto leather wristbands and “Wayvebands” was born.

Wayvebands are a company who lets you design your very own bespoke leather wristband. They are made from 100% recycled leather and are 9 inches long by 1.3cm wide and adjustable from 16cm to 20cm making them suitable for kids to adult wrist sizes.
The Wayvebands are made from offcuts of leather which would otherwise be discarded; the offcuts are then bonded together under pressure to make sheets from which they cut the Wayvebands.
They are then printed with Eco inks which only contain half of the solvents of normal inks. Choose from a huge range of colours, designs and fonts on the site or use your own images and writing and then let Wayvebands do the rest.
Choose almost any image or logo, brand or saying to have printed onto your Wayveband.

Do you have a kids party, print their names for a special party momento. Need unique quirky party invites, back stage passes or sporting events; right down to friendship wristbands. 

Whatever the occasion Wayvebands double as a great fashion accessory and a fun, unique momento…all in one!

Download the free app Aurigma Up and you can also upload images and place your order online straight from your smartphone too. 


Wayvebands eco-friendly recyclable packaging make fab gifts, as its fun and quirky; the leather band sits in a cardboard strip with writing on the back which explains all about the band.



I was kindly offered a Wayveband with photo and text and after deciding to have my banner and camera logo; indecisive me couldn’t decide what would look best. So a quick email of “help” to Sue and asking her advice as to what she thought would look better, I left my Gadget Girl Wayveband in Sue’s most capable hands.

For those that know exactly what they want the Wayvebands design software is so easy to use; anyone can use it, you have so many options and variations of colours and design as well as uploading your own images.

This was Friday by Tuesday morning my Wayvebands had not only been designed, they were printed, posted and laying in my postbox…AMAZING!!!!

My Gadget Girl Reviews specially designed logo Wayveband and my 

“Stones” Wayveband from their Boutique range.

Oh wow, oh wow I’m so excited with mine, as Sue blew me away with my design, I really wasn’t sure what would look best and I’m so impressed. She scrolled my camera/flower logo all the way round the wristband which I hadn’t thought of and it looks amazing. She grabbed my banner logo and fitted it centrally. I love the purples and pinks together its perfect coloration to my banner and it just looks amazing. She also added a few extra samples of designs she tried; with and without the text in the banner; here is just one of them above…I…LOVE THEM!

I have a silly smile on my face as its my first brand Gadget Girl Review logo jewellery Ive ever had and I’m excited and proud to see it. She went above and beyond making me; the customer one very happy bunny…happy dance!!!

What I love about the Wayvebands…sorry…one…of the many things…I love about Wayvebands; is that they come with 2 ways fasten them depending on personal choice.

Metal stud or matching coloured thong.

Each band comes with a Sam Browne stud; meaning you can move it to fit one of 4 positions to make sure you have a great fit. if you wanted to you can then trim the band.

 Each band also comes with a matching coloured thong offering you another option to attach your band and a more surfer grungy look.

Im torn as I love both ways; stud and thong; depending on what Im wearing.

 Plus with the thong you can tie it in several different styles to suit you; I prefer the one above for me.

The inner leather wristband has Wayveband printed inside just so you remember where to order your next few bands as you will be addicted.cant just have one…!

I love the attention to detail here not only with Wayveband printed inside, but with Wayveband embossed onto the end of the wristband AND a “W” embossed onto the stud too.

They are comfortable and so easy to wear and Ive found they go with all my jewellery; be it costume or my finer gold and silver.

 It looks fab whichever side is showing.

 I love wearing them both together as the purples and pinks mix beautifully.

 What I did like was when I wasn’t wearing my Wayveband I simply attached it to my bag.

 I also loved my Boutique Stones Wayveband too. A fun range of already pre-designed wristbands.

Gems on leather I love this idea and it looks so gorgeous too; my images don’t really do this justice.

 Again it looks fab layered-up with other Wayvebands or by itself.

 Looks great on my bag again.

When not in use, my  cuddlies get a new collar, everyone wins!

The ideas are absolutely endless, add an image of all your kids, cats, dogs keep them with you in this hard wearing, non fading leather band. Show your friends and family your piks, better still get some extras made and give them away.

TIP: Add them to a keyring, use the Wayveband as a large loop so you can attach keys to your bag or rucksack etc.

The print is completely waterproof and heatproof but while the Wayveband cannot get damaged if it gets wet quickly e.g from a shower etc. I wouldn’t suggest soaking
Careeveryday in the bath with your Wayveband as leather really shouldn’t be soaked for long periods of time. Abrasion and sweat may lead to some fading over long periods of time too. Just be sensible to keep your wristband looking tiptop.

Love it, love it, love it, I can see everyone with their own Wayveband in your own personalized design. I’ve had so many comments as its so unique an item of jewellery in itself before you even personalize it with your own colours, image or writing. The guys love these as much as the girls with its wonderful grungy surfer look. layer them up with different images, sayings, or logos or just simply different colours.

Its fantastic for everyday and blends in beautifully for nights out too.

Its a fun, affordable gift for any guy or girl, especially those of you that don’t like delicate jewellery; these wristbands add a quirky, modern, fashionable twist to your everyday fashion. Its a piece of jewellery you can wear anywhere and not worry, its not going to break or snap its tough and rugged. 

Are you a company which has an important event coming up, add your logo, your product or even blog name like mine to give to your guests. Give them something snazzy they can wear and remember where it came from. Also ideal as medical wristbands; asthmatic, epileptic or allergies etc; as I know these are alot more expensive to buy.

Wayvebands are so affordable I personally don’t know how they make a profit and I can almost guarantee you’ll be back to buy more as gifts for friends and family; what could be more special than family photos or a cherished saying on a wristband; make it super special.

Checkout the video to see them in action

Fast excellent service,
Environmental friendly.
Personalized designs,

None at all.


Personalized wristbands with text



Personalised Wristbands with images



Boutique Wayvebands



What style will you choose? 

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All my thanks goes to the lovely Sue for sending me these Wayvebands for this review.
My views and opinions are honest and my own.

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