usb anniversary surprise

USB Anniversary Surprise!

When you’ve been happily with someone for over 28 years you know them pretty well.

So when the post arrived I wasn’t actually expecting anything and on opening the envelope I saw a pair of black eyes and an orange beak. Immediately I knew it was for me as there’s not many girls that like quirky gadgets.

I turned to see my other half smiling, he knows the way to my heart; it was our anniversary; forget the flowers…I’d rather see them growing alive in the earth and forget chocolates…ok…maybe don’t forget those! 

Anyway he knows exactly what I love and what makes me smile as I opened the envelope to pull out these 3 gorgeous novelty USB flashdrives.

I have a bit of an obsession for flashdrives but they have to be unique, funny or useful and these were just perfect.

The camera as Im a photographer…der…!

Penguin for my love of all things feathered or any friend of Batman.

R2D2…well…its Star Wars people…who  needs an excuse everyone loves R2D2…don’t they?

Camera 4GB USB

I had to take a  pik of this great USB next to my own Canon 7D; love this.

 This is a fab USB for those of you that need to carry a USB that is a bit more substantial as its chunky to hold in your hand.

At 5.5cm camera length and back to front of lens is 5.8cm long.

 I just love how the USB section is the Camera’s lens; great idea.

The whole lens USB is 5.3cm long.

This is also brilliant as the USB fits securely into the camera  its not going to fall out and its also protected from dust and moisture too.

Fantastic gift for any photographer as if they are anything like me I’m always transferring large images from one device to another and sometimes the images are just too big to just use cloud or Dropbox etc.

Penguin 8GB USB

Just adorable how could you not love this little guy!

Although it does feel wrong having to tug at his head to pull it off.

He makes an ideal hand bag charm; no one will know what secret he holds inside.


He looks just gorgeous and the one splash of red on the front makes him look so authentic.
Plus his extra 16Gb for my larger images…woohoo!

R2D2 is 6.3cm high and 4.4cm wide and 3cm depth.

He’s super detailed and he stands perfectly on his rubbery robot feet which are moveable.

He’s even extensively detailed from the sides too, you are getting such a gorgeous fun little USB.

This would look brilliant sitting on anyone’s desk and is a  must have gift for all Star wars fans and gadgetaholics.
I love this fella!

The best gifts I could get.

Here is my USB collection so far and my wonderful anniversary pressie has really added to the novelty side of things; each one means something to me. 

Thank you huny!

The newest addition is my USB 8GB Bee from Trendz review coming soon; dont you just love those eyes. 

If he doesn’t make you smile when you see him nothing will.

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Corsaire Survivor 64GB USB Flashdrive  Tough and rugged; waterproof, dust proof, crush proof, everything proof; perfect for me. Its sealed away in this metal cylinder.

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