the zband silent alarm gentle awakening

The Zband Silent Alarm a gentle Awakening

 The Zband Silent Alarm

Quite a dramatic statement I know, but it really will be….. 
I have to admit I have a huge addiction to wearable tech; so when I was offered the opportunity to try one I was so excited as I knew it would be life-changing.

Im actually buzzing so much about this amazing piece of tech I had to write a Pre-Review post, my Photo review will be coming very soon!

So what is the Zband?

Its a… “I wish Id thought of that” genius idea.

It is the “Worlds first silent alarm vibrating wristband for Android

It is a silent alarm that you wear like a watch which will vibrate without disturbing anyone around you. All setup by a free downloadable App on your phone, tablet or PC.

The  Co-founders Paul Griffen and Declan Leonard both hated noisy alarms and in the Summer of 2009 came up with the silent alarm. Three years of hard work and the Zband is born.

Who will use the Zband?

Well apart from everyone you mean…..DOH!


  • Couples getting up at different times. Are you tired of being woken up by your partners alarm clock.
  • Do you have young children or babies you dont want to disturb as you have just got them back to sleep.
  • Are you deaf or hard of hearing; this will be lifechanging.
  • Do you need alerts, time to go to the Drs or dentist etc while in a meeting etc.
  • Reminders for medication times.
  • Or simply because you can have a more gentler way to wakeup in the mornings, than a blaring alarm clock startling your mind back into your body. Not the best way to start a day…UNTIL now.

If you would use it for any of these reasons the Zband will not only be an amazing piece of kit but life changing too!!

How does it work?

Charge your Zband via USB and then download The FREE Zband App to your Android smart phone or tablet, or Windows desktop application.

Your now ready to set your Zband silent alarm which then connects through bluetooth and the band does the rest. It will simply vibrate on your wrist at your chosen time.

You can even set the duration between snoozes and vibration strength depending on if you are a light sleeper who only needs a light vibration to wakeup; or the heavy sleeper (after a night on the town) that needs a strong vibration to wakeup.

Is it because you just want a more gentle way to
So why would YOU use the Zband?wakeup or are you a couple who wake at different times? Let me know what you think?

I already know how life changing this amazing piece of wearable tech will be. Recently I have lost some of my hearing and have been sleeping through my alarm clock, but its still been waking my other half. So he’s really looking forward to bringing you all this genius piece of kit.

Watch this space for my full Zband Photo Review and video coming very soon!

Or if you cant wait checkout Zbands site HERE and buy yours NOW in the choice of black or white.

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