neon butterfly samsung s4 case review

Neon Butterfly Samsung S4 Case review

My New Samsung’s first case

As you guys know I have just bought my new gadgety toy the Samsung S4 phone and I’m in love, I swear I have anxiety disorder if I leave a room without it☺

So while I decide which Samsung S4 phone case is the best for me, I found this gorgeous girly case, yes you guessed it on ebay. As I’m having kittens

everytime I pick it up without a case or screen protector on it. I’m a girl who loves her folio cases on every device for complete all roundI’ve whittled my case down to the Spigen slim armour, the Defender or an Urban Army gear case, but I just needed something for now until

makeup my mind.

I must have trawled eBay for days looking for something feminine, bling-i-fied….you know sparkly….or something so very different. Eventually I found this gorgeous butterfly neon design and ordered it immediately.

I ordered it onthe Sunday night it was at my door by Tuesday morning wow. It arrived in a small brown jiffybag in a transparent sleeve as shown above. Packaging

As a bonus it also came with a cheaper screen protector and a medium sized stylus. This is a great starter deal for anyone needing something fast like me to protect their phone.


The Front and back the  case.of  

The butterflies look sprayed on but are printed on and  This adorable slim fit case is manufactured using high quality PU leather material. I was quite surprised at how luxurious it feels.
Descriptionwont scratch off. I did try scratching it for this review.

This adorable folio case opens up with a plastic inner black clip case to snap your Samsung S4 securely into. The opposite folio lid has a layer of soft grey suede which then closes easily and is secured with a neat magnetic clasp.

The plastic clip inner case has well defined cutouts to match the on/off button, volume and charging ports.smooth  

So no need to remove the case to charge it.

 The back also has a neat smooth cutout for the camera and flash. 

You can see the 3mm thickness of the case gives the camera lens some extra protection. As a slight niggle with my naked S4 is when placing the phone on its back to use the phone the camera lens sits flush with the back of the case; making it all too easy to scratch or damage the lens against the surface its laying on; which is why I was in a hurry to get a case.

  The case has an extra bonus in that it folds back to be able to view a video or skype more easily.

 The case has a nice 2-3mm thickness to it, giving the whole phone quite substantial protection.

 Obviously its not an expensive named brand rugged case but I still feel it will protect my S4 adequately enough for now.

I fell in love with the design of the case, the gorgeous neon colours of the butterflies really are nice and bright and the case is extremely well stitched for ONLY £3.95.
Use far better quality than I expected. Plus the bonus of having a screen protector, cloth and stylus. ItsHowever I won’t be using the screen protector as I’m after a gorilla glass or a Spigen screen protector. But its perfect on a budget to have that extra protection.

The mini stylus is just perfect, not as good as my Sensu (my review here) obviously; but it does the job and having a small clip I can attach it easily to the cases magnetic flap keeping it all together.

Another bonus is that it also has 2 credit card slots on the folio panel and a secret slip pocket to store some spare money, receipts or reminders. 

You can see where I have slipped a £20 note its completely secure and hidden behind your phone. So if you dont want to take out a large handbag you can simply grab your phone with a card and spare money.

I want to mention however if you have very embossed credit cards they may rub against Tip; your phones screen so make sure you turn it inwards. 

Wear and Tear

Annoyingly Ive only been using my case for a week and the magnetic flap is starting to show signs of wear and tear. The plastic PU leather is cracking slightly as you can see from the image above.
In itsdefense however the case is double layered with a PU top layer and inner suede layer and its only the PU thats starting to crack slightly. Looking at it I feel it wont crack all the way through as the suede is fairly thick. It just spoils the aesthetics of the case a bit; but you get what you pay for and to be honest I still love this case and will still be using it till I find something I love more.

I have to say I’m very impressed with this adorable case and I wasn’t expecting such good quality for such a cheap price; despite the wear on the magnetic catch. I love the design, I haven’t seen a case design yet I prefer. I have always had black leather folio cases for years and this time wanted something brighter, more unique and slightly more feminine and I got that. Im a happy bunny.

At £3.25 and FREE p&P you really cant complain and if your on a budget you can’t go wrong. Take a peek at the other designs there will be something for everyone.

I bought mine from this seller for



with FREE p&p


  • Affordable, 
  • Great design, 
  • Bright colours, 
  • Soft suede, 
  • Doubles as a video stand, 
  • Secret slip pocket and credit card holders.


  • Make sure your credit cards are not too embossed or they may scratch the phones screen
  • My magnetic catch is cracking after only a week. 
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