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Bluetooth 10 inch Keyboard GMYLE Review


3OS GMYLE bluetooth 10 inch keyboard

I was excited to receive two brilliant products to show you for review from the brand GMYLE. 

Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier

Based in California and established in 2005 GMYLE is a trusted name in developing Macbook, tablet and Smartphone accessories and many other products that enhance our gadgety lives.

Black wireless mini portable rechargeable bluetooth 3.0 stereo speakers

Last year I reviewed these gorgeous bluetooth rechargeable speakers for Smart phones and bluetooth enabled devices like tablets and laptops. Knowing what amazing quality these were I was looking forward to trying this bluetooth keyboard.

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Why the need for a portable keyboard?

I have tried

alot of devices in the last few years with internal keyboards, so depending on the size of your device its always an awkward adjustment going from your main PC’s larger keyboard to your phone or tablet keyboard. All of us have to admit its always easier to type on our main PC or laptop keyboard when doing alot of writing; be it for college, work or home use.

With this gorgeous GMYLEbluetooth portable keyboard you can have it all. The 10 inch long keyboard makes the transition from main keyboard a breeze, no more struggling with 1 finger typing on the train, in a cafe etc.  Some of us who do alot of writing do still prefer a good old fashioned keyboard rather than struggling with a stylus or 1 finger.

THAT is where a neat Bluetooth portable keyboard comes to the rescue. I never thought Id have any need for an extrakeyboard; but after using this for several months now realize how easy it is to not only use, but I can just pop it in my bag when I need it.

Packagingbluetooth keyboard and speakers arrived quickly from the US and was extremely well packaged. The keyboard was packaged simply in a non-branded generic white cardboard box.

Inside is the keyboard and the 60 inch USB charging cable and User guide.

This gorgeous modern sleek looking black
Descriptionbluetooth keyboard is portable, lighter and slimmer than any other portable keyboard I have seen on the market today; thanks to being manufactured in Aluminum.
Its 10 inch size makes it a smooth transition from using your standard PC keyboard to this portable version. I had the choice between the 7 inch and the 10 inch and felt for me this 10 inch would feel the easiest to use. For me the 7inch size would feel too small for me and I may as well just use my Nexus 10 tablet’s own internal keypad.

 Underside of the keyboard
 The simple aluminum styling is neat and tidy with no cables or switches to get in the way as you take this in and out of a bag. Printed clearly underneath is the model number and voltages you may need to know.

 See how slim this keyboard is.

The larger plastic strip at the top gives it a nice ergonomic angle while typing and 2 square rubber feet to prevent any slippage; its not going anywhere no matter how fast you type.

Underneath is an on/off slider switch and a small  bluetooth connect button.


A lovely bright blue LED will flash while its hunting for your device.

This keyboard is Bluetooth version 3.0 the very latest and has a
The Science Bitbuilt in rechargeable li-ion battery charged via the 60 inch USB charging cable supplied.

  • It features a function key support which will work with 3 different systems; Android, iOS tablets and Window System PC.
  • Scissor-Switch and Chiclet keyboard design.*
  • Automatic sleep mode,
  • LED indicator to show bluetooth link state.
  • Power on/off switch,
  • Colour coded hot multimedia function keys for easy access.
  • 84 keys ultra-thin fanless design.

*Chiclet keyboard design
For those that want to know a chiclet keyboard design uses thin, clean-cut keys that are slightly spread out from one another. A plastic overlay covers the gaps between the keys, creating a smooth, virtually seamless surface. Its flatter and more space efficient than the traditional thick plastic keys. Apple and Macs tend to use this clean design.

*Scissor switch keyboards
Scissor-switch keys are attached to the keyboard via 2 plastic pieces that interlock in a “scissor-like” fashion and snap to the keyboard and key.

Scissor switches compared to Dome switches.

They are generally more expensive and slightly harder to clean due to the limited movement of the
Typically they have a shorter travel distance (2mm instead of 3.5-4mm for standard “Dome” key-switches). This is often found on built-in keyboards on laptops marketed as low profile and are generally quiet as they require less force to press.keys; but on the other hand its less likely to get dirt and dust in them as the gaps are smaller.

Its operating voltage for those that want to know is 3.7 volts (USB) and operating temperature -20C-65C.

Each time

The keyboard’s first charge should be 4-6 hours via the 60 inch length USB to micro USB cable supplied. So you shouldn’t have any problems charging from your main system. A red LED comes on to show its charging and simply turns off when its charged.
ChargingIve used the keyboard I have charged it to keep it topped up as I never know when I’m going to want it. By topping up the charge I have found I barely need longer than a 15 minute charge before the red light has gone out. 

Ive had some emails asking if its complicated to pair bluetooth devices. I cant stress enough how EASY this is.

Pairing my Nexus 10;

  • I switched on the on/off button of the portable keyboard, 
  • then turned on the bluetooth on my Nexus and clicked find.
  • I then pressed connect button on the keyboard where a bright flashing blue LED flashes so you know its hunting and voila Nexi found the keyboard within seconds.
  •  It then gave me a 6 figure number to type onto the keyboard to confirm the pairing and that’s it they are paired together for life.

I was actually quite impressed at the speed the devices found each other…how romantic!


So I was away using my Nexus and writing as fast as if I were using my main PC, it was a real treat. I even added my bluetooth speakers for a bit of music too. So I can officially take my office anywhere.


The keys felt fab with enough bounce to feel really comfy for longer typing sessions. My fingers used to ache using the stylus or just my finger, no more cramp…yay.

Next my Samsung S4
I then tried my NEW Samsung S4…did I say it was new… 😉

I turned on the keyboard switch at the back, pressed the little connect button and turned on bluetooth on my phone; it had found it in seconds. I inputted the 6 figure number it asked me to type into the keyboard and I was in. 

So now I can write anywhere without having to use my tiny phone stylus. 

Im one happy bunny!

This is pure portability and it doesn’t get better than this. I can sit outside anywhere and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine…er…when we get the sunshine that is…wishful thinking here!

Even the local pheasants wanted to see.

Trying to type on a phone or tablet with 1 finger
I was hooked after using the keyboard only once….okay if I’m just going to write a few emails or tweet or surf, no I probably wouldn’t bother BUT; I find as a writer you never know when you just want to get those thoughts and ideas down fast and those of you doing essays, articles, college work and studying need to be able to work quickly, effortlessly and comfortably.

I have to admit I honestly thought I wouldn’t bother with even getting a keyboard out to use. I thought it would be just as easy to use my phones own keyboard or the super swipe on the Nexus 10…wow how wrong was I.its easy to get distracted when you’ve clicked the wrong letter on such a small screen or accidentally touched the home button and lost your whole page…and all the writing…eeep disaster. Then your train of thought is gone along with your writing!

You’ve been there…haven’t…you?

My well worn everyday Logitech G19 keyboard compared in size to the Portable Bluetooth keyboard.

Its also just nice to have the option to simply go into another room; if you are like me and your main PC and 3 monitors
This 10 inch keyboard makes the transition from your main keyboard so easy. I was completely comfortable typing from my main PC and then going straight to my dinky portable 10 inch keyboard outside on a nice day, or I could even go to the beach…heaven eh!!!arnt likely to be able to move that easily lol. 

The keys are clearly marked and its fast and responsive with absolutely no lag whatsoever.  Im a fast typist and just like to touch the keys gently for them to work. Because of its Chiclet design it is also quieter so your less likely to disturb people around you with your tapping as on a main keyboard.

Im really fussy about my keyboards my other half will tell you; I hate a keyboard to feel clunky or have to press too hard to get a click. It took me a long time to find a keyboard I liked and felt totally comfortable with. Now I wont use anything else than my Logitech G19 keyboard. Even though Im now on my 3rd Logitech keyboard after continually wearing off the letters.


No more using your stylus if writing alot, my fingers have actually ached in the past trying to speed type with a stylus; not anymore.

I love this keyboard the extra Function or multimedia keys are just priceless. This is a huge plus with this GMYLE bluetooth keyboard; not only does it work with all 3 operating systems iOS, Android and Windows. With just 1 button you can start your music, change volume or track, start a film or your internet browser.

 You can also use them to get directly to your emails or as a search function.

My other half has been collecting old computers that he and I used back in the day….er ok…early 80’s…we are showing our ages now! He has recently got a ZX Spectrum Application on my Nexus 10 and has been able to rebuild some of his retro games that he used to design. He had been using just the stylus but when he saw the keyboard he couldn’t wait to use it instead and has now gained that full-on retro feel as the
ZX Sinclair Spectrumbluetooth keyboard feels so similar to the original ZX Sinclair spectrum PC. Plus the option to use a larger keyboard.

 Even Adam the Doodle gets in on the act, are you altering my article…?

What can I say I absolutely love this dinky keyboard; its slim, super light and feels excellent quality. Its modern sleek design means it looks good with any of your devices and you wont be ashamed to get this out in front of your friends. 

I never thought Id be carrying a keyboard around as Im a girl who hates heavy handbags full of stuff….no…really…honest! It fitted easily into my hand bag and also easily into the pocket of my cargo trousers and you hardly know your carrying it; although I did feel the aluminum corners felt a little sharp.


It also Waterfield smartphone gadget bag for when I wasn’t using it.fitted easily into my 

You are completely portable; take your whole office to another room, outdoors in the garden or countryside; enjoy the Summer don’t be stuck indoors. 

This is an extremely reliable, excellent quality, affordable
Perfect for traveling to and from college and those commuting to work via train or even bus as you could work on your lap.The small tilted angle is just perfect for typing comfortably and the keyboard charge lasts well with little top-up needed.bluetooth keyboard which is easy to pair and will make a fantastic gift for the busy writer on the go, blogger or student. They will thank you forever for this pressie.


  • This 10inch is a perfect size,
  • Excellent quality feel,
  • Light,
  • Super slim,
  • Rechargeable,
  • Works with ios, Android and Windows,
  • Function keys,
  • Easy pairing,
  • Extremely quiet keys,
  • Fits easy into a bag or larger pocket,
  • Affordable,
  • No batteries,
  • No lag or connection drop.


  • The aluminum corners are a bit sharp,
  • A pouch would be nice, but you save on the keyboard being so affordable.

 Perfect portable keyboard except for accountants etc who need a number pad. This Note;however would make it too long.

Buy yours from GMYLE for those in the US



If Amazon UK sell it for your in the Uk 



All my thanks goes to the lovely people of GMYLE for sending me this Bluetooth keyboard for this review.

My views and opinions are my own.


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