ozeri duo ultra salt and pepper grinder

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder Review

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder 

Few years ago my pepper grinder broke and I never got around to buying another one. So when the lovely people from Ozeri offered me one to review I jumped at the chance especially when I knew it had the added benefit of having a salt grinder too. We have just been using the standard salt and pepper container as you buy it from the store.


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Anchor I also knew after reviewing Ozeri products before we would be getting another high quality product.

Ozeri products are found on Amazon and are always extremely well packaged. The cardboard box is thick and firm thoroughly protecting the grinder inside.

Inside the
DescriptionDuo Ultra comes in a clear poly bag and easy to read instructions on using your grinder. It features a classy elegant stainless steel exterior with an ergonomic non-slip grip.

This adorable neat little grinder boasts a space saving design that combines salt and pepper chambers in one unit rather than using two machines; making it so easy to use while cooking and on the dinner table.

If your wondering how you can grind both salt and pepper without the 2 ever mixing, so was I; well Ozeri have thought of everything you simply twist  the top clockwise to grind pepper, anti-clockwise to grind your salt.

Incase you forget its printed neatly on the top.

 Its also printed on the front chambers to make sure you fill it correctly.

The Duo Ultra uses powerful eco-friendly ceramic gears that easily grinds peppercorns, salt and spices. The see through chambers makes monitoring the salt and pepper levels easy and allows you to see when you need to clean your grinder.

The removable lid provides easy access to both the salt and pepper chambers for ease of re-filling. The clever people at Ozeri uniquely designed easy refill system to prevent spillage.

The top easily pulls off, the non-slip base pulls off and simply turn it  upsidown press onto the top.

You now have a nifty funnel for a  mess free refill.

 While fixed on the base it catches any grains dislodged keeping your shelves and table clean.

 The half moon slides around to correspond with filling either the salt or pepper side…what a clever Duo Ultra.

TIP: this is really important to make sure you align the sliding panel correctly or you will find salt and pepper mixed together or in the wrong chamber. It takes seconds to do this.

Turn your Duo Ultra upsidown you will see the ceramic gears, but thats not all the designers have also allowed us even more options; you can adjust the grain side of both your salt, pepper or spices by simply twisting the adjustment knobs, so you can have fine salt or pepper one time and coarse grains the next on both.

Turn clockwise to tighten for fine grain and anti-clockwise to loosen for coarse grain.

 The coarsest pepper grains compared to the finest almost powder of the finest setting.


The fact this grinder comes apart means you can easily use a damp cloth to wipe clean and allow to dry. 


So how can you get excited over a S&P grinder I hear you say?

Well…. actually you can, as soon as I got this out of the box it has a gorgeous substantial weight to it and it felt excellent quality. 
After reading the instructions I was really taken back…impressed…at how much Ozeri could improve on the standard grinders….well they have…and more.

It looks elegant in the kitchen or for that dinner party. I love how you pull off the bottom that catches escaping salt and pepper while not in use, turn it upsidown to use as a funnel to fill up the salt and pepper; this is genius, how many times to you get it all over the worktop while filling your grinder up?
The fact you can alter the grain sizing to your taste is such a huge bonus; Ive never seen this before in any grinder at this incredible price. Its something that both myself and my other half have been experimenting with and found we love the the coarse larger grains in both the salt and pepper; its incredible how just by altering the grain size you can change the taste of a bland meal in seconds. 

On the left – sea salt chunks from the container to coarse grains for your fish and chips. On the right  – pepper corns to coarse grains in several twists…yummy on that jacket spud.

We love this Ozeri salt and pepper grinder, just the dinky size makes this Ozeri grinder a breeze to use and take anywhere, we use it every day and
  Opinionits also easy to grab to take on picnics too.
Its great to have both salt and pepper in one unit not two, plus the fantastic option to alter grain size to taste separately. So whether you like boulders like us or dust its up to you and your mealtimes, it easy to alter from person to person too, no fiddling with stiff wheels.
Great for the lazy cooks like me for instant flavor. The grinding action is so smooth and well defined, no jerkiness or clunkiness known with other grinders, its smaller size allows you more control in your hands. It also dispenses evenly across your meal plate.
TIP: Perfect for those with dexterity problems like arthritis due to its smaller size and easy grinding action.

Its ideal for those with limited kitchen space, no tatty salt and pepper containers anymore, but a beautifully stylish elegant kitchen gadget; its pretty and practical. Ideal gift for those in university halls or living on their own, or a fantastic gift for the budding chef or food lover or just grab one for yourself, I can’t believe how much its improved our mealtimes…mmm!


  • Elegant stainless steel construction,
  • Ceramic gears,
  • Space saving sturdy design,
  • See through chambers,
  • Clever easy refilling system,
  • Dual knobs for grain sizing adjustment,
  • Ergonomic non-slip grip,
  • Affordable.


  • None. But now I have to spend more time in the kitchen…sigh…!

Buy your  Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder

From Amazon UK

ONLY £9.99

RRP; 29.99

Take a peek at ozeri.com and see just how beautifully elegant and stylish Ozeri products are for all round the home.
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All my thanks goes to the lovely people of Ozeri for sending me this product for this review free of charge.

My views and opinions are my own.

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