stylus arcpen bubinga from whitestone

Stylus ARCPEN Bubinga from Whitestone UK Review

Stylus ARCPEN Bubinga

 Since using my iphone and tablet on a daily basis I have been on a mission to find the most comfortable, usable and most stylish stylus to use.
Im quite fussy when it comes to my stationary and am constantly buying the latest pens etc.
This has extended now to my stylus’s, I love to have a weighty, quality feel as I am often using the tablet for hours on end with my writing; so a stylus needs to feel effortless.

So I was really excited to have the opportunity to review this stunning Stylus ARCPEN Bubinga from Whitestone UK; with its luxury wooden and chrome finish and beautiful black leather case.

This is the Ferrari of the stylus world!


 Front and back of the packaging


The stylus Arcpen arrived quickly and in simple transparent packaging so you can easily see the beauty of the stylus, this does not need fancy packaging as its luxury design and leather case speaks for itself.

The back of the box shows the other wooden versions and explains more about the manufacturing and quality.


This has to be one of the most luxurious stylus’s Ive seen yet, there’s no plastic here.

This stylus has been beautifully hand-made for optimal grip and writing performance. This ergonomic design makes it so comfortable in the hand and the gorgeous Bubinga wood has a warmth that contrasts with the cool chromium plated grip. A perfect coupling like salt and vinegar, sausage and mash…and..oh…my favorite… jam sponge and custard..mmm..hungry now!

The ARCPEN is named because of the ergonomic grip which has a natural angle finger hold.

 Maple White and Maple Cherry stylus ARCPEN

Whitestone offer 3 variations of wood, Maple white; perfect for a clean look and those that love their white apple products, Maple Cherry a deep rich red wood and my favorite out of the three this stunning Bubinga.

Length is 13.3cm x 1.4cm (at widest point).

The Bubinga Wood

I absolutely love wood in my home, Ive always loved natural wood patterns and when given a choice will always choose wood over something painted. So I was over the moon to discover Whitestone UK using such stunning high quality woods for their stylus’s.
This gorgeous Bubinga wood is best known for its natural patterning and is often used for instruments such as harps and bass guitars, because of its mellow andwell rounded sound. Its also used for furniture making, archery bows and luxury vehicle interiors. The wood itself also produces Resveratrol which has anti-aging and anti-oxident effects; as well as helping with heart disease and Alzheimers and scientists think it has been thought to limit the spread of cancer cells.

But down to brass tacks; the wood is just gorgeous as you can see here. The patterning will be slightly different on each stylus so you are getting something very unique to you as well.

The Stylus ARCPEN has been printed onto the wood just incase you forget its name.

The Capacitive stylus

The usable tip is made of silicon and has been designed after many sensitivity tests to gain the lightest touch on the screen.

This soft tip needs little effort to touch the screen and is really responsive.

You can see from this diagram how it explains that the wood  being a non-conductor, shows the best recognition/responsiveness rate within the capacitive grip area.

The ARCPEN’s trademark ergonomic angled  grip, has a beautiful cool feel and is made of chromium glossy plating, which is resistant to scratches and discoloration. Its often used in machine parts and tools.

The end of the stylus is perfectly finished off with a chromium plated end.

Genuine leather stylus case

A luxury touch with your ARCPEN stylus is that you get a stylish genuine leather case to keep your stylus clean and protected.Black leather case for the Bubinga and Maple Cherry and white leather case for the white Maple stylus.



 Whitestone is embossed onto the leather.

 I absolutely love this case as it gives you a real luxury feel.


The best way for me to show you how smooth and responsive this gorgeous stylus works is to show you.

So here’s a quick video of the ARCPEN in action.

Its a shame we don’t have weighty balanced vision so I could really show you how lovely this stylus feels; so I hope you can get some sense of it through my video.

I have been using my ARCPEN on my three main devices really successfully; the Nexus 10, the new Kindle Paperwhite 2 and my ancient  iphone 3G.

Its my Nexus 10 which I do most of my writing on and is just as responsive and quick while drawing too; leaving no gaps or any slow-downs associated with cheaper inferior quality stylus. 

 It also works fantastic for gaming too…even for angry birds!


I absolutely love my ARCPEN stylus, with the combination of the wood and coolness of the chromium. I adore the ergonomic chunkiness as its so well balanced and has a wonderful weighty feel, but its not to heavy it makes your fingers ache. Its gives you that soft, light touch on the screen with very little effort involved. You know you are holding quality.

The fact it comes with a genuine leather case is an extra bonus. This makes a perfect gift for anyone this Christmas, everyone nowadays has a touch screen device of some sort…yes even my parents who are in their 80’s. This is an affordable gift for anyone that will give that touch of luxury all the time; whether at work or play.

 Why spend hundreds of pounds on your latest phone or tablet and then buy a 99p stylus which uses cheap products and could scratch your screen and most certainly will need replacing within a few weeks. I made the same mistake when I first got my tablet and within a week had worn the tip off my cheap tacky 99p stylus…so learn from my mistakes…DON’T buy 99p stylus’s….ever! 😉

Go on treat yourself to something special!

This Christmas

Im sure you know someone getting a new phone, tablet or kindle, then treat them to a luxury, classy stylus so they can feel special everyday and don’t forget to treat yourself at the same-time…which colour will you choose?

This is the Ferrari of the stylus world!


  • Beautiful luxury wood,
  • Hand made,
  • Soft silicon tip,
  • Responsive tip, 
  • Gorgeous contrast between warm wood and cool chromium,
  • Leather case,


  • None,

You can buy your own Stylus ARCPEN Bubinga from 

Whitestone UK

For only


All my thanks goes to Whitestone UK for sending me this stunning stylus for this review.

My views and opinions are my own.

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