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Gadget Girl Blogiversary!

Hi everyone Im excited to say its a double birthday celebration this month as Gadget Girl Reviews hit her blogiversary this month and I also had a birthday too.

Officially Gadget Girl Reviews is 4 years old as I have been writing reviews for over 4 years but only started this website 2 years ago. So like the queen she gets 2 birthdays 😉 any excuse for fun give-aways for you all…coming soon.

So have a piece of cake on me, sit down and enjoy a good read. 
I just wanted to thank all my readers and companies old and new for all the support you have given me.

Gadget Girl Reviews has grown so fast especially this year and Ive been lucky enough to receive some amazing review items from all over the world to show you.

Thanks too for all your queries and comments its always great to have such positive feedback from you all.

But first of all I need to apologize for being quiet on the gadgety review front in the last few weeks. Particularly my apologies to the lovely companies who have been patiently waiting for their reviews.

Those that know me; know I have ME and CFS and I recently had a relapse and have been struggling to get back on my feet; but I’m slowly getting there again.

Thank you so much for all my messages of get well soon its all appreciated!

Being the perfectionist I am; the reviews wont be rushed just to finish them; as I like to maintain my high standards. Im trying my best to get them finished within the next 2-3 weeks and before Christmas.

This is why GGR has been flooded with book reviews while Ive been laid up and Ive had the time to read some amazing novels from my favorite authors.
See my latest book reviews here.
You will see I absolutely love the sci-fi, horror, apocalyptic style genres; and not a sloppy romantic love story in sight I promise.
I’m certainly ready for the zombie apocalypse. 

As well as Gadget Girl Reviews official birthday it was my birthday too but I’m not quite ready to reveal my age and I only get 1 birthday a year…sigh…! 😉

My wonderful other half surprised me with…a canon 7D Oh wow my dream camera…sigh…with a few other goodies with it. What can I say I’m over the moon; its a massive upgrade from my Canon 40D.

I know your all thinking; but its an old camera; yes but its also still one of the best camera’s out there and holds up in all the reviews I’ve read. For me I wanted the extra speed of the 8fsp and the 18 m-pixels as I enjoy wildlife photography.

Canon 7D at the back, Canon E2 hand strap at front, RC5 remote control, and Larmor LCD screen protectors.

Along with the camera I also got some extra goodies; a side strap, a remote control and the screen protectors, so I can use it straight away. I would never use a new camera without anything to protect the screens and the Larmor comes with 2 protectors; the main LCD screen and the top one. 

Im really excited about this dinky little remote too, Ive had a remote control for my 40D; but it was cabled so this will be heaven to use with no cabling and can be used 5m away. 

The gorgeous strap secures onto the side of the camera and keeps your hand snug against the camera and its so easy to just pick it up without using the full length neck strap.

So reviews coming soon on all these Canon goodies along with lots more photos of course. 

Gadgety wise I have been lucky enough to upgrade some of my everyday products too; as I have recently got the NEW Kindle paperwhite upgraded from the Kindle Touch; which I love with its new crisper easier to read backlit screen.

Plus an EVGA Geforce 780OC graphics card added to our already great gaming PC.

My favorite keyboard I would can now never go back to a normal keyboard after using the Logitech G19 keyboard.

Coming Soon!

So back to Gadget Girl reviews, here are just some of the fantastic products  coming up and some great ideas for Christmas pressies for you gadgetaholics.
I also have a great give-away coming up to celebrate.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your support and Im so looking forward to the next year of even more fun reviews and videos.

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