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Yesterday’s Gone Season Four by Sean Platt and David Wright Book Review

Yesterday’s Gone Season Four

Sean Platt and David Wright


Good must again

The Darkness has followed.

Though safe at last, they can’t help but feel that nothing will ever be the same. Soon they realize, they didn’t return to Earth alone.

The survivors of the October 15, 2011 Event are back home, attempting to stitch their lives back together.
Season Four picks up more than a year after Season Three’s conclusion.

The best-selling post-apocalyptic serial thriller is back!

Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four (Episodes 19-24)battles Evil for control of the last vials. If The Darkness wins, humanity is doomed.

This season compilation includes all six Season Four episodes along with an Authors’ Note (which is also featured in Episode 24).

(WARNING: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains disturbing and potentially offensive material.)

If you’ve been keeping up with my book reviews…thank you X 😉 you will know Im a huge fan of apocalyptic, zombie and science fiction books. 

Yesterdays Gone is the hugely popular best selling post apocalyptic book series from the library of the Collective Inkwell with the amazing
kings of serials Sean Platt and David Wright.

I have read season oneseason two and season three of Yesterdays gone and Im addicted to such a fantastic plot. This long awaited Season 4 was no exception and yet again I devoured the whole series within 2 days.alot of their books including 

Home at last but are they safe as the Darkness has found a way to follow them back.

Season 4 continues the fast paced storyline with a few new characters and brings you even closer to the main characters, you get to know them a bit more, making you care about these characters and want to know whats going to happen to them, each and every character is not only believable but relatable.

If you love TV programes like Walking Dead and X-files you will love this amazing series. The boys have a lot to live up to now with such a huge following and they didn’t disappoint.

Season three closed up some of the story lines killing off some of the characters, but this in turn opened up some great options. It was great to see how the main characters were managing to salvage their lives now back on earth again…but can they…?

Old favorites like Boricio are back but I actually felt sorry for Boricio…yes I did…and you need to read this to know why…even though he sort of deserved his punishment.

Luca is back but is he himself…..? Im sure many of us can relate to the trials he is facing in season 4 of bullying? This storyline is fab and I cant wait to see where he is going in season five.

Mary and Paola are back and loved how Mary has a larger role to play along with both Ed and Brent are brought together and thrown into yet more impossible situations. Its all about the vials and who can get them, it really is a battle between good and evil, that makes you want to turn those pages as quick as possible. Read cliffhanger after amazing cliffhanger with constant edge of seat action.

Yet another masterpiece from the kings of cliffhangers and now I’m on tenderhooks for season five.

Buy yours from Amazon  

and save some pennies by buying them in omnibus editions rather than singly. You NEED to read season one, two and three first so you know whats going on, you wont regret it.

Author Bio

AnchorAnchor Sean Platt is the beloved author of many novels in several different genres, business books for modern writers, and co-author of the groundbreaking serial, Yesterday’s Gone and the genre twisted vampire thriller, Available Darkness. In addition to writing reader pleasing genre and contemporary fiction, such as his highly rated, Four Seasons and the excellent short stories in the Dark Crossings series, Sean writes for children. His book, Syllable Soup, and fairytale series, “Sean Platt’s Timeless Stories Written in Timely Rhyme,” celebrate language and storytelling in a way that is thoroughly modern and absolutely wonderful. Sean is a writer’s writer, with an established online presence and large social media following. Writing under the pen name, “Ghostwriter Dad,” Sean helps good writers make a great living. With his books, Writing Online, How to Write a Sales Letter That Works!, and 100 Blog Ideas That Really Work, Sean helps modern writers navigate the world of tomorrow, today.

Author Bio

David W. Wright is an author and cartoonist who writes thrillers, horror, sci-fi, and is also working on a paranormal series to be released in 2012. David is the co-author of Available Darkness and the serialized post-apocalyptic series Yesterday’s Gone series with Sean Platt. David writes humorous and heartfelt posts about parenthood at Blogger Dad, about publishing at Collective Inkwell

and is posting the first book in the Yesterday’s Gone series at Serialized Fiction. He lives on the east coast with his wife, four year old son, and the laziest, most annoying cat not named Garfield.

All my thanks goes to the guys for sending me this copy for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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