auris skye at kickstarter will update

Auris Skye at Kickstarter will update your old 30 pin dock with Wifi

Auris Skye

Have you recently updated your smart phone to one of the new lightening connectors.

Had you been using a wonderful hitech music dock for your old phone, now you cant use it with your new smart phone as it has the old 30 pin connectors; but you dont want to throw it away, you dont want to sell it as you love its quality sound…sound familiar?

I have done just that, I have a gorgeous Logitech music dock which I have used for years it has incredible sound and yummy bass and Im reluctant to upgrade it.

Of course being a gadget girl I can always find another music dock but it would be nice to have the opportunity to still use my old favorite!

How many of you have these unwanted, unloved music docks stuffed in a cupboard doing nothing…well now you can breathe new life back into them, brush off the dust and give it back pride of place in your home!

With the NEW Auris Skye on Kickstarter which adds wifi support to your old 30 pin dock.

Watch the video below to see how versatile this brilliant gadget is!

What is the Auris Skye?

The Auris Skye’s wireless technology will allow you to stream and control your music directly from your devices, phone, tablet, PC,  ipad, Adroid, itunes in your wifi network using airpay and DLNA support.

You don’t even need your own router and it gets its power from the docking station itself, no bulky power supplies or batteries needed.

This new project is using wireless technology rather than the usual
This beautifully sleek modern designed unit fits right onto your 30 pin docking station while its wireless technology gives you the freedom to move around your home using your whole music library from your hand. bluetooth.

DLNA is wireless standard for Android and Windows devices. DLNA is a widely supported streaming standard that allows 
DLNA – Android and Windows

AirPlay technology allows you to stream audio instantly within a WiFi network. You can stream from iTunes – both on Mac and PC – or you can use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. This allows your entire music library ready to be set free.
If you fear for the sound quality – don’t. AirPlay uses a technology called Apple Lossless to ensure that every little note and nuance transfers perfectly.

AirPlay – iOSskye to be compatible with most Android and Windows devices enabling them to stream music to docking stations anywhere, anytime.

skye WiFi Direct
WiFi Direct is wireless sound straight out of the box. skye has been designed to stream music directly to your speaker system with WiFi Direct, without the need for a WiFi router.
Setting your music free has never been easier.

You also have freedom to move your music if you have more than 1 music dock using Airplay or DNLA suppport, it enables you t move wirelessly from room to room all from your smart phone or device. In contrast to using bluetooths short range which can breakup with people moving around.

Skye has its very own Skye control app so

its a breeze to set up and use, it will be available for ios and Android.
But it doesnt stop there it will also enhance your gaming experiences too.



Skye has been designed primarily with a motive, to add value to your everyday life by combining wireless AirPlay and DLNA technology with your existing music dock.
To give you the freedom to move about as you please, the freedom to enjoy your music and movies when and where you feel like it. It’s a glorious goodbye to clumsy audio cables. And it’s a fitting end to wireless music receivers that settle for mediocre sound, operational range and compatibility.
Now…set your music free!

Go check out more about this innovative NEW idea and give the guys some support or even get in there fast and become a backer.
I think this is a fab new idea as so many of us will have these 30 pin docks lying around and now they can still be used.
Help this project get from concept to reality as I can see every home having one of these, enabling us to enjoy our music experience so much more with wireless streaming from anywhere in the home.

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