xpassion waterbrush 3 piece pen review

XPassion Waterbrush 3 piece Pen Review

Ive something for those of you that love your art and especially painting with watercolours.

I was kindly offered this waterbrush set from Xpassion and as I am just getting back into my art journaling I jumped at the chance.

Watercolors are something I was never good at; but something Ive always wanted to learn while I was at school many, many moons ago. So now I’m back into my art journaling its perfect timing for me to start using watercolours again. 

I have added a video review too so you get to see these in action…sorry Im not an artist its very basic dont get excited..there wont be any mona lisa here…lol!

I have added this video unboxing, 1st impressions and painting so you get to see these beautiful brushes in action. So I hope I answer all your questions, if you have anymore just ask.

I have also added a full review post below if you prefer to read about it.


Packagingwaterbrushes arrive in this sturdy transparent plastic case to keep them in.

In this
Descriptionset you receive 3 waterbrushes of 18cm long and approximately 1.5cm in diameter.
They are transparent so you can monitor how much water you have in the barrel. 

All 3 brushes have secure hard ABS plastic lids which have lime green opaque pocket clips so you can simply slip them in your pocket with no water leaks.

They come in 3 brush sizes of fine point, medium and bold and are made of white durable nylon bristles.

The bristles are well supported by black ABS plastic necks, as you can see the fine point is supported with a slightly longer neck so they dont just bend over on touching the paper.

Please see more of an explanation in my video.

I recently bought some cheap art brushes which were a total waste of money as the bristles couldnt even support the paint before flopping over.

The middle section unscrews to fill with water.

You can see here the inner black section which carries the water to the bristles, similar to that of a fountain pen; this gives you more control and prevents flooding your paper.


In the middle of each pen it has PUSH embossed into the plastic, this to me is odd as you would gently squeeze or press but not push. Anyway you get the idea. This allows me to gently squeeze down more water if I need to or I want to clean my brush inbetween colours.

The barrel is made of sturdy plastic and you have to squeeze it quite firmly to flood the bristles to clean it. (see my video).

 I have to admit I like seeing the brush tip through these lids.

Painting with waterbrushes

I decided to treat myself to a small set of Faber Castel Albrecht Durers to use these brushes with…any excuse to buy arty bits lol! I had my eye on these for a while after getting my gorgeous Faber Castel polychromos set of 72 and using them art journaling. I felt these would be neater than carrying around paint pallets and water bowls.
I cant wait to use these.

They look fab together, this is all I need for now.

Plus I have quite a few colouring books I know work well with watercolours, so here is my Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest; again Im not an artist and Im hoping it wont look too childlike.

You will see in the video how well these brushes blend and allow me to colour detailed areas however small.

You can see how it comes apart easily into 3 pieces for a really good clean.

These pen lids give you a really satisfying click being so secure as they dont leak and is completely safe in your pocket or bag. They also have a clip to keep them secure in your pocket.

My only niggle is the fact that after using my Albrecht Durer water pencils they have stained with the darker colours; which I was quite upset about and nothing has got it out. However it doesn’t effect mixing with other colours at all, its just me being picky wanting them to look as white as they were on the first day….sigh!
Please let me know if you have any ideas what to clean them with? 
I realize the Faber Castels Albrecht Durer’s are a form of dye rather than a pure watercolour paint, so I feel this was the reason they’ve stained. (I know you can use them in the dishwasher but we dont have one to try).

The 3 sizes

I absolutely love these pens, they are a good length so they hold more than enough water each inside. They are easy to fill up with my pipette see how I fill them up in my video review.
Opinion is just perfect for me as a beginner and if your an artist that goes out to paint Im sure you will manage easily with these 3 brush lengths as you can easily go thin on the thicker brush, so really you could even get away with taking just 1 brush out with you.
Something I hadn’t mentioned in my video is the fact you can use ink or water in these. If you are into the beautiful Japanese calligraphy you can just as easily fill these with ink too, although I haven’t tried this I cannot see any reason why you couldn’t.

My favorite small detail brush

They paint well the bristles dont fall out which I actually expected, they’ve painted beautifully and even though Im no expert I have done alot of art in the past and found them just beautiful to work with.

Ive been using them regularly and the brushes keep their shape and I wouldn’t be without them now. I love using them and if I lost them I would definitely replace them. They are ideal if your not sure if your going to enjoy using watercolours as an art medium or if you are a student. But if you are an experienced artist they would fit in beautifully with your kit as spares while out, if you didn’t want to take out your expensive brushes.
I cannot believe how affordable these are but Im afraid I dont have any other brands to compare these too, but for me they have been perfect.

 Waterbrush 3 piece pen set.




Thanks to Xpassion for kindly sending me these to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own and my images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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