waterfield smartphone travel case

With our age of gadgets and devices we want them with us all the time and that includes travelling.

Some of our gadgets are expensive and sensitive and cannot simply be thrown into our bags and I personally have found it hard to find good gadgety bags that you can trust; with great padding, good quality zips which also have style and design.

I am certainly now one of those people that cannot leave the house without my mobile and tablet and solar chargers and lots of other bits and bobs, but I end up just throwing them in my hand bag and having to be careful with what’s banging against each other. I had actually given up finding good fashion styled bags; as it was more important to get padding etc.

I then discovered a US firm called Waterfield Designs who design and make bags for every gadget.

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They are designed and made in San Fransisco 

Gary, the founder, is a long-time cyclist, a former Boston bike messenger, and an admitted bagophile. In 1998, while cycling to his corporate job as General Manager of a Mountain Bike Company, he had an epiphany. Why not combine the best elements from his bike messenger bag (roominess and accessibility) with the organization of a company briefcase (lots of pockets)?

This eventually led to WaterField’s signature product, the Cargo Bag. Gary’s designer friends, of course, freely expressed their opinions on the first prototype, and Gary took all their comments to heart and used them to hone the Cargo Bag’s design. Even now, customer feedback continues to be the inspiration behind the design of every product in WaterField’s line of bags, computer cases, totes, and accessories.

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