app game kit v2 calling all budding

App Game Kit V2 – Calling all budding game and App designers!


The App Game Kit V2

How many of you enjoy gaming, better still how many of you have sat there and thought “I could improve on this” maybe more zombies, weapons or even better scenery. Or have you always dreamed of being a games or app designer but thought it would cost way too much and have to spend too many years of learning with C++ and javascript or flash?

Now you can with the
 NEW App Game Kit V2 from the GamesCreators.
Find them on Kickstarter and become one of their honoured backers and grab yourself a new career and investment at the sametime.
They have brought game designing to theevery day person not just major games companies and developers.

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This is an all round Game developmental tool.

I have a personal interest in this amazing piece of software and was really excited to see this on Kickstarter as my partner in crime has been using Dark basic Pro 3D programming software for over 5 years; this is the original game designing software from the GameCreators.

Three of  the The GamesCreators programmes my OH already has is; 

The 3D Gamemaker, Dark Basic Pro and First Person Shooter which is a fab game building software, the sound and detail in this is just amazing.

He has spent many years learning Dark Basic/Pro and has spent 100’s of hours learning to build games.

So were both really excited to find AGK V2, gone are the days to compile software on ticker tape with a PET computer that he was doing in 1979 and then as a bedroom coder in 1980 on the ZX80…then onto Sinclair spectrums…PHEW…that was a long time ago!

Our Vintage museum of forgotten computers!

Sniff…sniff…oh…the…good ol’days!

 How things have changed!

Where it took over a minute to load a new game from an audio tape….if you were lucky….. Whereas with AGK once its written, in a single key press its almost there. It condenses alot of complicated code programming into few lines of code with a few button presses so you can put the time and effort into your ideas, not into learning how to use the programme.
If you are an experienced developer you can also use the extensive AGK libraries for use inside your C++ projects, this is available for everyone, you just need your imagination.

Founded in 1999, The Game Creators are one of the leading game development tool providers in the world. Flagship titles include the Dark basic range, FPS Creator, App Game Kit and Freedom Engine.

These developers are already publishing AGK games.

The #1 UK Education app is AGK.

App Game Kit (AGK v2)
Is a new and enhanced version of their current App game kit which is already used by hundreds of developers around the world, helping them to quickly create games and utility apps that can be coded once and deployed across popular platforms and market it on OUYA, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Blackberry and with your investment, Windows 8 phone. 

You only need to deploy it once to the various stores to maximise your sales success. Sell Everywhere and start earning from your artistic talent.

It has finally made complicated programming exciting and available to the every day person. The BASIC AGK v1 has lots of game based commands that make it easy to create sprites, play sounds, add physics, code multiplayer games and much, much more. Once you have completed your dream idea, app or game you can take the resulting byte code and run it through special players that AGK have created for the different support platforms (ios, Android, Windows, Mac, Blackberry).

You get to see your creation through every device at the same time if you wanted to.

Those unsure can download AGK V1 for free as a demo, give it a go and you will see how easy it is to create just the simplest of games and add to it.

AGK V2 will do the complicated stuff so you don’t have to, from drawing fast 2D sprites to the complexities of 3D physics and sound it can handle it all, you are then free to focus on developing that dream game you have had in you head for years.

Just a few lines of code give great results rather than years of learning courses and expensive books with its powerful inbuilt commands.


By Investing now!

So all you budding games designers can finally bring your idea into reality with this amazing piece of software. You dont have to spend a fortune at college for years or home study course, you don’t have to travel to classes and lectures.

All you girly wannabe game designers out there…. this is the perfect way to get into what has been thought of as a male orientated world! 
 Grab your chance of a new career at such an incredible price.

Invest in AGK V2 now and become one of the tgc backers; be involved in this already popular software from the start and be your own boss.

The world of gaming at this time is all about apps and being able to play across mobiles, tablets and PCs, AGK have done all the hard work for you, you just need the imagination and the idea of your NEW App or game.

Checkout the full details of the amazing 

App Game Kit V2

On Kickstarter


But Hurry you ONLY have 9 days to go! 

Reserve your copy of AGK v2
 ONLY $45

You cant go wrong buying at this at this incredible price as
the final version will retail at $149. 

Huge Congratulations Guys 
on reaching your goal!

I hope to bring you all a full review of the NEW AGK V2 once it has been finalised.

Pop back very soon.

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