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Manson Gothic Wig

Manson Gothic Wig

Something a bit different for Gadget Girl, this is an archived review I wrote for another site. 

Vamp it up!

Transform yourself to that sexy cyber punk rock chick!

I have always loved wigs and feel completely confident in wearing them, they really add to my own hair be it small clip-on pieces or full hair sections.

Have you ever wanted to have that instant rock chick for a special nightout! Its more normal these days to wear wigs to just change your hair for 1 night or to match an outfit rather than necessity.

So Im excited to bring this super rock chick wig for this review and couldnt wait to find my inner punky, rock chick!

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The Manson wig arrives in a cardboard box with a stunning model wearing the wig on the front..ohhh to look like that….!!!. The box has punk Hollywood styled graphics inline with its product.

Inside the wig arrives in a neatly folded transparent plastic bag with a drying crystals inside to prevent any condensation during its time being stored.

Once the bag is removed the wig has a small black net covering the main head section of the wig to prevent the hair from getting tangled-up.


This stylish touch of punk with this elegant Goth wig is made of 100% synthetic fibre and has an extra long length for that more dramatic effect. The Manson Gothic wigs come in 3 different colours Black and red, White and Pink and mine which is the White and black.

The wigs are one size and measure a gorgeous sexy 25 inches long from the crown and has straight across bangs with striking jet black accents down either side of the wig; these are approx an inch wide. It wouldn’t be the same all white…well not for me anyway I love the black sections it really is pretty.

 If you are more girly you can choose the pink version.

The synthetic hair is sleek shiny and styled straight looking like you have just used your straightening tongs. The fringe is 7 inch long and sits comfortably above my eyebrows or can be pulled forward to just over the eyes if you wish. 

 As with most wigs it has an inner attached wig cap, which is skin coloured, this holds the hair in-place and keeps our own hair hidden away.

 Pressed inside out you can see how well made this is. These larger gaps enables the wearer to remain cooler. The scalp area despite not having an inner skin crown section still does not show your own hair through, the hair is so tightly weaved together there are no gaps.

 The wig itself has 2 bra type straps to tighten the wig around your head.

These attach in the same way we use a bra to some of the specially sewn fabric sections so you have a choice on how tight you prefer your wigs to keep them secure.


I found the wig so easy to put on, but I do suggest buying yourself a wig cap if you dont already have one to keep your own hair neatly out the way. My own hair is quite long and blonde so I had quite alot to hide away so the wig cap worked perfectly with this.

TIP: I found it easier to estimate how tight you may prefer the wig and pre- attach the bra strap tightener’s before slipping on the wig as its extremely awkward to do this with the wig on; unless you enlist the help of a friend. This may take a few attempts but once you have found the correct size the wig will sit comfortably with no feel of it starting to slip. I have had wigs in the past that they feel like they are on the move the minute you bend or move, but this felt secure.

My only niggle was that I would have loved the front securing comb that some wigs have to slip in your hair above the forehead, this gives the wig complete security.

Once on and secure I found I could wear the wig so the fringe dangled slightly over my eyes, on a few of my wigs the fringe feels like razors in my eyes, but this felt fine. I could also pull it slightly further back, which for me was the most comfortable and definitely suited me better than wearing it like the model on the box, if I tried that it looked too bumped ontop.

 From the back, sides and front it looks so natural.

It has a gorgeous tapering V cut and I loved the extra long length of this wig.

 From the top the wig looks natural too.

 The black strands of hair have a tendency to stay flat compared to the white strands. They seem to have a heavier feel but this doesn’t look out of place, except if you are trying to take photos to show the black lol.

I wore the wig for a few hours and it hardly moved.

Care and Maintenance

The wig being synthetic can be easily washed with a little soap and water or gentle wig shampoo, but I would suggest letting it hang to dry naturally on a wig stand or on a flat surface. You can easily pickup those collapsible wig stands to keep it on as long as the hair is able to be left to hang straight.

 Stored back with net and bag and keep flat.

If you dont have a wig stand once dry store back in its wig net to keep the strands neat and then ball-up some paper and place into the wig to help maintain its “head” shape then replace back in its long plastic bag and kept flat. Once synthetic fibres get kinked its hard to get them back into place as you cannot use heat.


Ive always loved costumes and the wig is always the finishing touch to any costume or outfit, recently I have been enjoying wearing more of my wigs out, it makes me feel confident and sexy. Ok most people will maybe guess this is fake simply by the colour as white isn’t usually a natural colour, well give me a few more years it maybe possible, once my grey blends in lol. 

Its so silky smooth and light to wear and I haven’t got over heated like I do in some of my wigs. I have had no problems with shedding infact I have seen no loose hairs at all and I was wearing black and I used a small comb to straighten the hair in place. Even gentle tugging…for this review…of course, was’nt able to pull any strands out, every wig I own loses some hairs so this is a pleasant surprise. But maybe after a few washes it may happen.

Its an excellent quality affordable wig to give yourself a fun change or to go with a fancy dress outfit. I had alot of fun wearing such a great coloured wig, its a fab buy and I will be treating myself to more in this Pleasure Wig range.


Great colour choices,

Extra length,


Easy maintenenace,

Secure to wear,


A front comb would make it even more secure, but maybe higher price.

So if you want to bring out your inner Rock chick you can find this wig on several wig stores being sold under different names.

Thanks for reading this review come back soon.

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