scratchshield bucket filter system

Scratchshield bucket Filter system Review

ScratchShield Bucket filter system

I was lucky enough to receive something quite different to review than I normally do; so when I received the new ScratchShield Bucket filter system I knew it would be something we would find extremely uselful.

We are a 4×4 loving couple who are always getting both our jeeps extremely muddy; just for where we live in the middle of nowhere; let alone going off-roading. So I had to smile when I was trying to decide who was going to review this….hmm maybe my OH needs breakfast in bed…its worth that isn’t it? 😉

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 How many of you still wash your car with a normal bucket and sponge and end up wiping mud and debris over your windscreen? In the worst cases your sponge or mitt will then start leaving scratch marks over the windscreen meaning you then need to eventually replace it, an expensive mistake for just a few washes.

This new ScratchShield bucket filter system is a genius idea that offers a plastic shield that sits at the base of your bucket allowing the debis to drop through, then every-time you put your sponge in the bucket to rinse the dirt off you can also give it a scrape over the shield preventing the grit being transferred back onto the vehicles body and glass.


I had a huge surprise when I received my ScratchSheilds as I was only expecting the black shield itself, so when a huge bucket arrived wrapped in bright blue polythene it was a lovely surprise. But silly me in my excitement to see the bucket forgot to photograph it. It was a large bucket wrapped in polythene nothing you cant understand Im sure.


The ScratchShield is a patent pending design idea that is made in the UK, woohoo. This clever design is made of black plastic and sits at the bottom of the bucket you use to wash your car, which will help protect your perfect paintwork and windscreen from abrasions and scratches.

See below the benefits of this brilliant design.

The idea behind this is such a simple idea which has so many pro’s it is a brilliant design. 

  • The Grit wont sit on top, it will fall through.
  • The Legs keep the water still and reduces the swirling water bringing the grit back to the top.
  • The clever adjustable legs will fit most buckets.


As I mentioned before I was so surprised to get both items so thank you ScratchShield, but what I was most surprised about was the actual size of the their bucket.

 Its so much bigger than your average sized bucket.

You can see here my poor ancient car washing bucket a bit worse for wear and so much smaller than this one…..and with no handle…ready to be retired!

This bucket is not only larger, the whole build is stronger and more rigid.

 It also has a large thick metal handle with a plastic grip making it even easier to carry the amount of water this holds.

The handle is well secured and moulded into the bucket itself making it extremely safe to use.

Ive never found normal buckets big enough as you end up changing the water so many times to wash one vehicle. This is a brilliant size is so useful for washing not just cars but windows too.

The Shield

The shield itself arrives in 2 pieces; the circular disc which sits on the top and the 4 legs which come fixed together.

Disc and slats. 

 The disc looks similar to a spiders web and is made of a solid ABS plastic and on one side you have raised pins to affix the legs.

The Legs or slats are numbered to help you fix them together following the instructions as all 4 are slightly different lengths to slot into the discs decreasing circles. This is so the shield will fit snugly at the base of most sized buckets.

You just simply twist and break them apart, then follow the simple instructions on the back.

I did think this was quite complicated at first just to sit at the bottom of a bucket and why didn’t they just make the slats the same size and simply slot in……..? But the clever design is so you can alter the slats (or legs as they call them) to fit the base width of any bucket you own.

 It fits all these designs so far.

I personally would really recommend buying the matching bucket from ScratchShield themselves as its so much stronger than any other bucket you can buy at B&Q or Homebase, plus you have the extra size.

This now fits snugly at the bottom of this bucket with hardly any gap so it wont slide around when you want to wipe your sponge across it or flip over.

It gives you a  one way filter system providing a barrier between your sponge/mitt and unseen harmful grit and debrit that sit in the bottom of your bucket.

 They have even added a finger hole to make it easy to lift in and out of the bucket, I do love it when companies add detailing to their products.


This amazingly simple but clever design works brilliantly, the legs stop the water swirling the dirt around the bucket, the gaps allow the dirt to filter to the bottom and the gridding scrapes the dirt from your sponge, it filters so much dirt and unseen debris from your sponge, compared to a normal bucket without a grid.

I also think the actual size of the bucket helps too as you can have more water than usual; plus it keeps cleaner for longer…ideal!

We have used this on both our muddy jeeps after green laning, its also perfect for washing windows and cleaning anything you need to protect paintwork or prevent scratching like caravans, motorbikes and I even used it on my greenhouse as it has large PVC clear panels which are hard to keep scratchfree, its a massive saving of elbow grease and Im all for that.

Even though I had to actually clean the muddy jeep and my mossy greenhouse for this review; sheesh the things I have to do for you all 😉 

I would recommend this to anyone who has to clean items that you want to prevent scratching or damaging glass and paintwork, the ScratchShield is so affordable and has a lifetime guarantee so you cant go wrong, buy it and try it.




Easy to use,

Large bucket,

Adjustable to fit most buckets.


Now I have no excuse to keep the car clean…damnit!!!

Buy your own ScratchShield Bucket Filter System


You can also buy a lid and extra buckets and shields of different colours to suit you; check out 

the shop HERE

All my thanks ScratchShield for sending me their ScratchShield Bucket Filter System for this review.goes to 

My opinions and views are all my own.

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