PopBands Review.


Are you a girl who tends to wear a hair band in her hair, then takes it out and leaves it on your writs till your ready to put your hair up again, I didn’t realize I did this till I saw the Popband site; so this product couldn’t be better suited to me. I can finally have a hairband that looks good on my writs and in my hair. I now have a choice. 

The lovely girls from Popbands kindly offered to send me some Popbands for this review, so I can finally bin my embarrassingly tatty scrunchie…thank you, girls 😉

So what are Popbands, they are just hairbands I here you say…well no not exactly…they are soft stretchy and leave no dents or kinks in your hair when you take them out. 

Popbands were born from the dream of 2 like-minded fashion savvy shopaholics, Lou Booth and keli Craig. Lou was getting fed up with her shabby bits of material around her wrists when she took her hair down, it didn’t look at all fashionable next to her Tiffany bracelets. The hair bands they had been using, as have I, are rough, cheap and get tatty quickly and dont look good against my expensive gold and silver jewelry.

So Popbands were born!

The girls decided on a selection of great materials, colours and beautiful beads to give a glamorous addition to your wrist and wont look out of place with your expensive jewellery.


I got a lovely surprise when my Popbands arrived as they were packaged in this gorgeous metallic cerise popper protective envelope. It makes you feel special and makes Popbands the company standout, you could easily send some to friends and know its gift wrapped already.

Inside Popbands had kindly sent me 5 bands of different colours and designs, each one individually wrapped, perfect for sending as gifts to friends and family.

They sent me 4 Individual Popbands and 1 twin pack which give you a wrist/hairband and headband.

You also get a card explaining about Popbands and how to use them.


Popbands are different coloured elasticated fabrics, some of them have beautiful matching beads for that extra bling, these are my favorites. The Popbands are fastened with a neat knot to give your hair that just tied look; a beautiful grungy and pretty, super feminine effect.

They are all approximated 4 inches in length folded, except the twin pack where you get a headband too and that is approximately 8inches in length.

Here are the beautiful Popbands they kindly sent, I have added detail images of the beads as they are stunning especially in the sunlight.

I absolutely love this deep royal blue it has a deep luster to it giving a touch of elegance and the crystal bead is faceted and gives off pinks and purples; this is one of my joint favorites.

This Popband is a wonderful seagreen with a beautiful shimmer to catch the light and this bead is my absolute favourite, it has 18 large crystals with a swirl effect, and it looks stunning on my wrist.

It also has a weighty quality feel to it.

This is a colour I would never have picked for myself, so it is worth choosing colours you’ve never tried before.

The bright pillarbox red band and heart has 11 crystals in this delicate silver heart; to capture the sunlight and people cant help but notice this in your hair or wrist. This Popband looks the most like a bracelet as well as looking amazing in blonde hair.

I would never had chosen white but this Popband has an elegance about it and will go with absolutely anything; it is perfect with any Summer colours and bridal occasions, the bridesmaids will love these.

This pack is a twinpack and you get a hairband and headband, perfect for little girls, theres always a little girl inside us all, although it is been awhile since Ive seen mine lol.


Until now I have been wearing my scrunchies for years and I then tend to walk around during the day with it on my wrist till I need to do housework or gardening etc then I can quickly pop my hair up. 

My hair is up and down all day and if you are one of those girls too, you will love these bands. 

I spend alot of money on my jewellery and I hadn’t realised how bad my tatty black scrunchie looks against my gold and silver bracelets…talk about let the look down…eeep.

When I first saw the bands I thought they may be too small for my hair, but they stretch well and regain their shape quickly when they are removed and have never felt like they may snap like the cheaper bands you can buy. The beads really give you that added bling to your hair and wrist and blend in well with your gold, silver or designer jewellery.

I will be adding images of them in my hair very soon, but for now, see how amazing they look like bracelets.


The only way I can show you how stunning they look; is photographs so I’ve added more photos than my usual reviews to show you how lovely these look.

Popbands really do offer an incredible variety of colours and crystal beads to give you that extra bling.

They look great on their own!

Worn together! 

As well as looking great with your own expensive jewellery!

I have also added them to my normal every day Shamballa bracelets and I’m over the moon with how gorgeous they look!


I absolutely love my Popbands, the crystal beads match well to the coloured bands. I also love the tie knot as it gives a “Just thrown up” hairdo look which looks beautiful, these bands dont slip throughout the day, with scrunchies Im forever re-tightening them as they slip with my fine hair, with Popbands they stay secure till you want to take them out.

Popbands are affordable, chic, fashionable, fun and feminine!


No rip,

No slip,

Kind to the hair,

Pretty feminine,

Worn as hair and wristbands,

Variety of colors,



All my thanks goes to the lovely girls from Popbands for sending me such a gorgeous selection for this review.

This has not affected my opinions in any way, my views are my own.

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