flazbag tablet cushion holder

Flazbag – The Craziest Tablet cushion holder

The Flazbag

By Team & Marke

What on earth is a Flazbag I hear you say?

A Bavarian Company Team and Marke have developed some practical but also funny products.

As soon as I saw these Flazbags they made me smile….go on admit it your smiling ar’nt you, I know I’m not the only one lol; that grumpy toothy, crazy face is just brilliant!

The Flazbag is a tablet or device cushion that lets you use your tablet comfortably.

Inside you have synthetic balls which take the shape and cradle your device while your relaxing on the floor, bed or a sofa; or anywhere.

I absolutely adore the teeth on the monster version; these teeth sit on a protruding jawline which will support your tablet securely and comfortably while in use.

The Flazbag also comes in other colours for those that dont like the monster teeth versions…sheesh…how could you not lol!

Flazbag goes angry

If you loved the toothy grumpy face then you will also love the NEW idea coming soon from the factory;
The angry face, he is just fab!

I hope to be reviewing one at a later date and I can then bring you lots of photos and a thorough fun review of this crazy cushion.

Take a peek at their other fun designs and alternative Flazbag colours


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