beaded stylus keeper and dragonfly

Beaded stylus keeper and Dragonfly charm Review!

Personalised beaded Stylus keeper and a Dragonfly charm dust plug.


Beaded Allsorts

Stylus keeper for my new Nexus 10 and Dragonfly phone charm for my
Pressies for my gadgetsiphone.

Read on for lots more piks and details.


I was surfing through ebay when I found a lady who makes the most gorgeous hand-made beaded jewellery and I couldn’t resist buying a pressie for my tablet and my iphone…yes you heard right…jewellery for my gadgets…any excuse to buy bling…no I haven’t gone crazy…no really 😉

The gorgeous Dragonfly phone charm and the personalised Stylus keeper.

I love my gadgets so its lovely to make them look even better and make them mine by being personalised. I just had to share these gorgeous  hand crafted ideas with you as Im sure many of you ladies out there will want these too; or know someone who will.


When my goodies arrived they were well packaged and arrived within a few days including making them which is fantastic. It was a really lovely surprise as both my Stylus keeper and Dragonfly arrived in this adorable lilac organza bag, along with a lovely message from Judith herself.

This will make a gorgeous pressie as it comes already gift wrapped; what girl wont like this.

Dragonfly Charm Dust Plug

I absolutely adore my amethyst Dragonfly charm its the same type of jewellery I wear all the time.

This phone charm slips securely into your earphone jack and is also a good anti-dust plug too,  its gives us girls something else to make our phones look good. It will fit any any phone with a 3.5mm earphone jack.

It also comes in 4 other colours to choose from. (Image Beaded Allsorts)

In order Pink, Amethyst (mine), Lilac, black and clear. 

You also get the choice of plug colour as you can see from their own image above. I chose the clear as it gives more attention to the charm. If you have a white phone this would look so much nicer than the black. The black is perfect with any black coloured phone.

 The 7 amethyst coloured crystals are well secured and the link attached to the plug is a double split ring; there’s no way this is coming off believe me.

From the end of the dust plug to the tail of the  dragonfly it is 3.6cm long, the charm on its own is approximately 1.8cm long and 2cm wing to wing. Its not going to get in your way if you use the phone alot.




This charm is really beautiful, it maybe my Ideal Phone case review). I also love the feeling of it dangling slightly over my fingers as I use the phone; as it has a nice crystal weighty feel to it, its like having another piece of jewellery on my hand for small but its adds personality and femininity to your phone and the amethyst crystals match my phone case perfectly. (See 

This makes the most gorgeous affordable gift for any girl at anytime.

The Phone Dangle Charm
FREE postage

The Personalised Stylus Keeper

I immediately had to have this as soon as I saw it as I hadnt seen a stylus keeper before…sheesh and I’m meant to be up with these things lol 😉 and I instantly loved the idea. Im like a Magpie with jewellery and bling and now I get to buy jewellery for my beloved gadgets too…yessss!
I instantly fell in love with the purple beads; (the photos have come up pinkier than they actually are); with the added idea of having it personalised. Use withipads, tablets, kindles, handheld Nintendo DS/i and Playstation consoles etc.

What is a stylus keeper?

This beautiful hand-made beaded strap will makes sure your stylus is always at hand and attached securely to your device via an earphone jack connector. Judith uses strong nylon coated steel wire featuring lilac glass faux pearls, lilac and purple bicones, silver daisy spacers and silver coloured letter beads.

Finished with the earphone connector at one end and a phone strap to attach your stylus too, you simply loop it through and around your stylus for a secure hold. I love crafters who add the little details and she has by adding this lovely silver heart.

I wanted this stylus keeper to go with my Nexus 10, I love buying my gadgets a gadget and what could be prettier and more feminine. I have yet to attach a stylus as I have just ordered a purple stylus to go with this, I’ll add the  piks later.

I couldn’t resist having Gadget Girl personalised on the strap; Im over the moon with this.

 The beads feel secure on the steel wire it doesn’t feel like it will snap anytime soon.

 This is the perfect length for me to use with my Nexi of 13.5inches long.

It also looks fab on my iphone too!

I can attach my phone to my handbag or even my jacket and it will keep my phone safe too if Im out shopping in crowded shopping malls etc. It gives the phone some added protection from pick pockets, its not a secure lock but you will certainly feel your phone being yanked out your bag and its enough to to catch your phone if you drop it.

I love my Stylus keeper its such a great idea and it feels even better to have one that’s hand made and personalised.  Beaded AllsortsThis Stylus keeper and the gorgeous Dragonfly Phone charm is perfect for all you gadget geeks out there; that also love a bit of bling with your tech. I just had to share these gorgeous gifts with you as
attention to detail and her high standards makes these items extra special. She even has them in black for you guys too, think of Fathers day coming up.Im sure many of you ladies out there will love the idea of these too, if not for yourself know someone who will love them too.

Stylus keeper


95p p&p

Black perfect for Fathers Day


See the latest colourful creation.

Take a peek at all the other gorgeous items she makes, there is something for everyone.

Beaded curtain tie backs, knitting/crochet stitch markers, fan & light switch pulls, bookmarks, jewellery, gifts & more! All carefully & securely hand-crafted custom designs which cannot be found on the high street with a fast, friendly & personal service. Commissions welcome!


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