Ten One Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus Review

 Ten One Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus

When I first got my tablet I didn’t think I needed a stylus as I’ve never needed one for my iPhone 3G, its always been easier to use my fingers, but don’t laugh my fingers have never really worked on touch screens and I have also worn the lettering off of over 10 keyboards. No Ten one pogo sketch pro.its not hand cream or soap or oils, I just have no idea why?  Its been an ongoing joke for years that I give off something screens don’t like and I wasn’t using a screen protector either.
So if any of you have any idea why or have any ideas please let me know, I seem to be a conundrum…but hey that’s me.

So after days of struggling to use my screen on my new tablet the Nexus 10 using myfingers I decided I’d better try a stylus, so after reviewing some main brands I decided on this 



It arrived in a plastic dark grey slip box with a transparent area to view the stylus. The back explains its main features.

You then slide out a cardboard tray revealing your pogo sketch pro, plus a excellent quality velvet storage bag, plus a spare nib. 

You also get a slip of paper recommending some of the best artistic apps to use your stylus with including Penultimate, Sketchbook pro which I use and find amazing and lastly Brushes.

This elegant stylus is made of a single piece of purified aluminium this solid construction gives a nice high quality weight and balance to it. (I dont mean heavy but a good quality luxury feel).

Ten One have then added an ergonomic rubberised finger grip for comfort. 

 Pogo Sketch pro logo printed on the aluminium shaft.

Many of us use different writing or drawing angles to suit us and this nib is designed slightly longer from the main body than the average stylus; which is my sole reason for choosing the Pogo Sketch pro.  I have a fear of scratching my screen if using a lower drawing angle. I have seen many other stylus’s designed with short nibs which will clearly scratch the screens of your device, if you are not careful.

Patent pending nib and spare which screws firmly into the top of the stylus.

The nib has a unique patent pending design which looks similar to a pepper pot top. But as of yet I honestly have no idea what this gains, only maybe some extra grip on the screen.

It feels like a small balloon when you press the nib with your finger.


This capacitive stylus will works on all ipads, iphones, ipod touch models, all android phones and tablets made after 2009, HP and RIM tablets are thought to be compatible but are untested.

Some screen protectors may effect the use of the stylus and may not be compatible.

I’m really impressed with this stylus its has a lovely weight to it and is beautifully balanced in your hand. The aluminium is light and has a luxury feel compared to
Usemany other cheap plastic stylus’s.
We all use our devices differently and those of you that are writers will need a good stylus that’s comfortable if you are writing for hours on end, believeme my fingers have ached and even gone into cramp when using my tablet keyboard, but since being able to hold the longer length stylus and beautiful soft ergonomic grip it enables me to type fast and is well defined.

 My Nexus 10 and the Pogo Sketch Pro on top.

I also like to sketch too, another reason in choosing this stylus, it does have a painterly style to it, with the tapered stem. It really is perfect for using your paint and sketch apps and is extremely responsive for the many different brush widths and styles.

 Using my favourite sketch app Autodesk SketchBook Pro for tablets

Its also cool in my hand which is important when using your stylus for hours; cheap plastic can makes your fingers hot, sweaty and slippy.

 Upgrade your paintbrushes to HiTech.

When Im writing and drawing the stylus flows easily and smoothly with no problems at all. The nib is beautifully sensitive to all pressures that I need for art and writing, but still maintaining a small tip diameter. I enjoy calligraphy and this stylus is just perfect for that.


I love this stylus;
Opinionits beautifully balanced with an excellent quality, weighty feel to it, the fact its made of one piece of aluminium gives it a luxury expensive look too which makes it perfect for giving as a gift. 
I absolutely recommended the Pogo Sketch Pro, especially for artists, writers and gamers, anyone who use their devices for longer lengths of time. Its comfortable, cool and responsive. You get an extra nib and soft suede storage bag to keep it with you at all times. 
Its at the dearer end of the scale as its one of the better quality stylus’s you can buy. You can also buy more nibs when you need to, so you are protecting your investment.
We all spend a lot of money on the latest tablet or phone then buy a 99p stylus…doh…this doesn’t make sense. I want to know my stylus is the best I can use for my tablet and for me its worth every penny. If you are using your tablet and phones alot during your day, be comfortable and stylish while at work and play.

Brushlike style,
100% aluminium,
Rubberised grip,
Well balanced,
Cool to hold,
Patented pepperpot nib,
Storage bag,
Spare nib.




I bought my Ten pogo sketch Pro from 

Amazon Uk


or you can directly from Ten 1 design in the US
 they also have other Pogo stylus designs too.

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